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Summer 2019

Digital Photo explores the exciting world of digital photography and technology. Every issue features the latest news, step-by-step instructions, evaluations of the latest equipment, photography tips from the pros and more.

United States
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editor’s note

As we were putting the finishing touches on this issue, which, as you’ll see, has great examples of photography shot around the globe, the world received the news that one of the most cherished historical landmarks in France, Notre Dame cathedral, had burned and was nearly destroyed.The catastrophe reminded me why photos can mean so much to us. Most of us don’t consciously capture images of a landmark or building or seacoast thinking it might not exist tomorrow, next month or next year. For instance, I remember the feeling I had when capturing the image I took of the cathedral in Cologne, Germany: I was in awe and wanted to be reminded of that feeling.But in her book On Photography, Susan Sontag discusses the aspects of memorializing and how cameras…

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a guide to great travel photos

Not long ago, I visited a friend who was ecstatic about his recent trip to Europe. Brimming with excitement, he grabbed his iPad and started quickly flipping through images.Now, I do want to point out that my friend isn’t a professional photographer. He’s just really enthusiastic about taking photographs.But as I curiously watched the first few images whiz past—busy street scenes slightly out of focus; a distant midday shot of boats in harbor; and an over-exposed moon in dark sky—I knew at some point I’d need to say something.However, I decided not to be rude. I simply offered a little guidance on what images to take and how to create a stunning travel portfolio. And because I have photographed many editorial travel stories during my career, I have gotten sound…

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in the footsteps of lawrence of arabia

A Bedouin in the desert on the road to Wadi Rum was photographed in “open shade” at the entrance to his tent just out of reach of the harsh glare and shadows of the noonday sun.T. E. Lawrence, known for his heroic actions during the Arab Revolt against the Ottoman Empire in the First World War, was immortalized as “Lawrence of Arabia,” the title of an epic 1962 film based on his wartime activities described in his book, The Seven Pillars of Wisdom.I channeled both Lawrence and Peter O’Toole, who played the dashing Britisher, as I made my way across the unforgiving but strikingly beautiful desert of Wadi Rum, where much of the film and the history it was based on took place.A PHOTOGRAPHER’S CHECKLIST: PACKING THE RIGHT GEARTo adequately…

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how lynn saville works the night shift

Growing up in North Carolina during the 1960s, Lynn Saville was more attuned to fashion than photography. “I honestly thought I wanted to be a fashion designer,” she says with a laugh. “Reading Vogue magazine was my one treat as a high school kid. I found those pictures so interesting, and I didn't understand it was the photography; I thought it was the clothing.”Saville attended Duke University, where she studied anthropology and art history. Her father, a Duke professor and a serious amateur photographer, suggested, “You like fashion, why don't you enroll in this one-credit photography class?”Saville says the unexpected cloud was moving quickly toward the lighted billboard and added a sense of urgency to the moment the photograph was taken.THE ART OF PHOTOGRAPHYIt was there that she discovered the…

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travel toolkit

I love the agility that small prime lenses afford me. I can get in tight without drawing my subject away from their normal activities.As a pro photographer, I’ve obviously done more than my share of travel photography. But one thing I’ve noticed in my personal experiences as well as those from other travel shooters: The genre of travel photography is so broad and expansive that it’s almost impossible to make recommendations without first learning more about the intent of the photographer who is traveling. In other words, what travel photography means to me may be very different from what it means to you.But it’s not just about individual tastes and needs. Broadly speaking, the destinations I visit during my travels often dictate the type of photography I need to prep…

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five tips for getting amazing night photos

On this particular evening, all I wanted to do was photograph the arches in Arches National Park under the starry sky. Unfortunately, the conditions didn’t quite align for me. But there was no way I was going to head back to the hotel without shooting any frames. Instead, I incorporated the headlights of oncoming traffic to help compose my photo.While I’ve always found sunrises and sunsets picturesque, what truly fascinates me is when all of that radiant light is gone, and I’m left with a gigantic sky full of stars or the moon. It just fills me with awe, especially when I’m lucky enough to be in an area with little to no light pollution from cities or even a densely populated suburban town. And I can think of no…