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what blows us here today, it’ll blow us all away

We were rather caught on the hop this month. We knew Apple Arcade was coming, and we knew it would have a large launch line-up. What we were not prepared for, however, was just how good it would be. Thanks to Apple’s ability to keep its secrets – we wouldn’t mess with an NDA sent over by a trillion-dollar company either, in fairness – we were stunned by a launch roster containing many of Edge’s favourite developers, many of whom had made games we didn’t even know existed. As a result, this issue has a rather atypical shape. Knowledge has been condensed and focuses heavily on Arcade; a feature has been sacrificed to make room for the largest Play section we’ve run in years; and honestly we still feel bad…

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move on up

A NEW CHALLENGER Within days of Apple Arcade’s official launch, Google unveiled its own equivalent, though rather than take the wind out of Apple’s sails it ends up flattering it. Google Play Pass offers not only games, but also apps, for the same monthly fee as Apple Arcade – and instead of brand-new games, it bundles up such vintage wares as Limbo, 80 Days and Mini Metro. Crucially, while Apple is (at least for launch) giving developers a lump sum to get their games on Apple Arcade, Google’s compensation for creators will be based on playtime. The lingering concern around gaming subscription services is that they will do to devs what Spotify did to musicians; the reaction to Google’s move suggests the industry is far from ready for it. We are half…

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park life

Organic meets handcrafted in this multiplayer VR getaway The island in VR holiday resort Maranga is an exuberant, confetti-ish burst of colour. It’s the work of Durk van der Meer, who was inspired by the palettes of Moebius and the low-poly charm of Firewatch. The style was born of “working almost exclusively with VR tools,” he tells us, having become “hooked” on using programs such as Google Blocks, Oculus Medium and Gravity Sketch. “It’s easy to get a handmade feel with those tools, and add imperfections to make it more organic.” He plans to have it be a multiplayer hangout space that offers players a relaxing range of creative, collaborative pursuits such as mural painting, sculpting and music composition. “I like freely exploring environments,” van der Meer says. “It’s why I…

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“I made the mistake of picking a charity I was advised [to] instead of picking a charity I’m personally passionate about, which is 100 per cent my fault.” Alt-right pin-up Felix ‘Pewdiepie’ Kjellberg cancels a planned $50,000 donation to the Anti Defamation League after a fan backlash. This is fine “Surround yourself with people who love and support you, but will correct your nonsense, challenge your flights of ego and call you, privately and publicly, on your bullshit.” The auteur complex is finely dismantled by Mike Bithell “No office, just a tiny room, no staff, no machines – nothing. All I had was a logo, notepad and pen, and my own PC. I had a dream and a connection, that’s all.” Multimillionaire Metal Gear Solid creator Hideo Kojima struggles on somehow “I don’t know where it’s…

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arcade watch

Game Crazy Ride Manufacturer Unis Technology We admit to being a bit conflicted about this. We tend, after all, to not look fondly on such clear-cut cases of creative ‘homage’ – or cloning, if you prefer. Yet given that the net result is effectively a new Crazy Taxi coin-op right here in the year 2019, perhaps this is a rare case of the end justifying the means. You almost have to respect how honest, even brazen, Chinese manufacturer Unis Technology is about its new game – the clue is right there in the title. Crazy Ride has all you’d expect from a 2019 version of Crazy Taxi: those bright blue skies, that deliciously implausible handling model, a big green arrow at the top of the screen guiding you to your next objective. But…

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my favourite game logan marshall-green

Logan Marshall-Green is an actor and director known for starring in The O.C. and 24, as well as starring in Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and horror-thriller The Invitation. Here, still buzzing from his first videogame acting role in Sam Barlow’s Telling Lies, he talks all things games. What’s your earliest memory of games? My first introduction to videogames was Berzerk on Atari – I remember the insane sound that happened when you touched the walls. And I remember where I was when I first saw Nintendo: down in the basement of Pat Shelton’s house with all of his brothers and sisters, all surrounding this box in this dark basement. And just the silence and the desperation to be next in holding these wired controllers! It had a huge effect on me. Most who…