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tell them please to put on some speed, follow our lead

They say great things come in small packages, and there’s been a fair bit of that in the Edge offices this month (stop laughing at the back). In Knowledge this issue we introduce Analogue Pocket, a tiny handheld console capable of running games for a suite of beloved retro portables. We also recently took delivery of our Google Stadia Founder’s Edition, and the apparent future of interactive entertainment has never come in so small a box. And we catch up, too, with Lego’s modest new internal game-development team, and uncover its plans to build something big out of little virtual bricks. In Hype, as is increasingly the case these days, games made by small teams (one by a husband and wife; another by two childhood friends) comfortably beat the big guns…

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handheld generation

With Pocket, Analogue, maker of high-end retro consoles, has finished its mission. This handheld, which is due for release next year for $199, will play Game Boy and Game Boy Advance game cartridges, and Neo Geo Pocket Color, Game Gear and other systems with an adaptor. “I’m just struck every day, thinking, ‘This is it, this is the end of this whole category, just the most elegant, total conclusion to portable gaming’,” founder Christopher Taber claims. They’re brash words. But he’s talking about a project Analogue kicked off in 2014 with the release of the NES-based Analogue Nt and carried through to the Super Nt and Mega Sg, which are easily the best way to play Super Nintendo, Master System and Mega Drive games on modern TVs. With Pocket, then, Analogue…

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warm-up act

Perhaps in hindsight, the clue was in the title. In games, ‘Founder’s Edition’ can be a loaded phrase; it’s often the label given to a bundle of cosmetics and currencies given to those who pony up for an early-access game. It’s a way to sweeten the pill of being one of the first through the door, on the ground floor, of a building that’s still under construction. So it proves with Stadia’s Founders Edition, which notionally provides you with everything you need to get up and running on Google’s much-vaunted cloud-streaming game platform. Our pack contains a Chromecast Ultra, the latest version of Google’s slender home streamer; a Stadia controller; and, most vitally of all, the access code that unlocks the service for us. The original pitch for Stadia positioned all…

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a new light

Lego is not just for kids. While many of the Lego videogames have been aimed primarily at a younger audience, their overall quality and sharp sense of humour means that they attract older players, too. Perhaps childhood nostalgia draws us back to the famous brick. But there’s also an undeniably meditative quality to the act of snapping plastic together, of following detailed instructions to the letter and producing something intricate and beautiful, that appeals to those of us looking for a way to escape the large-scale stresses of adult life. Light Brick Studios is a new internal Lego studio dedicated to creating titles that explore different facets of the classic toy. Its first release, Builder’s Journey, is set to hit Apple’s new subscription service in the very near future – and…

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moving on

What happens after we die? The Other Side is a narrative-driven puzzle game that takes a kid-friendly approach to death, softening its harsh edges with bold, honeyed visuals inspired by traditional techniques and artists such as Icinori and Blexbolex. “I love how screen prints and risograph prints are affected by the type of ink and paper you use,” co-creator Florian Veltman says. “It gives such a warm, hand-crafted and lively quality.” As the ghosts find out who they were to work out where they should go next, Veltman hopes parents use it to discuss complex subjects with their children when it releases next year: “My intention is to use the subject of grief and mourning as a starting point, to reflect upon the idea of remembering someone versus who they…

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“I’m going to enjoy these final moments with some of my best friends of all time and try not to dissolve into a puddle.” Greg Rice, the tallest man in videogames, departs Double Fine after 13 years, and leaves behind the biggest puddle the Bay Area has ever known “Given how some of our first party IP is incredibly special and valuable, we want to treat them with amazing care and respect, and have those launches be clean.” Jim Ryan explains why Sony won’t be putting firstparty games on PlayStation Now on launch day. That, and all the money “There is sometimes a [belief] that the more walls we put up around things, the more valuable it is. But if we’re focused on growing the game industry, we should not be less accessible. We…