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turbo charge

Analogue never takes the easy road. If it did, it probably wouldn’t release a new console dedicated to NEC’s much-loved but not exactly record-breaking PC Engine. And yet here we are. When it’s released next year, Analogue Duo will natively play CD-ROMs and HuCard cartridges made for PC Engine (or TurboGrafx-16, as it was known in the UK, North America and Spain) and its followup, SuperGrafx. Between 1987 and 1994, this family of machines sold some ten million units, but mostly in Japan. For another company, such a push into a relatively niche system would be a tactical misstep, especially since it will be competing with the TurboGrafx-16 Mini console, which was released earlier this year and comes loaded with 60 games While you’ll need to buy your own for…

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price point

Duo is Analogue’s first hardware with a CD-ROM drive, ready to play CD-ROM2 disks, alongside a slot for PC Engine’s perfectly formed HuCards. All Analogue’s machines are designed to run original games, but with Duo it faces the issue that secondhand PC Engine games are more expensive than its existing consoles – most hover around the £20 mark. But Taber isn’t too concerned. He says that on the launch of the NES-based Mini Nt, he bought the entire Mega Man series on cartridge and then sold it on. “I’m not a collector,” he says. “Choose a game and the pass it on. It’s a better way to play, and these games hold their value, especially after we do a system.” Yes, he claims that Analogue’s consoles can have an effect…

5 min
weird science

The first time we come across Atsushi Wada’s sit-up simulator My Exercise is in a video of a GDC gathering. In it, Hidden Folks creator Adriaan de Jongh grips a tablet, pressing the screen to make the cartoon protagonist haul his torso up and plant his face into the side of a dog. When he draws his finger away from the screen, the boy returns to the floor. Peering over de Jongh are any number of indie scene luminaries, all of whom are hooting uproariously. It’s an image that has stuck in our minds for years. We were delighted, then, to see My Exercise finally release this summer – but what really caught our eye was its publisher. Playables, co-founded by Michael Frei and Mario von Rickenbach, has been on…

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saviour of the universe

Playables’ founders are interested in bringing games back to the web. “When Flash was still big, there were a lot of people doing web-based things,” von Rickenbach says. “And now everybody is so serious [...] There are not so many of these toy-like experiences.” The web is underrated in terms of being a good space for experimentation, he says: indeed, we imagine it’s a useful neutral territory in a world of platforms taking their cut. Devs looking to strike it rich might be disappointed, however. For a very short while, Playables actually ran a cryptocurrency miner in the background of Cain. “It made us maybe 70 cents,” von Rickenbach grins.…

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supernatural dimension

Seeing the world through a different lens is always refreshing. Joe Buchholz can relate: he admired the handmade promotional art that often featured on the videogame boxes of the ‘90s. “It was a time period when you couldn’t just render a dude standing in the middle of a box with a gun slung over his back,” he says, “and companies would sometimes get really creative by creating little clay dioramas.” Alongside manga artists such as Akira Toriyama and Taiyo Matsumoto, Froach Club artist Minipete, and 3D creators such as Jordan Speer and Jeron Braxton, that unexpected mix of “uncanny and grounded” has been key to the visual identity of Dome-King Cabbage. And, though its toylike locales might appear to be arrangements of real items (“One of the biggest compliments I…

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“Games like these give me hope that I may one day dip my toe back into the biz, ever so slowly and cautiously.” Founder of the now-shuttered Boss Key Productions, Cliff Bleszinski, and a man who has rarely done anything slowly or cautiously, says he’s been inspired by Fall Guys and Among Us. Shall we refer to him as Dude Tiny from now on, then? “We still have a way to go before we are in beta, but everyone on Squadron 42 is working very hard to deliver something great.” Chris Roberts tries to explain why eight years and $300 million still isn’t enough to get sci-fi MMO Star Citizens singleplayer off the ground “You will not murder me, correct?” Famous last words from American singer-songwriter Mxmtoon as US house rep Ilhan Omar shows immaculate…