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left turn

Yes, it’s still happening. Panic’s little square of sunshine, Playdate – a handheld console featuring a reflective 1bit LCD screen, a remotely-delivered season of games developed by some of the indie scene’s leading lights, and a pop-out crank – was announced on the cover of Edge well over a year ago. The reaction was instant, and much bigger than expected. The Portland-based software-turned- hardware creator was hoping to open preorders in autumn, with a full launch to follow later that year. But we all know what came next. So, we ask Cabel Sasser through a half-grimace: how’s your 2020 been? “Uh, you know… it was tough!” he responds, laughing darkly. “Like, we definitely didn’t expect anything like what we got. The factory was closed for months, and so that just ground…

1 min
joy division

Now Panic has so many interested parties, it’s thinking about how to make sure a broader variety of people are happy with Playdate. “We have this particular vision, and we want to push people a little bit,” Sasser says. “But we also don’t want to make anyone angry. Like, this thing should not generate bad feelings.” Whether to only restrict people to a staggered delivery of games has been a point of contention: “Greg [Maletic, director of special projects] and I are just constantly talking about advent calendars and probably driving everybody crazy. Because there’s no reason why you can’t flip the top open and eat all the chocolates, right?” We note that it does feel miserly to be prescriptive about joy. “Actually, our biggest concern was, if one game…

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shadow theatre

A platforming game about jumping between shadows, Schim realises childhood dreams and nightmares, taking inspiration from the work of isometric illustrator Owen D Pomery. Drawing influences from the likes of Okami and Jet Set Radio, Schim’s main developer, Ewoud van der Werf, wanted to create a simple but effective art style with outlines added in post, nurtured by a shader which creates deforming shadows for animated models. Schim uses point lighting to influence the direction and angle of shadows, animating dangling lamps and the shifting shades cast by flashlight puzzles. Van der Werf describes every level as its own animated play: “Sometimes these can be very mundane things, but when focusing on the shadows, can offer a challenging parkour.” Schim is headed to PC and modern consoles; van der Werf says…

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“As somebody who’s played all of Miyazaki’s games over at least the last decade, this is clearly the most ambitious game that he’s done.”Phil Spencer somehow makes the mercury rise on the Elden Ring hype meter without actually saying anything“We deliver the highest quality experiences in the business, and we charge much less for them than we believe they’re worth to consumers.”Says Take Two CEO Strauss Zelnick. Because GTA V hasn’t made enough money, hmm?“Even as a sort of inner circle PlayStation developer, the briefing I got for PlayStation 2 was after the hardware was completely finished.”Mark Cerny recalls when Sony kept schtum about a new console until the last minute. Hard relate, as the kids say“I would like to make a completely different Sonic.”Given the hedgehog’s form over the…

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arcade watch

Game Sayonara Wild Hearts Manufacturer No Coin Arcade Simogo’s multi-award-winning ‘pop album videogame’ remains an Edge favourite; it’s a game we can never bring ourselves to delete, which perhaps explains why we still have it installed on four different formats. Well, now we’ve seen it running on a new piece of hardware, and are hankering after a fifth. Madrid-based No Coin Arcade (whose slogan is ‘new games, old ways’) makes homebrew cabinets, and it’s given Sayonara Wild Hearts a stand-up cab of its very own. Well, not quite its own. It’s a repurposed retro-gaming cabinet, creator Sergio Ruiz says, with a button layout that’s designed to accommodate all the inputs of an Xbox 360 pad, so that it might support a range of titles. Thus it boasts two traditional ball-top joysticks and eight…

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this month on edge

SOFTWARE Flatgame Maker bit.ly/flatgame After releasing one of 2020’s best debut games, Irish microstudio Dreamfeel could be forgiven for taking it easy until the New Year. But having made a game about erasure, it’s perhaps fitting that the If Found creator should feel the need to put something back. The brainchild of Breogán Hackett, Flatgame Maker is a Unity plugin designed to allow creators to bring hand-drawn ideas to life. You’ll be able to make static art sway, spin, move around and change colours – in other words, to develop a similarly personal tale of your own (though don’t expect Annapurna to be knocking on your door right away). It’s in beta, with the studio planning to release updates based on user feedback – and before the year’s out, Dreamfeel will run its…