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the harder they fall

Now that the launch dust has settled, it feels like a reasonable moment to pause and reflect on the Cyberpunk 2077 story – not only because it may help in identifying danger signs in the future. There are two big things to note before digging into the disasters around its development and release, though. First, the game has already made a lot of money, albeit significantly less than expected. Shifting 13 million copies in its first ten days, the game briefly made CD Projekt the most valuable company in Poland, before news of catastrophic bugs kicked the stock price into reverse. At the time of writing it’s the biggest game launch ever in terms of digital sales, grossing $609 million via those channels as of December 31. From the perspective of…

1 min
epilepsy warning

Nothing illustrates Cyberpunk 2077’s rushed and overloaded development more horribly than the inclusion of light sequences that risk triggering epileptic reactions, as reported by Game Informer reviewer Liana Ruppert, who experienced a grand mal seizure during one of the game’s ‘braindancing’ episodes. The developer has added a new “risk of seizure” warning but, at the time of writing, it is still devising a “more permanent solution”. In the meantime, people affected are invited to stop playing. The incident reflects both developer failure and a lack of legal oversight. In the US, there is no regulation requiring games to be tested for such triggers, nor a requirement to include a warning of potentially seizureinducing material.…

1 min
new players

Though traditional game-based arcades have largely died out, recent years have seen the growth of new kinds of social gaming venue. The US craft beer chain Barcade established one expression of modern arcade gaming when it opened its first venue in Brooklyn in 2004, and the concept has proliferated throughout most North American and European cities since. There’s also been the growth of free-play arcades such as Arcade Club, which has three permanent UK venues charging one-off entrance fees for unlimited plays on the classic machines inside. Setting themselves out as family-friendly, many are led by enthusiasts and collectors, but COVID-19 has hit this category especially hard, with several, such as Retro Arcade in Warrington, announcing their permanent closure.…

4 min
arcade save

Crowded spaces filled with the roar of engines, guns and dozens of surging music tracks; people gathered around cabinets; player after player handling joysticks and buttons as they vie for the leaderboards: COVID-19 has made arcades seem even more distant in space and time than their general decline had already made them. But while the need to preserve arcade history remains important, the museums that are leading it are experiencing intense pressure in the face of the pandemic. Publisher Team 17 has stepped in to launch a campaign to raise funds for arcade preservation programmes at three museums: The Strong in Rochester, New York; the National Videogame Museum in Sheffield; and Museo del Videojuego Arcade Vintage in Alicante, Spain. Called Saving The Arcade World, the campaign will donate a portion of…

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comedy central

From its title to the traders’ bios, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator has a delightfully twisted sense of humour. That extends to the game’s backend, thanks to the decision to add a feature that draws random quotes from a selection of absurd things posted in the team’s chat channel. “When I open up my game editor, I’m reminded of the community that has made this game possible,” Nelson says, reading one comment aloud. “‘Fifi is a solid manifestation of hate’? I don’t even remember saying that.”…

4 min
hearts and minds

At a time when the game industry’s operational practices are under closer scrutiny than ever, how refreshing it is to talk to someone who’s seemingly hit upon a much healthier, more efficient, more enjoyable way to work. Xalavier Nelson Jr is in buoyant mood as he gives us a glimpse into the making of his studio’s next game, Space Warlord Organ Trading Simulator. “You’re getting direct access into The Matrix,” he says. The concept was very loosely inspired by the 3DS game Market Crashers (or StreetPass Trader, as it’s known in Europe) and is, in Nelson’s words, “a combination of long-term market dynamics and fast-paced organ trading action.” Your goal is naturally to buy low and sell high where possible, while fulfilling the requests of a range of clients who need…