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this month at empire

IT’S KINDA REMARKABLE that we’re still talking about firsts in 2019, but here we are. And this, right here, is a biggie. The one of great significance, potentially of even greater significance than we know right now. If 2018 was the year of Black Panther, 2019 is the year of Captain Marvel. We all know that it’s Marvel’s first female-led superhero film, but when I went on set in LA last year, it became quickly, abundantly clear that this was only part, the start of the story. Made in the year that the percentage of female filmmakers on the highest-grossing films actually dropped, Marvel and its star, Brie Larson, took action. From hiring a female director, Anna Boden, to signing female writers and department heads, its commitment to representation was clear.…

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talk to us

ALIEN VS. CONSIDERABLY FRIENDLIER ALIEN Not only is John Carpenter’s The Thing his best film, it’s my favourite film — and the best suspense/horror movie of all time. It’s hard to believe it bombed due to competition with a more ‘friendly’ alien [E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial]. In 1982 I first bought Alan Dean Foster’s The Thing novelisation, although it’s quite different from the movie when the transformations take place. I couldn’t get my brain around what was actually happening, so I put the book down and waited for the movie to arrive — I bought a ticket to see the ‘unfriendly alien’ movie and was not disappointed. TERRY READ, VIA EMAIL We agree, Terry — if that really is you. Terry? Are you sure you’re not The Thing? Why don’t we just wait here…

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blowing up expectations

J.C. CHANDOR IS a director who knows how to turn his hand to genre movies and come up with something unexpected. In his new action-drama Triple Frontier, a group of hardened American combat veterans — played by a starry ensemble that includes Pedro Pascal, Ben Affleck, Charlie Hunnam and Garrett Hedlund — join forces to plan an audacious heist of a Colombian cartel kingpin, set in the notorious border zone between Paraguay, Argentina and Brazil. “We have a professional warrior class doing all the fighting in the US,” says Chandor, who co-wrote the script with Mark Boal (co-writer of Zero Dark Thirty and The Hurt Locker). Chandor shares with Boal an interest in the role of American military veterans today. “When you see the movie, it’s not like it’s on the…

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a new nightmare

US, JORDAN PEELE’S second movie after Get Out, looks perhaps even more disturbing than his first. It sees a family of four, headed by Lupita Nyong’o and Winston Duke, being harassed by four intruders. Those intruders turn out to be hellish doubles of each member of the family. They are effectively being hunted by themselves. Peele tells us how he created his terrifying new treat. THE IDEA THAT SPARKED IT ALL The idea for Us came to Peele when he began “to follow the thread of ‘we are our own worst enemy’.” Who he exactly means by “we” — everyone? Americans? African Americans? — he doesn’t want to specify. “The movie itself is answering that question. I can’t say it’s not specifically about race, but I don’t want to go too deep…

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small talk

You got married recently to fellow Game Of Thrones star Rose Leslie. Congratulations. Has life changed? Not really. I love stability. You know, I knew I wanted to do this — we knew we wanted to do this. We had a great day. And you can suddenly go off and get on with so much more in life now. You know, that’s done. That’s my wife. I’m her husband. That box is ticked, right? Let’s get on as a partnership and make a life together. It’s great. Basically, you don’t feel like you need to impress quite as much. No! Yeah, you can relax a bit. That’s what it feels like. Does it help being married to someone who’s ‘in the business’? It does and it doesn’t. I won’t say too much about us, because…

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throwing a political party

THE ACTION MAN hair. The blinding tan. And most of all, the infamous ‘Bunga Bunga’ sex parties, in which truckloads of young women attended epic romps at luxury villas. No doubt about it, Silvio Berlusconi, four-time Italian Prime Minister, is one of the most divisive figures in modern politics. So when Paolo Sorrentino decided to make a film about his antics, he had lunch with the man himself, to get an up-close look. “Berlusconi wears a grotesque mask; that’s what he created for himself. So we tried to find the human dimension,” the director tells Empire. “What he said was basically a carbon copy of the usual things he says on TV. But it was useful in the sense that you discover details of his character.” The first challenge was in…