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Empire April 2019

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this month at empire

WELCOME TO A monumental issue of Empire. A first. A big first. This is the first issue of Empire in history to feature a TV show on its front cover. This was not something we did lightly. We are, after all, primarily a film magazine. But I’m sure we can all agree that Game Of Thrones is not any old TV show. We believe it’s the first truly cinematic TV show. Sure, before it there were excellent series — The Sopranos, The Wire, ER. But from storytelling to cinematography to world-building and visual effects, Game Of Thrones marked a new dawn. The final series is one of the entertainment events of the year — there is simply no doubt about it — so we have dived right in with a…

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talk to us

ON THE HOBBS & SHAW TRAILER: “THIS IS GOING TO BE THE STUPIDEST, MOST RIDICULOUS, OVER-THE-TOP THING EVER AND I WILL WATCH IT AT LEAST 14 TIMES. I CAN’T WAIT.IT LOOKS LIKE IT’S GOING TO BE FUN. I MISS FUN.” VANESSA ATKINS OLIVI-ARR In your excellent interview with the frankly wonderful Olivia Colman, you begin one of her answers with “[West Country accent]” which is HUGELY incorrect, as of course you realise she comes from my home town, the marvellous Norwich? And so, it isnt a West Country accent, but a Norfolk one. KELLY WHITING, ‘NAAAARWICH’ Alex Godfrey, who interviewed Olivia Colman, responds: “[West Country accent] I’m not sure, my lover. She went into character and in that moment she sounded like Stephen Merchant. Either way, it was spectacular.” THE HISTORY OF AN EMPIRE I am a subscriber…

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comment of the month

NAILING HER COLOURS TO THE MASTHEAD Only recently started to notice the cryptic messages under the masthead page in the magazine, and now it’s the first thing I turn to. They’re so mysterious! Could they be secret messages passed on by MI5? Is it a Geostorm-inspired code where taking out certain words will warn us about governmental conspiracies? Or is it part of an elaborate scheme by the Russians? Can’t wait for next month’s... CLARA WAELKENS, VIA EMAIL We can reveal it is merely a random quote overheard in the Empire office that makes us laugh. Or: you know too much and must be killed. One of the two. Empire’s star letter wins a Picturehouse Membership, plus one for a friend! Valid for one year at 23 Picturehouse Cinemas across the UK, including the…

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a whole newer world

A WHOLE NEW GENIE Think of Aladdin, the beloved 1992 Disney animated movie, and chances are your first thoughts will be of the genie, voiced inimitably by the late Robin Williams. The filmmakers behind the new live-action version are well aware that these are big curled shoes to fill. “Robin was such an iconic character,” acknowledges producer Dan Lin, who has been with the project since its inception in late 2015. “He brought his special brand of comedy to the character. We had to reinvent that. Will Smith brought his own style.” Lin says that Smith adds a “hip-hop flavour” to the songs, with several musical numbers sprinkled with “a little bit of Fresh Prince”. Early shots of Smith revealed in non-blue human form are misleading, however. “Ninety per cent of…

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toy story 4

WHILE THE LOUDEST stars of the Toy Story spot were Jordan Peele and Keegan Michael-Key’s Bunny and Ducky, they couldn’t overshadow the return of one of the series’ originals: Bo Peep. Bo sat out Toy Story 3 — given away, it was assumed, by Andy’s unsentimental, ruthlessly Marie Kondo-ing mother. Now she is back, and she is a changed woman. Since being separated from the rest of Andy’s playthings, Bo has been making a go of things on her own. She’s ditched the cumbersome poofy dress — now effectively walking around in her pants — because she is a lady of adventure, living her life on the open road. After years of being stuck guarding a lamp, Bo has spent the past few years finding out what exists beyond the playroom. Bo,…

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avengers: endgame

1 __ WHAT HAS HAPPENED TO THE WORLD, POST-SNAP? It’s unclear exactly how much time has passed since Infinity War (the smart money is on a real-time gap of a year), but what is clear is that the world has changed dramatically. New York is in a bad way: boats and cars are strewn about, and Chris Evans’ Steve Rogers seems to be attending a survivors’ support group. “As much as there’s scale, there’s an incredible amount of human emotion,” says co-director Joe Russo. The Avengers by way of The Leftovers? We’re in. 2 __ HOW WILL TONY STARK SCIENCE HIS WAY OUT OF THIS ONE? In a neat nod to the Afghanistan cave scenes from the first Iron Man, Tony Stark is seen on the Guardians’ spaceship, the Benatar, using his engineering…