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Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Special

Entertainment Weekly Comic-Con Special Special 2017

EW’s Comic-Con issue is a must-read for the passionate Comic-Con fan with unparalleled access to the festival.

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sound bites

“Stop looking atme like that, man. I know. I’mdead. You killed me. And—I gotta say—not cool, man.” —Lenny (Aubrey Plaza), to David (Dan Stevens), on Legion“I’ll do the fingering.” —David (Michael Fassbender), playing the flute for Walter (also Fassbender), in Alien: Covenant“Men are essential for procreation, butwhenit comes to pleasure… unnecessary.” —Diana (Gal Gadot), to Steve Trevor (Chris Pine), in Wonder Woman“Daddy…” —Laura (Dafne Keen), speaking to Wolverine (Hugh Jackman), in Logan“For the millionth time, I’mlost on all this time-travel stuff.” —Joe West (Jesse L. Martin), after Iris (Candice Patton) is saved, on The Flash“I’mMary Poppins, y’all.” —Yondu (Michael Rooker), floating down with his arrow, in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 GADOT: WARNER BROS. PICTURES; PLAZA: CHRIS LARGE/FX; FASSBENDER: TWENTIETH CENTURY FOX; KEEN: BEN ROTHSTEIN/FOX; ROOKER: CHUCK ZLOTNICK/© MARVEL STUDIOS…

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justice league

STARRING Gal Gadot, Ben Affleck, Ezra Miller DIRECTED BY Zack Snyder RELEASE DATE 11/17 EZRA MILLER’S FLASH DEBUTED briefly (via dream prophecy) in last year’s Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, but the Scarlet Speedster will join Ben Affleck’s Dark Knight and Gal Gadot’s Amazon when DC’s reigning superteam faces a cosmic threat. “In Diana and Bruce, you have two very different veteran mentalities,” Miller teases. “Wonder Woman has this powerful compassion. Bruce is more irritable, less tolerant.” That leaves Miller’s Barry Allen as the relative rookie. “Barry’s in total awe of them,” Miller says. “He knows this is the big leagues.” Leagues don’t get bigger. JUSTICE LEAGUE: CLAY ENOS/ TM & © DC COMICS/WARNER BROS.; BLADE RUNNER 2049: ALCON ENTERTAINMENT/WARNER BROS.…

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blade runner 2049

STARRING Ryan Gosling, Harrison Ford, Robin Wright DIRECTED BY Denis Villeneuve RELEASE DATE 10/6 WHEN IT CAME TO CREATING THE LOOK OF LOS ANGELES C IRCA 2049, DIRECTOR Denis Villeneuve (Arrival) and famed cinematographer Roger Deakins (Fargo) did not want to take any shortcuts. They built massive practical sets instead of relying on greenscreen. “There was almost no CG,” Villeneuve says. “For me, that was a dream.” That included the construction of this levitating hot rod, the Spinner. On a soundstage, the crew painted a giant background behind the vehicle, which moved on a hydraulic pedestal, to keep the effect as close to reality as possible. “It’s much more fun and interesting and challenging this way,” Deakins says. “It’s really kind of old-fashioned.” Take that, future!…

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future man

NETWORKHulu (Streaming) DEBUT DATE FALL ON HULU’S ACTION-COMEDY SERIES, JOSH HUTCHERSON (The Hunger Games) plays Josh Futturman, a janitor who lives with his parents. Like so many twentysomethings who live at home, Josh is great at videogames, which brings him to the attention of two time-traveling badasses (Eliza Coupe and Derek Wilson) looking for a Chosen One to stop the impending apocalypse. Timeflipping shenanigans ensue. “It’s a hero’s journey,” Hutcherson says. “This guy who’s out of his element has to rise up, conquer great heights, and save the fate of all humanity.” The show follows the trio through chrono-hopping adventures while playfully riffing on High Geek ’80s movies like The Last Starfighter, Back to the Future, and The Terminator. But executive producer Seth Rogen makes it clear that this is a sitcom…

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STARRING Jaeden Lieberher, Chosen Jacobs, Sophia Lillis DIRECTED BY Andy Muschietti RELEASE DATE 9/8 THEY SAY THE MEEK SHALL INHERIT THE EARTH, BUT the swamps and sewers will be retaken by the Losers. That’s the not-so-affectionate nickname the bullies of Derry, Maine, have bestowed upon this group of outcasts (above)—the heroes of Stephen King’s IT. But these kids are the only ones willing to venture into the city’s underworld to face down the shape-shifting, predatory entity known as Pennywise. Prior to shooting the adaptation the filmmakers sent the young actors to IT camp—exploring the woods, swimming in a quarry, and riding their bikes. “I wanted them to be a group,” says Argentinean director Andy Muschietti (Mama). “So for the emotional aspect there were some bonding exercises.” Also: No tech was allowed. Before this cast could…

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NETWORKSyfy DEBUT DATE 2018 SUPERMAN LEFT KRYPTON FAR behind, but writer and EP David S. Goyer became fascinated with the superhero’s home planet while working on 2013’s franchiserelaunching origin story Man of Steel. “In the original draft, I thinkwe had 35 pages on Krypton,” Goyer recalls. “There were some ideas that weren’t really explored in themovie.” Expect further exploration on Syfy’s prequel series, which follows Clark Kent’s biological grandfather Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe). Two hundred years pre-apocalypse, Kryptonians are divided between haves and have-nots—and Krypton begins with the El clan plummeting into have-not territory. Says Goyer, “[Seg-El’s] family suffers enormous hardship in the pilot, and he starts out on this quest to avenge his family’s name.” That quest involves romance with Lyta Zod (Georgina Campbell), ancestor to the villainous General. “Seg and Lyta’s…