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Family CircleFamily Circle

Family Circle

October 2019

Every issue is filled with quick-fixing, delicious recipes ... do-it-yourself decorating ideas ... fashion and beauty secrets ... plus advice for raising a healthy, happy family - and more!

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family circle

“My Parenting Hashtag Would Be ______.” Cheryl E. Brown EDITOR IN CHIEF CREATIVE DIRECTOR Jaclyn Steinberg EXECUTIVE CONTENT EDITOR Rory Evans – #DONTTELLYOURFATHER MANAGING EDITOR Sue Kakstys EDITORIAL SPECIAL PROJECTS DIRECTOR Miranda Van Gelder – #ALLOUTTADINNERIDEAS ASSOCIATE HEALTH EDITOR Kendall Wenaas EXECUTIVE FOOD EDITOR Julie Miltenberger ASSOCIATE FOOD EDITOR Sarah Wharton BEAUTY DIRECTOR Gina Way MARKET EDITOR Zoë Roscoe ASSISTANT EDITOR Caroline Mullen EDITORIAL INTERN Kathleen Mest DESIGN DESIGN DIRECTOR Alyce Jones SENIOR DESIGNER Jaclyn Loney ART ASSISTANT Ji Soo An PHOTOGRAPHY PHOTO DIRECTOR Tina Anderson COPY, RESEARCH & OPERATIONS COPY CHIEF/ASSISTANT MANAGING EDITOR Louise Collazo CONTRIBUTING RESEARCH EDITOR Ian Hodder EDITORIAL BUSINESS COORDINATOR Christiana Brebnor DIGITAL SENIOR DIGITAL EDITOR Ginger Cowles SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGER Sugey Palomares HEALTH ADVISORY BOARD Ellen Barrett, MA, fitness; Jeffrey Blumberg, PhD, preventive nutrition; Lawrence J. Cheskin, MD, FACP, weight management; Alyssa Dweck, MD, FACOG, obstetrics and gynecology; Debra Jaliman, MD, dermatology; David L. Katz, MD, lifestyle medicine; Susan Mitchell, PhD, RD, nutrition;…

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family album

Son: Lincoln Mother: Yeana Daughter: Chloe Father: James “My role in the family? How long do you have? Chef, housekeeper, scheduler, grocery shopper, vacation planner and nurturer.”—YEANA Lincoln: My dad is the good cop. Chloe: My dad is the worst good cop ever. James: I am not much of an enforcer. I am the worst cop—I’ll sneak them out for junk food. Trash food, as Yeana calls it. “Our marriage is kind of like a salad. We’re very different people, but we work very well together.”—JAMES“James and I like to chill with our K-dramas—they’re like Korean telenovelas with crazy cliffhangers. As a family, we love K-pop. We’re reviving our dormant Korean culture. When I was growing up, no one had ever heard of Korea. It’s refreshing that this is part of the culture now.”—YEANA Sister: Chloe…

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on duty

Conscious Clean Love Home and Planet’s new line of laundry, dishwashing and other cleaning products abides by the same principles as their beauty line: recycled plastic packaging, plant-based ingredients and a commitment to a small carbon footprint. It doesn’t hurt that the products smell ridiculously good too—think rose petals and coconuts. Lovehomeandplanet.com, from $4 WHAT YOUR TEEN MEANS 1 They Say Rinsta 2 Definition A real Instagram account that everyone can see, as opposed to a finsta, a fake Instagram account that’s private for just close friends to see. 3 in a Sentence I can’t believe she posted that unflattering pic on her rinsta. Source: StayHipp.com QUEER EYE FOR YOUR COUCH If every episode of Queer Eye makes you desperate for a Bobby Berk makeover of your own, his new collection with Value City Furniture is the next-best thing. The rattan-detailed bar…

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cleaning the tub & toilet

Tie your hair back, put your gloves on—and then plan your attack from top to bottom. Dirty water (and, um, general yuck) has a way of running downhill, so start with the shower walls or top of the toilet, knocking off allergens like mold, and swiping them up at the end. All Day, Every Day Prevention is the name of the game when it comes to the most humid place in your home. • Squeegeeing the shower walls and doors after each use will prevent soap scum and hard water build-up, says Melissa Maker, cleaning expert and star of the Clean My Space YouTube channel. The trick is actually remembering to do it, so keep the squeegee within sight. You can even get one that clips onto a door handle or showerhead, like…

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family dinners

“I’m always looking for recipes that I can make a deconstructed version of for them—and then combine for myself. We’re working on them curating some of the meals.”—KRISTA Chicken With Garlic and Sage Sauce In a large skillet over med-high, heat 2 tbsp EVOO. Pat dry 4 thin-cut boneless, skinless chicken breasts and sprinkle with ½ tsp salt and ¼ tsp pepper. Cook 6 to 7 min, until cooked through, turning at halfway point; transfer to a plate. Add 1 tbsp EVOO, 3 cloves garlic, grated, and 2 tbsp chopped fresh sage to skillet; cook 20 sec. Sprinkle with 2 tbsp AP flour and cook, whisking, until well incorporated, 30 sec. Slowly whisk in 1 cup unsalted chicken broth, scraping up browned bits, and cook to thicken slightly, about 1 min. Whisk…

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snacking: buy it vs make it

Snack Wraps Save Time: $1.67 Hormel Natural Choice Turkey and White Cheddar Wraps Save Money: 94¢ Stack thinly sliced deli turkey, thinly sliced white cheddar and a thin layer of honey mustard on a multigrain tortilla. Hard-Boiled Eggs Save Time: $1.50 Eggland’s Best 2-pack Save Money: 53¢ In 20 minutes, you can boil and peel two eggs. 100-Calorie Nut Packs Save Time: 57¢ per packBlue Diamond Almonds On-the-Go Save Money: 34¢ Buy a large bag of lightly salted nuts and pre-sort portions of 14 almonds. Peanut Butter Packs Save Time: 40¢ per snack pack Jif To Go or Skippy Singles individual cups Save Money: 20¢ Spoon 3 tbsp PB into a reusable cup. More Homemade Pack-and-Go Snacks Pack 12 baby carrots with 2 tbsp ranch dressing. 49¢ Peel and dice a pineapple and pack in 1-cup portions. 63¢ Spoon ½ cup vanilla yogurt into a…