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FineScale Modeler October 2020

FineScale Modeler teaches you to build models of aircraft, armor, ships and more. Clear articles show you how to assemble, paint, and finish the latest model kits. Every issue includes unbiased reviews of kits that were built and tested for accuracy, product announcements, tips from the experts, and a gallery of readers’ models.

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4 min
gwh f-14d tomcat

I can’t think of a time when you couldn’t find a kit of Grumman’s fabulous F-14 Tomcat. And it seems that even more new kits have been issued since the fighter was retired in 2006. (It’s been 14 years already.) If you want to model a 1/72 scale Tomcat with most everything open and dropped - and enjoy great fit to boot - then GWH’s kit is the one for you. This is the company’s second release in its Tomcat line, the first being an early F-14A in VF-1 Wolfpack markings. This new kit represents the last version, the F-14D “Super Tomcat” with the improved GE F110 engines. Most parts are common to both kits, with additional sprues holding parts dedicated to each different version inserted into the package. The surface…

3 min
make ruins from plaster

The Battle for Caen, won at a great cost by Allied forces, left destroyed buildings and debris in its wake. John used kit-supplied rubble, plus real brick and concrete to show the devastation. On June 6, 1944, Allied aircraft dropped leaflets urging the citizens of Caen, France to evacuate the city. The following day, British heavy bombers unleashed their payload to slow German reinforcements. Six weeks of bombing and ground combat later, the Allies won control of the city, which had been reduced to a shattered wasteland of smoking rubble. To re-create the victory, I used a hydrocal plaster castings of a factory and brick building by Dioramas Plus. (Nos. DP5 and DP1). These castings are extremely delicate so careful handling is a must. I used 5-minute epoxy to join the parts. Once…

1 min
the ins-n-outs of modeling buildings

Hungry, yet? Want to order something off the not-so-secret secret menu? California-based Jake Turner of Culver City says, “I was born and raised in Southern California and spent many days enjoying a Double-Double from In-n-Out.” Wanting to re-create the delicious memories, he drew up 1/87 scale plans based on a nearby restaurant. The entire building is scratchbuilt out of styrene, including the curbs and sidewalk. He used a variety of Woodland Scenics foliage for ground cover and found the trees at a swap meet. The logo is also scratchbuilt using .40-inch styrene for the letters and a .188-inch square for the arrow. The Mini Cooper is from Reel Rides, and the rest of the vehicles were found at swap meets. How small do you think the burger and fry combo is?…

3 min
painting a drone-control f8f

With John Ferdico working hard on bringing the classic Hawk 1/48 scale Bearcat up to a higher standard, I had the enviable task of building the 2011 HobbyBoss kit. Having built the Hawk offering myself, I was amazed upon opening the Hobbyboss box at just how far molding technology has come. This kit features beautiful detail, and test-fitting the fuselage halves alleviated any concerns I had about ill-fitting parts. I wasn’t sure what markings I wanted to use, so I started lazily browsing websites looking for Bearcat images. I came across a drone controller resplendent with yellow wings and red stripes. The markings looked familiar. I dug through my decal stash and realized I had an old SuperScale sheet (No. 48-430) with the exact markings. Bingo! This was going to be fun! Project at…

5 min
korean war gallery

MAT MATHIS BELOIT, WISCONSIN Mat built Revell’s 1/48 scale F-84G Thunderjet out of the box and painted with Alclad II airframe and polished aluminum as well as Tamiya acrylics. Rather than using decals, he painted the tail and fuel tank stripes. It’s been lightly weathered with Tamiya panel line washes and weathering powders. RICHARD HOPFENSPERGER PICKETT, WISCONSIN Re-creating a scene at the Battle of Old Baldy, Richard used Tamiya’s 1/35 scale 107mm mortar and crew set. The mortar emplacement and crew shelter were scratchbuilt using extruded foam, scale-sized lumber, and natural materials for the dirt and dead foliage. A small amount of ground foam was also used for some weeds. The tarp is facial tissue, soaked with diluted white glue, formed to shape, and painted when dry. The sand bags are also Tamiya. He painted…

3 min
ibg pzl p.11c

When the Germans invaded Poland in 1939, the main fighter of the Polish air force was the PZL P.11c. Designed in the early ’30s, it featured all-metal construction and high gull-wing design. It was armed with two 7.92mm machine guns mounted in the fuselage firing through the engine with an option to mount two more guns in the wings. This kit marks IBG’s first foray into 1/32 scale. Molded in medium gray, the parts feature excellent surface detail, especially the corrugated flying surfaces and raised rivets. The absence of ejector-pin marks impressed me. As one would expect in 1/32 scale, the interior is well-detailed and several fuselage panels can be posed open to show that. They fit well closed if you prefer. The Bristol Mercury engine looks terrific and is packed with…