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FineScale Modeler October 2016

FineScale Modeler teaches you to build models of aircraft, armor, ships and more. Clear articles show you how to assemble, paint, and finish the latest model kits. Every issue includes unbiased reviews of kits that were built and tested for accuracy, product announcements, tips from the experts, and a gallery of readers’ models.

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who wants more? i do, i do …

Summer was busy. There were air shows, modeling conventions, reader wish-list surveys, and the late summer push to create magazines and special issues you’ll be reading through Christmas. Truth is that we’re always busy creating new issues and info that we hope will help you enjoy modeling. I know from your e-mails that, no matter the season, you’re working on a build or planning one. Consider this a friendly reminder that FineScale Modeler has you covered 24/7. I’m referring, of course, to FineScale.com. Many of you kibitz in its forums or ogle Reader Gallery photos that we post regularly. But it may surprise you to know that there’s a lot more in the way of tips and kit reviews. First, for subscribers (and let’s be honest, you folks pay our salaries, so we love you…

4 min.
scale talk

Junior modelers vs. tiny parts Don Frankfort’s letter in May’s FSM about kit manufacturers going overboard on tiny parts was very thought-provoking. I am of a similar vintage, being 60 years old, and can remember the early kits having only 20–30 parts. What concerns me now is that the plethora of parts, especially tiny parts, may be off-putting for those under 10 who have just started modeling. I believe that at that age, kids just want to end up with a finished model quickly and will give up on models with too many parts. Some of the major mainstream manufacturers now admit they are designing kits for adult enthusiasts rather than children, as there is not the demand from the younger market as when I was a kid. I have a 6-year-old great-nephew who has…

12 min.
new products

Kinetic F/A-18C tops in detail and options One glance at the airframe parts of the new 1/48 scale Hornet from Kinetic (No. K48031) reveals the quality of the offering. Fine, wellmolded engraved panel lines and rivets comprise the surface detail. The kit features molded controls in the cockpit, gearbay structural detail, a multipart seat, and full-length intakes and exhausts. But what truly makes this kit stand out is the options. They include: extended or stowed speed brake and refueling probe; optional avionics; posable flaps; folded wings; open or closed canopy; and a boarding ladder. Photo-etch provides external details, rearview mirrors, vents, and gear-bay wiring. There's a bunch of ordnance, including AIM-120s, AIM-9s, GBU-12s, CBU-87s, GBU-38s, and AGM-88s. Fuel tanks and targeting pods round out the underwing stores. Cartograf decals provide seven Hornets:…

2 min.
taking a shine to metal

I used Vallejo Model Metal Colors to give heavy-metal heft to the chain mail, ax, helm, and shield of Castle Miniatures’ 75mm Rolf the Viking. These new water-based acrylics are similar to Alclad II lacquers, but without the smell. They are easy to airbrush or hand-paint, and cleanup is a snap. Over a base coat of Vallejo gray primer, I painted Rolf’s armor and weapons with gloss black primer. This step is essential to give subsequent metallic shades the proper shine. I brushed Metal Color steel on the chain mail. It’s not a thick coat of paint, nor a thin drybrushed film. Base-coating the leather belts and jerkin at this point helps frame the mail for the next steps. To deepen the shadows between the links, I flowed Vallejo black wash over the surface.…

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future wear for a fighting suit

Lately I’ve been really into Maschinen Krieger (Ma.K) kits; they are cool subjects with a variety of paint schemes and modifications. The 1/20 scale Archelon fighting suit is one of Wave’s newer kits. With few parts, including vinyl joints and hoses, it goes together smoothly and quickly. I sculpted replacements for the posable, vinyl joints with Apoxie Sculpt two-part epoxy putty over wire. The real joy of these kits is painting and weathering, because there are so many possibilities. The kit instructions provide a bunch of choices and, of course, you can always create your own. That’s the beauty of sci-fi models: No one can tell you that it’s the wrong shade of olive drab! I chose a conservative paint scheme so I could focus on weathering. First, I sprayed the model with…

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sharpening a sakeen

I’ve always thought it ironic that an aircraft emblematic of Hitler’s Nazi regime was instrumental in the survival of the fledgling state of Israel. Within days of Israel’s declaration of independence in 1948, attacks came from Arab neighbors. Desperate for aircraft, the Israelis defied an arms embargo and negotiated with the Czech government to buy the Jumo-powered version of the Messerschmitt Bf 109, the Avia S-199. The first machines arrived on May 20, 1948, and nine days later Israel’s new fighter arm launched four of these aircraft to bomb and strafe an Egyptian armored column that was advancing on Tel Aviv. Causing little actual damage, this attack nevertheless halted the Arab advance, allowing Israeli ground forces vital time to reorganize and go on the offensive, keeping Tel Aviv from being overrun. Hobbycraft’s…