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July 2021
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Fishing World is Australia’s longest established fishing magazine and has been serving the needs of anglers for more than 46 years. Fisho is Australia’s premier fishing magazine and has become known as the “sport fishing bible”. Voted Best National Magazine 2014 Australian Fishing Trade Association.

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telling stories

BACK in 2019 Fisho celebrated its 50th anniversary. Time flies and two years later I still receive feedback from those who read our special anniversary edition and enjoy reading about Australia’s colourful angling history. It’s easy to keep track of our angling history. Much of it was documented in the pages of magazines – this one included – plus an extensive library of books dating well back into last century. Much of the early writing about fishing in Australia was focused on fly fishing for trout and basic grassroots bait fishing off the rocks, beaches, and estuaries. Some of these early books are worth reading and many fetch big dollars among collectors. What’s interesting when reading these old books is how little has changed in our motives to fish. While on the flip…

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spin and win

I’m a pelagic tragic. I’m addicted to spinning the rocks for small pelagic species like salmon, tailor, bonito, and rat kingfish. There’s nothing like that feeling when, after hundreds of casts, your metal lure comes to a grinding halt and you feel the rhythmic headshake and tail-beat of a fired-up predatory fish transmitted up the line. There’s nothing like watching your light 7-foot spin rod bend in a solid arc towards the water as the unseen fish peels off line against a tightly set drag. For a few moments, you don’t know what you’ve hooked. It could be anything – a jumbo salmon, a monster tailor, a kingfish, a bonito or something else! If it’s a big salmon, it could all come unstuck the moment the fish breaks the surface in one of its…

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online this month

FISH FACTS: THE UPS AND DOWNS OF BIGEYE TUNA BIGEYE tuna (Thynnus obesus) can be found worldwide in the tropical and subtropical oceanic waters of the Atlantic, Indian and Pacific Oceans anywhere where surface water temperatures exceed 17°C. ● By Dr Ben Diggles ENVIRONMENT: PRAGMATISM VS POLICY IN a victory for the pragmatic politicking which seems to have replaced sound policy decision making in much of the country these days, NSW Environment Minster Matt Kean had to knock over his own pick Malcolm Turnbull as chair of the Net Zero Emissions... ● By John Newbery…

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the codfather

THE name Stuart Rowland may not be all that familiar to Australia’s rec fishers but he’s the fisheries scientist who discovered that the Eastern freshwater cod and the Mary River cod were in fact separate species to the Murray cod. He named the endangered Eastern cod ikei after his grandfather Ike Rowland, who was an expert cod fisherman. Stuart was a scientist with NSW Fisheries for over 33 years and as well as his work on cod species he developed farming techniques for the first commercially successful native freshwater aquaculture species, the silver perch. He’s published a book on his career and work on Australia’s freshwater fish and the major habitat threats they’re currently experiencing. It’s 621 pages with hundreds of images and sells direct from Stuart for $50 per…

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skipjack tuna

THE skipjack or striped tuna is quite an amazing fish. While it lacks the glamour of its larger relatives like the yellowfin, bluefin or bigeye, it’s both a great light tackle rec target and as those bigger species have declined in number, it’s become the mainstay of the canned tuna industry. It’s the most abundant of the world’s 15 tuna species and in 2018 accounted for about half of the world’s seven million tonnes of tuna and related species catch. Can it sustain that sort of fishing pressure? Sadly, history would suggest not, that eventually it will go the way of the North American Atlantic cod and the big Atlantic and Indian Ocean tuna species. Two things might save it. One would be to restrict fishing methods to pole &…

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even more flatties stocked!

A total of 75,000 juvenile dusky flathead have now been stocked into key NSW South Coast Recreational Fishing Havens (RFHs) as part of DPI’s Marine Stocking Program! The most recent stocking event in April 2021 saw 22,000 flathead fingerlings released into the Basin, following on from earlier successful stockings in the Basin, Lake Conjola and Burrill Lake RFHs. It’s expected the flatties will have excellent survival rates and should reach legal size of 36cm in 2-3 years. The juvenile flatties – which measured from 50-100mm and were produced for DPI by Narooma Aquaculture - will be monitored by DPI researchers with the help of volunteer citizen scientists fishing in all three systems. This research work is designed to evaluate the growth of the fish, their movements and impact of fish releases on the…