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Fortnite Independent and Unofficial Get Better at Battle Royale

Fortnite Independent and Unofficial Get Better at Battle Royale

Fortnite Independent and Unofficial Get Better at Battle Royale

Don't get battered on the battlefield! This fully updated 132-page guide provides all the tips and tactics you need to become a fearsome Fortnite fighter! We have expert tips on the new weapons upgrade system, working with your squad, and finding the perfect place to land. We'll also reveal the secrets of the world's best pro players and help you find the best Fortnite kit!

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sound and vision

MONITORS AOC C24G2AE This 24-inch monitor is one of the best budget options for console and PC, with a Full HD 1080p resolution, a bright curved screen and support for refresh rates of up to 165Hz. SAMSUNG ODYSSEY G7 This mighty 32in display gives you a massive picture, with a QHD resolution, HDR and an incredible 240Hz refresh rate. Games will look amazing! ASUS TUF VG289Q With a 4K resolution, HDR and a brilliant 28-inch screen, this Asus monitor is ideal for 4K consoles and has the HDMI 2.0 sockets to make the connection. Shame it’s limited to 60Hz. WHAT TO LOOK FOR SIZE: Bigger screens give your gaming more impact, but also make it harder to take in what’s going on away from the centre. The sweet spot is usually 24 to 28 inches. RESOLUTION:…

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playing support

We all want high kill counts and awesome Victory Royales, but in Squads, Duos and Trios games you need to look after the health of the whole team. After all, when you’re one player down and up against a full squad, you’ll be hard-pushed to come out on top. SHARE THE LOOT While it’s always good to have a few shield potions and bandages ready to use, smarter teams know it’s better to spread shields and medkits around. Leave some back for your squad-mates to pick up, or drop off any you don’t need. SLURP IT UP! Slurp tankers and barrels are brilliant for a quick shields and health boost, so don’t miss a chance to smash them up. Try doing it as a team while you’re at it – you’ll bust…

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squad comms

We can’t say this enough: the more you communicate with your squad-mates or buddies, the more likely you are to win. Watch replays of Squads or Trios games and you’ll see that, time after time, the teams that coordinate and work together win the game – and the best way to work together is to communicate. USING VOICE COMMS When it comes to communicating with your squad-mates, nothing beats voice comms, either through Discord (with friends and established teammates) or the in-game chat (when you’re playing with Xbox Live or PSN friends, or randoms). Now, using voice comms doesn’t mean just having a good chin-wag. Good Battle Royale players know that you need a bit of quiet, or you won’t hear nearby enemies, gunshots in the distance, or the sound of a…

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playing for the team

Playing Squads, Duos and Trios matches demands skills you won’t find in Solo Battle Royale. Whether you’re playing with your best mates or a bunch of randoms, you need to understand what it means to play as a team, and get to grips with the strategies for teaming up in Fortnite. But where playing Fortnite solo can be a nervous, sweaty affair, playing Fortnite with your buddies can be a real laugh. There’s even something to be said for a temporary team-up with complete strangers, and battling through to the final circle. Who knows? You might make new mates! TEAM LANDINGS Duos, Trios and Squad matches are all about working together – and that starts with landing together. If you’re not using voice comms, use waypoints to coordinate your landings, and…

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maximum car-nage

Cars have given Fortnite players a whole new way to make an entrance, but a player as good as MrSavage doesn’t settle for just running the other players down. Nope, he uses his vehicle for a shock attack, then keeps popping in and out of the windows to take out the whole team! RAMP IT UP Getting charged by some try-hard in a car? Don’t fancy a close encounter with the bumper? Just do what streamer K1NG did, and build a reverse ramp every time the driver speeds towards you. They’ll just sail right over the top! Do it enough and they might even lose their temper, hop out and try to kill you the old-fashioned way. Stay calm, take aim and fire your revolver. They’ll be dead before they even…

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mongraal and unknownxarmy

MONGRAAL REAL NAME: Kyle Jackson LOCATION: Kent, UK TEAM: FaZe Mongraal came from nowhere in 2018 to become the youngest signed Fortnite pro, aged just 13. How did he do it? By playing so skilfully and so aggressively that he made the top pros of the time look slow. Since then he’s gone on to win tournaments, Cash Cups and a whole lot of matches, including a trios win in the Chapter 2, Season 4 FNCS. PRO TIP! Editing is just as important as building, and that goes double when you get into box fights. Practice your edits and use them to take control of the fight, so that your targets can’t grab cover or escape. UNKNOWNXARMY REAL NAME: Dominick Green LOCATION: New Jersey, USA TEAM: NRG Esports Unknown earned his first gaming PC the hard way –…