Gadget Issue 9

Featuring the most exciting tech, including drones, 3D printers, wearables and virtual reality headsets, Gadget is the next generation of technology magazine. It's the first of its kind to actually explain how consumer kit works, rather than just offering a shopping catalogue of products. As well as exploring real-world applications for the latest releases, Gadget also showcases the greatest gizmos that will make you go ‘wow!’ This means that, instead of just featuring dull phone, tablet and TV launches, you can expect to discover hoverboards, self-driving cars and robots that teach you or your kids to code. If you want to get hands-on with top tech and get the most out of your gear, read Gadget now.

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watch out for issue 9

What was your Snake high score? Chances are that if you’re a tech geek of certain age, you owned a Nokia 3310 and spent at least half your time steering that hungry 8-bit serpent around the 3310’s small, green screen. What else were you supposed to do with your phone in a time before Angry Birds, Twitter and Snapchat? So it was a sad day when Nokia sold off its iconic phone business to Microsoft in 2013. Yes, we’d all moved onto iPhones and Androids by then, but it was a tragedy that arguably Europe’s biggest tech giant – which had led the mobile phone revolution – retreated from public view, disappearing into the cold Finnish tundra of telecommunication infrastructure engineering. But now Nokia is back! The company has just snapped up…

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meet the team...

Dan Hutchinson Editor In Chief I’m excited to cut the cord and wirelessly listen to music with Bragi Dash’s Bluetooth earbuds. Drew Sleep Production Editor I’ve seen a Fitbit indoctrinate a friend, and the way it tracks everything is ideal if you’re into fitness. Andy Downes Senior Art Editor I’m a big gamer, so at the moment I’m all about virtual reality. I think the HTC Vive headset is my favourite. Harriet Knight Designer The Nixie drone straps to your wrist and flies automatically. It would make the perfect sidekick!…

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le super bike is the tesla of bikes

Security lock There’s a fingerprint lock system that prevents the wheels from moving when you’re not on the bike, though you’ll probably still want a regular chain or lock, too Volume controls Of course you don’t want to veer off the track while trying to control your music – volume buttons are built into the handlebars for easy access Ambient light sensor The Le Super Bike can detect when you get on the bike – it automatically switches on the front and back LED lights as well as the laser guides Handlebar indicators Let other road users and pedestrians know where you’re going to go next with indicator buttons that light up the relevant handle on the Super Bike Fitness sensors The handlebars also have integrated heart rate sensors and the bike’s software knows how hard you’re pushing yourself…

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hover camera is a selfie stick slayer

13MP shooter You should be able to get some quality footage from the camera: it can take 4K video and snap 13-megapixel photos Stable selfies The drone uses proprietary technology to keep the camera steady – a second camera and an onboard sensor help it react to turbulence and any shakes 360-degree panoramas The Hover Camera can stay in position and rotate a full 360°, so you get a fully spherical shot wherever you are Folding frame You can fold the Hover camera in half to make it the size of a book, so it’s far easier to carry around than some other drones currently on the market Built-in brains As well as being able to fly all by itself, the Hover Camera’s onboard AI can track its owner based on a mix of face and body recognition Carbon fibre…

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tune in, zone out with melomind

Bluetooth connectivity There are no wires to get tangled up with (a stress inducer if ever there was one) because Melomind communicates with your phone and the app using Bluetooth Melomind app The app tracks your progress, awards you relaxation scores and adjusts the audio output depending on your response Memory foam fabric The Melomind headphones are fitted with foam on the cups and band to give you a completely immersive experience – outside sounds and distractions are blocked out Specially developed audio The audio produced by Melomind is a cross between a piece of classical music and a traditional relaxation tape, and it’s constantly adjusting itself as it plays EEG sensors The detachable electrodes fitted to the Melomind sit on your scalp and measure brain wave activity. Take them off and you’re left with a standard set of…

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ces asia top10

01 InBody Band A new take on the classic fitness tracker, with built-in body fat analyser that curates a personalised tracking system based on your body composition and overall heart rate. £150 | $180 | 02 CowaRobot Meet the first walking suitcase, the CowaRobot. It uses tracking sensors on both its front and rear to stay a few feet behind you and follow you without needing manual control. £280 | $400 | 03 Vincross Hexa Numerous joints within each leg of Hexa, enables it to be the most mobile hexapod yet. It can contort its frame to help it to climb up stairs, ledges and also over gaps. TBC | 04 Chevrolet FNR While the unibody design of the FNR gives the impression that it’s hovering, it’s the onboard Smart Driving system, which makes the car capable…