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we’ve learnt so much in the past 20 years

Everyone remembers where they were on that morning of 31 August 1997. Although it was a Sunday, my alarm clock radio came on (I must have forgotten to mute it) and I woke – earlier than I wanted to on a weekend – to the sound of funeral music. This was not Radio 3 or Classic FM. I knew what this was. Years before, I had worked in radio and knew the drill for the death of a senior Royal: solemn music interspersed with grave announcements and only the most essential news. It had to be the Queen Mother, of course. She was a great age – 97 years old – as old as the century. Sad, but not unexpected. Or Prince Philip? He was 76, after all. The announcement, as it…

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worth sharing

THIS MONTH, WE ASKED YOU TO SHARE A DAREDEVIL MOMENT Q.What is the biggest holiday adventure you’ve ever had? A.Swimming with turtles in Barbados – a big achievement for me, as I’m afraid of the deep sea. FIONA LIGHTFOOT I canoed into the northern wilderness of Canada above Great Slave Lake with my family, and set up camp on a small island. The water was pure enough to drink, the stars were magnificent and the bird calls at dusk were hauntingly beautiful. SUSAN BLACKALL Climbing the Auckland Bridge at 66 years old! JACKIE BOHANAN We hired a small plane and flew to Monkey Mia in Western Australia. The views of the ocean were amazing. We spent two nights in a beach hut and petted the dolphins that swam to the shore every day. JUNE ROBERTS I climbed…

10 min.
live for the moment

It’s quite a story… From the day when she feared she had lost both children in the Dunblane shooting tragedy to watching them become world tennis champions, Judy Murray’s life has been one of extremes. Now she’s reliving every moment, including her time spent learning to dance on a certain television show… She’s best known for being the ultimate tennis mum, and Wimbledon fortnight wouldn’t be the same without pictures of Judy Murray willing on her sons, Jamie and Andy, to victory. Amazingly, both became World Number One at the same time – Andy in Singles (and awarded a knighthood to boot) and Jamie in Doubles. But 57-year-old Judy has achieved so much in her own right. As a teenager she was one of Britain’s top tennis hopefuls before she switched…

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judy’s life on court

1973 By the age of 14, Judy was already a talented tennis player. She won 64 titles during her junior and senior career. 1989 The boys were taken on to court from a very young age… Andy was five when he decided he was too good to play with his mum. 2004 Mother’s pride: celebrating as Andy becomes the first British US Open Junior Champion. 2012 She supported her boys when they teamed up to play doubles at the London Olympics. 2013 Judy spent five years as Britain’s Fed Cup coach and travelled the world – here she is in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 2013 Moment of glory: Judy celebrates with Andy as he wins the Wimbledon title for the first time. 2013 Andy collects his OBE with Mum, wife Kim and dad William at Buckingham Palace. He’s since been knighted. 2014 ‘People loved that an…

8 min.
we chose brave!

‘I am so grateful for what I learnt on Strictly’ KATIE DERHAM ‘Those who saw my cha-cha-cha know I had to have courage’ To watch Katie Derham effortlessly presenting BBC Two’s Proms Extra, you’d never guess that she once suffered crippling stage fright. But, as she reveals, joining the Strictly family is a very different matter indeed... Being courageous means trying new things – give it a good old go and, chances are, you’ll get a lot out of it. You may look a fool but it’s good to push yourself to get out of your comfort zone. I point to my cha-cha-cha when I took part in Strictly Come Dancing in 2015! Before Strictly, I had never suffered from stage fright with live broadcasting. I’ve had adrenaline and butterflies, but not crippling nerves.…

10 min.
what we did last summer

‘I faced my fear and changed my life’ A childhood accident left Claire Gregory with a terror of drowning – so would a Summer course be enough to encourage her to take to choppy waters in a tiny canoe? Ever since I can remember, I have had a fear of water. I was a very sporty child and played on all the school teams, but something about swimming always made me freeze up. I was a weak swimmer, and my lessons had been cut short after I broke my collarbone and had to wait a long time for it to heal. Then, as a teenager, I fell off a jet ski and was plunged into deep sea water. I was only under for a few seconds, but it felt like for ever. I developed…