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We’re delighted to welcome our new columnists BEL MOONEY and daughter KITTY DIMBLEBY who will go head to head every month on family issues where they don’t see eye to eye. Their first subject is the spiralling cost of children’s parties. Who would have thought a party bag could cause so much trouble? Hard hats everyone… It’s not you, it’s me – it’s the oldest excuse in the book when it comes to getting out of a relationship. But what if it is actually true? Regular GH contributor CAROL SARLER reveals how she called time on romantic relationships when she realised that she is a better person without a man. At GH we don’t believe in fad diets, but we are all for developing healthy new habits – especially after all the…

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editor’s note

The past 12 months have gone in such a blur, the year was almost done before I managed to squeeze in an annual holiday. And what a holiday it was. Being an empty nester has its advantages, namely the opportunity to fly long haul (just two airline seats!) and visit places I’ve always dreamt of seeing. I went with my husband to Sydney, and as we walked the famous Harbour Bridge and passed yet another mid-age couple having the time of their lives, it occurred to me just what a wonderful life stage this is. Yes, I wished my grown-up sons could share the experience, but travel is certainly more affordable without them! It’s a theme we touch on in this month’s feature Where In The World Does Midlife Woman Have…

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◆ Sign up for weekly GH recipes, taste tests and product reviews with one of our free newsletters. P44 ◆ Run your First Mile! Claim your free training programme from our sister title Runner’s World and clock up that first mile in just six weeks. P74 ◆ Buy a ticket for our exclusive GH Careers Masterclass. Returning to work? Changing your job? Retraining? Here’s a chance to reboot your career at our advice and networking event in London on 31 January. P132…

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Q. What’s your favourite classic novel and why? A. Vanity Fair – although Becky Sharp was created in the Victorian era, she is such a 21st-century bad-girl heroine! PENNY JENKINS Zadie Smith’s White Teeth is brilliant – full of wit and humour. A must-read for generations to come. ELIZABETH JOHN Wuthering Heights. A classic Gothic love story… plus the inspiration for a wonderful song! EMMA MURPHY The Secret Garden Every time I see a robin I think of that book! SANDRA SAMPSON Salman Rushdie’s Midnight’s Children is one of the most powerful books I’ve come across. SARAH HEADLEE The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood. It may not be a classic yet, but it will be in a 100 years’ time. SAMANTHA LANDON Riders by Jilly Cooper because she introduced me to headstrong women and real wit in books. CESCA MAJOR Nineteen Eighty- Four by George…

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get on that motorbike and escape your comfort zone!

Ever determined not to give up on life and adventure, last year, I became both a grandparent and took up motorcycling. I’m nearly 60 and not entirely mad, so I went on a proper course (for the motorcycling not the grandparenting), passed and bought a bright red bike and helmet. Not immune to the lure of fashion, I also bought a rather nice jacket, trousers and gloves. In the shop, it made a rather pleasing black ensemble. Something Diana Rigg might have worn in The Avengers. Next morning, I dressed with some excitement in my full hell-raising gear. I looked in the mirror. I don’t know what had happened to the clothes overnight in my cupboard. They had inexplicably lost all their dazzle. Instead of the feminine version of James Dean…

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Juliet, 61, lives in north London with her partner, Hugh, who is an anthropologist. They have four children between them: Tomo, 33, Jonah, 31, Rosalind, 23, and Gabriel, 16. How tidy is your house? Lots of people come to stay, so it’s quite an effort to keep it as tidy as I would like. We’ve literally never moved into our bedroom – we’ve never quite unpacked the boxes. What is your signature dish? Hugh does the cooking. He’s a brilliant cook. I can make a fish pie and I do a good roast chicken and that’s about it. Your best-ever bargain? Probably when I wandered out of Harrods with a pile of rare and expensive mushrooms and forgot to pay for them! I didn’t mean to. It’s my only shoplifting experience. It was about 25 years…