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Good Housekeeping UK March 2018

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We love SHIRLEY CONRAN for her commonsense attitude to life. So when we asked her how to solve a problem like the pay gap, she was typically forthright. Turn to our report to read her views on what still needs to be done to get equality a century after women first got the vote, along with essays by MP Jess Phillips and campaigner Helen Pankhurst. Just how much do we pass on to our children? Quite a lot, according to author DOLLY ALDERTON who marks Mothering Sunday with a moving essay celebrating the lessons big and small that we learn from our mothers. In Dolly’s case that is being kind to strangers and making a mean béchamel sauce. We all have the power to change our lives; to take on a challenge…

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editor’s note

Well hello, spring! As we’re witnessing the birth of a new season, it seems fitting to return to the theme of Generation Ageless. The idea that, whatever your age, it’s time for fresh ideas, new adventures and a style shake-up. And, dear GH reader, we know that whatever your age, you are up for it all! In this month’s issue I’m very excited to see our three proud and confident models in Seize The Grey. Silver locks may not be for everyone, but our report has certainly made me think twice about how much money and time I spend in the hairdresser’s chair. I also love the common-sense advice in our Generation Ageless health feature. As someone who has only fairly recently discovered the absolute joy of yoga, I can vouch that…

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Q. Which well-known woman inspires you most and why? A. Nigella Lawson. She has had some very hard knocks in her life, but she always comes back fighting with her head held high. She also doesn’t take herself too seriously. CLARE BALDOCK It’s impossible not to love Joanna Lumley, dahling! SANDRA ROBBIE Dame Maggie Smith – a fantastic actress, and while she was filming Harry Potter, she was fighting cancer at the same time. I love her determination. KELLYANNE DORMAN Emma Watson for her tireless work towards gender equality as a UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and in the HeForShe program. TERRA WALKER Mary Berry is, and always will be, my life-long role model… ANNE NEARY The Queen – for her service to the people, charity work and longevity. NATASHA BOWDEN Emma Thompson is an incredible role model. I love all her work. CHRISTINA WILSON For…

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well hello, darling… i’d know you anywhere!

After 36 years of appearing regularly on television, one of the upsides of my life is that lots of people I’ve never met before stop me for a chat. The downside of my life is that they sometimes choose to do this at awkward times. Possibly my worst moment was being caught on the loo in a public ladies’ room, when the lock was faulty and the person who burst in didn’t appreciate that I might want to be alone. I never cease to be impressed, however, that people actually recognise me at all. I sometimes struggle to place members of my own family, let alone someone off the telly. I am hopeless at a party. People I know perfectly well loom into view, grinning winningly, and not a single name…

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“My boyfriends have always been younger than me” Veteran TV presenter Valerie Singleton, 80, lives in Dorset with her two tortoiseshell cats. How tidy is your house? I like things to be tidy. If the house is untidy, then I like the untidiness to be organised. I think if you’re tired and it’s untidy, then it makes you feel awful. When did you last clean your bathroom? About a fortnight ago. What is your signature dish? I don’t cook very much, I just buy a lot of quick meals and add fresh vegetables. I find eating very boring. If we could have nice tablets that tasted of things, I would be very happy. What food could you not live without? I grew up with plain cooking, so I love a nice roast, and I’m a pastry junkie. I don’t…