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feels like summer to me

It’s a little bit crowded in my house at the moment. As I explain this month in Now We Are Six (p24), my chickens have all come home to roost. My husband and I have gone from a couple of empty nesters to being chucked off the sofa by our children, who have all suddenly come back home. These days it’s a problem for a growing number of parents and their kids, so we asked the GHI experts how best to cope when your grown-up children boomerang back. It’s enough to make me run away on holiday. It’s not that I don’t like sharing a home with four young adults, but an empty beach and a comfortable sunlounger do sound particularly appealing at the moment. This month, travel editor David Wickers…

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the gh checklist

“For me, music is the secret to a happy house” The Choir’s Gareth Malone lives in north London with his wife Becky, daughter Esther, seven, and five-year-old son Gilbert How tidy is your house? I hanker after a hyper-organised house. The reality is somewhat further from that than I’d like, but I think we’re getting there. We’re in the process of paring our lives down to the bare essentials. When was the last time you personally cleaned the bathroom? I did the toilet yesterday. I like to clean toilets, I think it’s important that they are clean. Cook for friends or dine out? At the moment, as we have young children, it’s just nice to go out. So we tend to eat at restaurants. There are two things that I like to do most – eat and…

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‘i have many foibles, some of which can spoil a good holiday’

A few months ago my wife turned to me, her eyes full of frozen tears, and mumbled, ‘When will we see sunshine?’ Of course that’s her (not so) subtle way of hinting that we need to book a holiday, and that’s when our exciting annual dance of disagreement really begins. It mostly comes down to my foibles, all of which I was brutally honest about when I met her. Firstly, I absolutely hate flying, although in truth it’s more than that. I have a severe phobia of travelling by plane, which has resulted in me being removed from said mode of transport for screaming, ‘We’re all going to die!’ Secondly, I find the actual act of booking a holiday, given our vastly differing ideas of what the perfect holiday entails, far more…

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‘none of us is superwoman…   we all just do the best we can’

“You’re blessed if you have a good job and family and friends” As Newsnight’s longest-running anchor, Kirsty Wark can appear somewhat stern. But in real life? She’s chatty and funny and refuses to take herself too seriously. The BBC journalist and presenter adores fashion and loves shopping with her daughter, Caitlin, 27, and catching up with her son, James, 26, who lives in New York. Married to TV executive Alan Clements for 29 years, home and family are hugely important to Kirsty, who has chosen to stay based in Scotland throughout her almost 25 years on Newsnight . At 63, she has no intention of slowing down, juggling TV work with writing her second novel, and keeping alive her passion for cooking. She spoke to us about the joy of being…

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‘the bbc has to be the standard bearer of equality’

Kirsty is among the high-profile female presenters challenging the BBC over its gender pay gap, which became obvious when the corporation published a list of its highest-paid stars last year. The list of those being paid over £150,000 showed that women accounted for just a third of the biggest earners. The greatest outcry was about Sarah Montague, then a presenter on Radio 4’s Today programme, who didn’t even make the list. She has since moved to another show and admitted that she was ‘incandescent with rage’ when she found out she was being paid less than a third of the salary of former colleague John Humphrys. ‘People were genuinely shocked, there were pay gaps between men and women on different programmes that were outrageous. The Today programme was one of them,’…