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come away with us on a summer holiday…

We all crave different things from a holiday. Me, I’m happy with a sea to swim in, a towel to lie on and a Kindle full of all the books I’ve been too busy to read. Add to that a hamper of refreshments and I challenge anyone to move me – as my family of ants-in-their-pants thrill-seekers will testify. Now that my husband and I holiday sans children, I’ve allowed myself the luxury of doing my own thing, but for 20 years we crammed as many childhood memories into our trips as we could. I hope my boys remember the well-planned picnics on the beach and the wild camping experiences – but I suspect it will be the disasters that stick (the ferries we missed, the time the car broke…

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good thing’s for august


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the gh checklist

“I rarely watch the boys playing tennis now, it’s too stressful!” Judy Murray, 58, lives near Dunblane, where she grew up and raised sons Andy and Jamie How tidy is your house? I’m quite a messy person. There are always half-empty suitcases or holdalls in the hall just waiting for the next trip. But I like everything to be clean. When was the last time you personally cleaned your bathroom? I can’t watch the boys playing tennis matches on TV – so I clean the bathroom. It means it’s usually the cleanest room in my house! I rarely watch the boys nowadays and that’s my choice. I prefer doing my own thing and it saves me the stress. They’ve got wives who can do the stressing now! I’m surprised I’m still alive, because it’s like…

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susan calman

‘It’s fair to say nobody would describe me as an adventurous soul’ The most excitement I can generally take is eating an after-dinner mint for breakfast. I find myself paralysed by fear when one of my trendy friends suggests going to Glastonbury to ‘have fun’. My mind is immediately flooded by worry. Will the toilets be clean? Will there be mobile phone reception? Will I have to strip off, cover myself in body glitter and dance under a full moon? All I can think about are the photos I’ve seen in newspapers of people wearing bikini tops, wallowing around in mud with strangers, laughing as if it’s the most natural thing in the world. It’s not. It’s unhygienic, inappropriate and no amount of wet wipes would help in that situation. But my aversion…

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‘i’ll never call myself dame julie, but it’s a lovely pat on the back’

She’s played so many brilliant roles in her long career, but if there is one image of Julie Walters that’s difficult to forget, it’s her slithering along a trestle table singing Take A Chance On Me in Mamma Mia!, the blockbuster Abba movie that was the hit of 2008. There was a kind of joy about the way she played lustful 50-something Rosie that made us all cheer as she serenaded her man. Ten years on, Julie and co are back in the sequel, Mamma Mia! Here We Go Again, and, judging by the sun-drenched trailers of the film, it’s clear it’s going to be the cinema event of the summer. Now 68, Julie is busier than ever work wise and clearly loving it, even though it takes her away from…

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the roles that shaped me

EDUCATING RITA, 1983 ‘Rita was a very special kind of heroine and a very modern one because she was ambitious, she wanted more. I did identify with her in terms of wanting something different to what my parents wanted me to do. My mum wanted me to be a nurse because she wanted me to have a profession. So I identify with that, and coming from that background.’ ACORN ANTIQUES, 1987 ‘I started working with Victoria Wood in 1978. She wrote me great parts, she played to my strengths. She knew I liked playing old women and found that very funny. We had a very similar view on life and that’s why we laughed at the same things.’ BILLY ELLIOT, 2000 ‘It was such a great film and Jamie Bell is an amazing actor. It…