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Good Housekeeping UK May 2019

Good Housekeeping Magazine gives you the best recipes, health advice, beauty and fashion expertise, consumer testing reports, great ideas for your home and real life inspirational stories. It is the one magazine you can always trust for expertise and tireless attention to detail delivered in a positive and accessible way which gives readers direct access to “the best of everything”.

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‘we all deserve the opportunity to rise’

So says one of this month’s interviewees, Sabrina Cohen-Hatton, who I think you’ll agree when you read her story is a truly remarkable woman. I was fortunate to meet Sabrina at a party a few months ago, and my first impressions were that she was a beautiful and eloquent person with a really interesting job as a fire chief. Later, I discovered quite how incredible her achievements have been – she had an extremely difficult start in life, being homeless as a teenager and selling The Big Issue to survive. Through determination, courage and ambition, she changed her fortunes and now shares her experiences to help others achieve their full potential, too. I think giving back is a theme with inspiring women, and it’s something we found when investigating the changing…

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What makes you smile no matter what? A. Spending time with girlfriends. We always laugh about something, which makes us feel energised! SHEILA TOURELL A hug from my son, who’s now much taller than me, but still my little boy. LUCY ANDREWS My husband’s sense of humour. Even throughout my treatment for cancer, he still made me laugh a lot, which made it more bearable! JACKIE QUINN Looking through photos from when I had my first Polaroid camera to ones I printed after my silver wedding anniversary. One photo can transport you back to a happy place. MELANIE HALL My 21-year-old disabled daughter Amy cannot communicate, but her smile lights up a room and is guaranteed to make me smile no matter what. SIAN COOK Birdsong first thing in the morning. No matter how tired I may…

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good ideas for may


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‘i’m having the best time of my life!’

“Everybody I interview is interesting; everybody has a story” Lorraine Kelly arrives at our shoot in her gym gear and sporting a glow so radiant it could be seen from space! She’s just come back from a health retreat in Portugal, and it shows. ‘It was like putting your car in for an MOT,’ she says, explaining that she’d been tired and wanted to do something ‘just for me’. Seven days of juice, salad and exercise later, it’s clear that she’s ready to take on everything life is throwing at her and is raring to go. As she stands beside a picture of herself taken when she was in her early 30s, it’s jaw-dropping – and inspiring – that, at almost 60, Lorraine’s somehow defying the laws of ageing. From her early days…

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5 GOLDEN RULES 1 DON’T STRESS. If I could give my younger self one piece of advice, it would be to not get anxious over silly things that you can’t do anything about. 2 SEIZE THE DAY. Live in the moment and go to bed at night thinking, ‘Do you know what, that was good.’ Make sure you do one good thing every day. 3 SMILE. I think that, as you get older, you get the face you deserve. If you have been a really miserable person, for whatever reason, that will be reflected in your face. So, remember to smile. 4 TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF. Have a takeaway or a treat, but not every day. I still love curry and pizza, just not all the time! 5 BE CURIOUS. If you’re only interested in…

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prints charming

Return to retro There’s an abundance of ultra-feminine skirts and demure fabrics on the high street right now. Tone down the girlie-girl connotations with a cool print clash. This is modern-meets-classic at its best. Wrap a silk scarf around your collar or handbag to exude elevated elegance. Dream dress Get more mileage for your money and invest in an all-occasion dress. This frock will work magic for the office, weddings and everything in between. Keep hair slightly messy and make-up barely there to modernise fancy florals. If pussy bows seem too froufrou, keep untied and let the ends dangle effortlessly. Sitting pretty For those days when you want to look stylish without trying, a pop of print is all you need. Teamed with your everyday basics, it will instantly rework wardrobe staples into special outfits.…