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let’s go outside

Were there a woman who illustrates how times have changed for us, it would have to be this month’s cover star, Jenny Agutter. Stylish, energetic, witty and bursting with curiosity to try new things, at 66 she proves how former notions about midlife should be confined to history. ‘I’ve found a kind of freedom in my 60s; I feel liberated. I’ve started to forget about having to be a certain way, and I’m just enjoying life. I’m getting on and doing the stuff I want to do,’ she says. This includes abseiling down a 50ft drop for the first time last year and regularly going to rock concerts. ‘I don’t believe in rules. There’s nothing I feel “too old” to do,’ says Jenny. Hear, hear to that! As you can tell…

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Q. What’s the most spontaneous thing you’ve ever done? A. I bought my husband a caravan. We had many holidays in it before our girls grew too big for the bunks. Money well spent! DEBBY JONES I went on holiday with friends to Galicia and fell in love with the area. Within 48 hours I had bought a rundown finca and decided to take early retirement. I’ve never regretted it. Diana Adams I quit my job and went back to university to retrain as a teacher. I have been teaching for 12 years now and have become a special needs co-ordinator. Michelle Reeves When I was pregnant, I craved a specific type of pizza from a UK chain. We were living in Paris at the time, so I rang the airport for flight times…

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good ideas for july


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‘you can be sexy at any age!’

if there’s one person who proves that age is just a number, it’s Jenny Agutter. As she changes from a colour-pop dress to a sharp trouser suit at the GH cover shoot, each outfit garnering reactions of ‘wow’ and ‘gorgeous’ from the team, it’s clear that this is a woman who not only looks fantastic, but feels it, too. She is someone who is comfortable in her own skin. ‘I’ve recently been in the Outer Hebrides filming Call The Midwife, where they put us up in a castle that was catered,’ she says. ‘There was nothing less than four courses at mealtimes; all cream and cheese. I ate the lot, of course!’ Jenny is in the 55th year of her acting career. Having made her film debut at the age of 12…

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heat wave

Go with the flow YOUR GO-TO boot-cut jeans YOUR STYLE-SAVVY UPDATE wide-leg trousers Soft satin fabric, a flattering high waist, flowing wide legs… these stunning rust trousers have it all. Smart enough for work and evenings out but comfortable enough for casual events, they’ll see you through the whole summer. Cut it out! YOUR GO-TO a white tee YOUR STYLE-SAVVY UPDATE a broderie anglaise top It’s pretty, yes, but it’s not too girlie, and you’ll stay cool in this light fabric even on the hottest of days. Style with utility shorts to provide the look with masculine balance. Put top of your bucket list YOUR GO-TO a leather tote YOUR STYLE-SAVVY UPDATE a bucket bag The minimal design paired with a neat handle and gleaming gold shoulder chain on this high-street hero shouts expensive but at this price,…

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all dressed up