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Good Housekeeping UK

Good Housekeeping UK August 2019

Good Housekeeping Magazine gives you the best recipes, health advice, beauty and fashion expertise, consumer testing reports, great ideas for your home and real life inspirational stories. It is the one magazine you can always trust for expertise and tireless attention to detail delivered in a positive and accessible way which gives readers direct access to “the best of everything”.

United Kingdom
Hearst Magazines UK
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2 min.
we all need a bit of sunshine!

Who better to star on our August cover than Davina McCall? She is a blast of sunshine in human form and, on the day of our shoot, we were blessed with glorious weather. But, even had it been pouring with rain, with her megawatt smile, high energy, generosity of spirit and openness, Davina would have single-handedly lit up the set! She’s a true beacon of positivity and her enthusiasm for life is contagious. ‘My 50s are a banger of a decade!’ she says. ‘I’m feeling a lot more at peace with myself… Once you stop trying to be perfect, it’s such a relief.’ I’ve recently been travelling around the country talking to readers in research groups, and I’m sure Davina’s message is something that will resonate; many of you talk about…

4 min.
good housekeeping uk

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF GABY HUDDART DEPUTY EDITOR TERRY BARBROOK PA TO EDITOR-IN-CHIEF JESSICA BROWNING EDITORIAL ENQUIRIES 020 7439 5920 SUBSCRIPTION ENQUIRIES 01858 438410*, goodhousekeeping@subscription.co.uk GROUP EDITORIAL PRODUCTION Workflow Director Carly Levy Group Managing Editor Ingrid Eames Group Chief Sub-Editor Clay Johnson Chief Sub-Editor Gwen Mostyn Deputy Chief Sub-Editors Vicky Deacon, Francesca Cary, Callie Green Senior Sub-Editor Joe Bentley Sub-Editor Charlotte Page ART Creative Director Jacqueline Hampsey Deputy Art Director Tom Shone Group Art Editor Lisa Collins Senior Designers Abby Laing, Monika Chatterton Designers Jade Stephens, Lindi Craddock PICTURES 020 7439 5270 Group Picture Director Laura Beckwith Picture Researcher Jodie Shepherd Picture Assistant Jessica Marsh ENTERTAINMENT 020 7312 4102 Celebrity Director Nathalie Whittle Entertainment Director Jen Crothers FEATURES 020 7439 5131 Features Director & Special Projects Editor Jackie Brown Commissioning Editors Ella Dove, Cyan Turan Features Assistant & Junior Features Writer Arielle Tchiprout Features Intern Bethan Rose Jenkins COOKERY 020 7312 5238 Cookery Director Meike Beck Cookery Editor Emma Franklin Cookery Writer Alice Shields HEALTH 020 7439…

2 min.
write, email, facebook or tweet

Q.What is your favourite holiday memory? A.Dancing the night away in a little Greek taverna to live music with the charming restaurant owners. SOPHIE JUDD It’s the beach hut, the never-ending cycle of tea making, the sandy knees and the bracing sea. The whole family makes the annual return to the hut; we mark the children’s growth with a photo in the same place each year. When I think of happier times, it’s there. Wendy Russell Barter Taking my cousin and her children to Disneyland. Seeing the delight on the children’s faces was priceless. We had such an amazing time. I wish I could bottle that feeling! Lindsey Drummond When my husband was reunited with his mother after 22 years in his birthplace, Jamaica. She sadly died the following year, so it was a poignant, truly unforgettable…

1 min.
star letter

I really admire Shelley Hull for writing about dealing with facial disfigurement (June); I identified so much with what she said. I had facial surgery in my early 20s and felt it came to define me. I was bullied at school and my parents seemed to ignore how I felt, so by the time I had surgery, I’d managed it pretty independently. It took three years and five operations, and I’m only now feeling confident at 57, but the insecurities never go. It’s so gratifying to know I’m not alone, and Shelley looks beautiful. PAULINE JENNINGS…

1 min.
good ideas for august


10 min.
‘once you stop trying to be perfect, it’s such a relief’

Davina McCall is the kind of woman you want to be friends with. We know this because that’s how she makes the GH team feel when we meet her. She greets us all with tight hugs and, later, as she poses poolside, there are high kicks, howls of laughter and a good dose of cheeky humour: ‘Sorry everyone – flashed my bum!’ Life hasn’t always been easy for Davina: she was estranged from her mother, struggled with drugs and alcohol in her early 20s and was heartbroken when her sister, Caroline, died of cancer in 2012. She seemed happily married to Matthew Robertson, with whom she has three children – Holly, 17, Tilly, 15, and Chester, 12 – so it came as a shock when, in 2017, the couple announced they…