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Good Housekeeping UK

Good Housekeeping UK September 2019

Good Housekeeping Magazine gives you the best recipes, health advice, beauty and fashion expertise, consumer testing reports, great ideas for your home and real life inspirational stories. It is the one magazine you can always trust for expertise and tireless attention to detail delivered in a positive and accessible way which gives readers direct access to “the best of everything”.

United Kingdom
Hearst Magazines UK
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12 Edities


2 min.
are you ready for a challenge?

Most of us enjoy being pushed outside our comfort zones, at least from time to time, and testing our mettle. That certainly goes for Fern Britton, our cover star this month, which was just as well, because on the day of our photoshoot on a beautiful Cornish beach, we had to contend with everything the British weather could possibly throw at us! But, despite wind, torrential rain and occasional fleeting moments of sunshine, Fern kept smiling and her adventurous spirit never faltered (she even climbed a huge rock because she knew it would make a great picture). Fern reckons she’s become braver and bolder with age, and it’s something she’s noticed in her peer group, too. ‘I talk to a lot of my friends who are in their 50s and…

1 min.
tried, tested, trusted

Your trust is important to us, which is why: Every recipe is tested three times in the GHI kitchens. Every product test bearing the GHI logo is carried out to the strict standards laid down by the Good Housekeeping Institute, our leading research centre. Recommendations on our editorial pages are based on the impartial advice of our editors and expert contributors. All health articles are checked for accuracy by the Good Housekeeping Health Watch team of health professionals. All prices are correct at time of going to press. GET IN TOUCH WITH US! We aim to correct significant inaccuracies in the next available issue. Email us at goodh.mail@hearst.co.uk Good Housekeeping is a member of the Independent Press Standards Organisation (which regulates the UK magazine and newspaper industry). We abide by the Editors’ Code of…

4 min.
good housekeeping uk

EDITOR-IN-CHIEF GABY HUDDART DEPUTY EDITOR TERRY BARBROOK PA TO EDITOR-IN-CHIEF JESSICA BROWNING EDITORIAL ENQUIRIES 020 7439 5920 SUBSCRIPTION ENQUIRIES 01858 438410*, goodhousekeeping@subscription.co.uk GROUP EDITORIAL PRODUCTION Workflow Director Carly Levy Group Managing Editor Ingrid Eames Group Chief Sub-Editor Clay Johnson Chief Sub-Editor Gwen Mostyn Deputy Chief Sub-Editors Vicky Deacon, Francesca Cary, Callie Green Senior Sub-Editor Joe Bentley Sub-Editor Charlotte Page ART Creative Director Jacqueline Hampsey Deputy Art Director Tom Shone Group Art Editor Lisa Collins Senior Designers Abby Laing, Monika Chatterton Designers Jade Stephens, Lindi Craddock PICTURES 020 7439 5270 Group Picture Director Laura Beckwith Picture Researcher Jodie Shepherd Picture Assistant Jessica Marsh ENTERTAINMENT 020 7312 4102 Celebrity Director Nathalie Whittle Entertainment Director Jen Crothers FEATURES 020 7439 5131 Features Director & Special Projects Editor Jackie Brown Commissioning Editors Ella Dove, Cyan Turan Features Assistant & Junior Features Writer Arielle Tchiprout Features Intern Bethan Rose Jenkins COOKERY 020 7312 5238 Cookery Director Meike Beck Cookery Editor Emma Franklin Cookery Writer Alice Shields HEALTH 020 7439 5263 Group…

2 min.
worth sharing write, email, facebook or tweet

Q. What’s the biggest surprise you’ve ever had? A. My husband proposed to me while we were on holiday in Turkey. We’d been together 16 years – I thought he’d never ask! DEBORAH JACKSON When I was in my 20s, I was told I’d never conceive naturally. Five years later, I received the surprise of my life when we found out we had conceived a honeymoon baby! I’m now a mum to three wonderful children. LAUREN THOMAS My daughter invited me and my husband to visit her for the weekend to celebrate my birthday. We went out for a meal and, when we arrived, I found a room full of my friends and family. JOSEPHINE HESKETH I received a card in the post from my mum. In it was a cheque to pay for my wedding dress…

1 min.
good ideas for september


11 min.
‘i’m ready to stop being a responsible adult!’

“I don’t plan the route of my life because I’ll miss all the interesting lanes” Fern Britton loves Cornwall (whatever the weather). It’s just as well, as on our shoot we faced all four seasons in one day! It didn’t bother Fern, as she posed for photos on the beach and laughed while dodging the wind and rain. Fern has just released her ninth book, The Newcomer, in paperback, and it’s the latest instalment in her joyous ode to the Cornish coast. Now 62, Fern’s feeling reinvigorated, re-powered and braver than ever in the face of challenges. With her children ‘getting sorted’, Fern, who’s mum to twins Harry and Jack, 25, Grace, 22, and Winnie, 18, admits she’s looking forward to ‘stopping being such a responsible adult’ and all that brings. Here, Fern shares…