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Good Housekeeping UK March 2020

Good Housekeeping Magazine gives you the best recipes, health advice, beauty and fashion expertise, consumer testing reports, great ideas for your home and real life inspirational stories. It is the one magazine you can always trust for expertise and tireless attention to detail delivered in a positive and accessible way which gives readers direct access to “the best of everything”.

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take time to live well…

Listening to Radio 4 last weekend, I tuned in to a discussion among a group of pundits who all agreed that we’re living in a golden age of television, and that it’s now become a normal topic or ice-breaker to ask someone: ‘What are you watching at the moment?’ It brought a smile to my face as I thought how apt – not only because often in the GH office, the water-cooler chat is about which series or boxset has the team gripped, but also because it was a subject Nicola Walker and I talked about on the cover shoot for this issue. Her recent favourites have included Years And Years and Gentleman Jack – while for most of us, it’s Nicola’s own work that is addictive viewing, including Unforgotten,…

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write, email, facebook or tweet

Q. It’s World Book Day on 5 March. Which character would you choose to be? A. I would be Mary Poppins. Who wouldn’t want to be ‘practically perfect in every way’? PAMELA CORRIE Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With The Wind, as I’d love to know how it would have felt to be a lady in a huge crinoline dress. ELAINE ANDERSON My grandmother bought me 101 Dalmatians when I was little and I still have it today, aged 65. Dressing up as someone totally different to me would be a dream, so I’d really enjoy being Cruella de Vil. CAROLE SPRINGTHORPE Lyra from the His Dark Materials trilogy. She’s so brave and is a wonderful heroine for young girls. ROSIE WEBSTER I’d like to dress up as Princess Elsa from Frozen because my four-year-old granddaughter adores her. JILL LAMBERT I would…

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good ideas for march


10 min.
‘going outside of your comfort zone is fun’

Divorce drama The Split was a runaway television success, in no small part thanks to Nicola Walker’s turn as the sharp-heeled, expensively clad lawyer Hannah Stern. Nicola, 49, has been a stalwart of British TV for almost two decades, starring in shows including Spooks and Last Tango In Halifax, and as cold-case detective DCI Cassie Stuart in Unforgotten – very different to her preened and powerful role in The Split. ‘I found it overwhelming because I’d never played someone that successful and rich,’ she laughs. While Hannah’s husband Nathan (Stephen Mangan) is a cheat, Nicola has been with actor Barnaby Kay for 24 years, and they’re parents to son Harry, 12. She lights up when she discusses her family and the physical challenges they set her. As The Split returns to BBC One,…

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the split: we go behind the scenes

WHAT WAS IT LIKE TO BE WORKING TOGETHER AGAIN? Annabel: It’s honestly the best group of people I’ve ever worked with. Fiona: We were all looking forward to it. Since we knew we were coming back, we’ve all been texting each other and going to see each other in plays. Annabel: It really added another layer when we started doing the family scenes again, because we know each other so well. Nicola: Abi Morgan’s scripts are brilliant, too – I was so excited to read them. ASIDE FROM HANNAH’S AFFAIR, WHAT ELSE CAN WE EXPECT? Annabel: Family life is still at the heart of it, and the most important story is the relationship with our mother and between the sisters. Deborah: We’ve become this huge new company, Noble Hale Defoe. Nicola: And the cases are very high profile…

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hello, new season!

At a time when we all want to consume more consciously, and fashion seasons are becoming less defined, a modern woman’s wardrobe should be filled with clothes that flatter, bring joy and will be loved and worn again and again. And the message from the spring/summer 2020 catwalks was loud and clear: this is a season without fashion trends! But don’t panic – while there are no rules as such for spring, there are some new styling tweaks to give your look an instant update… buy a classic trouser suit, but consider it in a pastel (I love Phase Eight’s baby blue one on page 25) and wear it with clean, minimal accessories; dig out your denim and wear it for best with pretty heels and pearls; buy leather to…