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Good Housekeeping UK December 2020

Good Housekeeping Magazine gives you the best recipes, health advice, beauty and fashion expertise, consumer testing reports, great ideas for your home and real life inspirational stories. It is the one magazine you can always trust for expertise and tireless attention to detail delivered in a positive and accessible way which gives readers direct access to “the best of everything”.

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2 min.
let’s make it special

I think it’s safe to say that this Christmas is shaping up to be a rather different festive season at the end of an extraordinary year. As we go to press, it’s uncertain just how many friends and family we’ll be allowed to see, and it seems almost inevitable that any bigger group gatherings are going to have to be postponed well into 2021. But that definitely does not mean that we can’t make it really special! In fact, after the challenges of 2020, it feels like we really need to try to make it special – for those we care about and for ourselves. I think we all deserve some light and some moments of pleasure, don’t you? As our cover star Nigella Lawson says: ‘We might not be…

12 min.
‘i feel we really have to make this christmas count’

“We’ve all learned how important it is coming together over a meal” If you regularly watch Nigella Lawson on screen, whether adding the finishing touches to her mouthwatering mince pies or icing her impeccable-looking yule log, you’ll be familiar with her unflappable nature. When we meet at the GH cover shoot, this is in full effect; she arrives well-prepared with her own packed lunch, a flask of hot tea and some lemon sherbets ‘in case of a sugar low’. When she’s quizzed on Christmas dinner advice by the GH team, she has all the answers. Dry turkey? Soak it overnight, she advises. Perfect potatoes? Add semolina and use goose fat. Fussy eaters? She ignores them… unless they’re staying for two weeks, of course! But when the ceremony of our shoot is over and…

1 min.
meet our national treasures

No one could have predicted the events of this year, but throughout these turbulent times, some incredible heroes have emerged, who have put their lives on the line to help others. We wanted to celebrate these people, so we asked you to nominate those who you felt deserved recognition for their outstanding contribution throughout the pandemic. Here, we are delighted to announce the Good Housekeeping National Treasures – 20 everyday heroes who have gone out of their way to help those around them. And we invited three of the winners – Olivia, Claire and Clare – to have a makeover and photoshoot, as they have made such an impact on the lives of others that we felt they deserved an extra special celebration! Read on to find out about all…

3 min.
‘i couldn’t just sit at home and do nothing’

As a geriatrician, I’ve always been committed to helping others, but when I turned 60, I decided to retire. I’d worked in the NHS as a consultant doctor for 30 years and felt it was time for new challenges. Every year, my husband Nigel and I would head out to Botswana for a month. During the stay, I’d volunteer at the university hospital where I’d teach geriatric medicine to the students. I also did this in Pavia, Italy, as well as helping out at my old hospital, Addenbrooke’s in Cambridge. I never really had a full retirement, but I hate not doing things. At the start of 2020, when I first heard about Covid-19, I thought: ‘How can I help?’ Every day throughout February and March I began to monitor the statistics…

3 min.
‘i feel honoured to say i’ve worked through covid’

Five days before my 18th birthday, I was in a car accident that changed the course of my life. I was out with a group of friends when the driver lost control of the car and crashed into a tree. I broke my femur and my best friend, Jack, died instantly. Having lost Jack, I knew I had to make my life worthwhile and I decided to become a paramedic. After the accident, I was in hospital for a month and had to relearn how to walk. I had to redo my A-levels; I didn’t do very well, but I refused to give up. I went to college and did an Access to Higher Education course and got a distinction. When I didn’t get accepted into university, I persevered and got…

2 min.
‘my work is like my family: they mean everything to me’

Haulfryn Care has held a special place in my heart ever since I was a little girl. I was 13 when my mum became the manager and, three years later, she and my dad decided to buy it. I have fond memories of helping her do the laundry and set up bingo. Everyone knew each other and we were like one big family. In 2016, I became manager. I have 35 wonderful staff and we take care of 22 residents, who all have dementia. As soon as reports of Covid emerged, my thoughts turned to how I could keep my residents and staff safe. On 12 March, I shut the doors to Haulfryn. It was a tough decision, but I had to prioritise safety. GETTING PREPARED The following day I stocked up on…