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Christmas has always been a precious time for writer JEANETTE WINTERSON, as it was the one time of the year that her difficult mother enjoyed, and so the rest of the family did, too. Those happy childhood memories led to her celebrating all things festive in her wonderful book Twelve Feasts Of Christmas. We are delighted that Jeanette has penned an exclusive short story for GH, which is set on a snowy Christmas Eve. How does it feel to be a Muslim at Christmas? For MONA SIDDIQUI, who moved to Britain aged five, it is a time when she has always felt like an outsider because her family didn’t have all the festive trimmings. Now an adult, an academic and a Radio 4 regular, she still doesn’t have the tinsel in…

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I was a Christmas baby. On 24 December almost 54 years ago I arrived in a Lancashire hospital, rudely disrupting my parents’ carefully planned festivities and making this my favourite time of year. I love Christmas. Yes, there were the years when instead of being wined and dined I spent the evening helping Santa put together a bicycle or Playmobil for my children, but nowadays my birthday and Christmas merge together in one giant fuzzy explosion of happiness, family and fun. So what a joy it has been to work as editor on my very first December issue of Good Housekeeping. All of our main photographic shoots (including our gorgeous cover) took place in a huge and rambling Georgian house in Hertfordshire. We had snow, we had dogs, horses, children, models,…

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Q. What’s the most unexpectedly useful present you’ve received? A. One of my daughters gave me a tiny handmade sewing kit. So useful for sewing dramas! JOANNE MOWATT My mum gave me an empty box. I opened it to find a note that said ‘filled with love’. The most amazing gift I’ve ever received… just a handwritten note but it means more to me than anything expensive KAREN PENDLETON Bought for me by my best mate: a pink tool kit. It has all sorts in it: a hammer, a screwdriver with various attachments, Allen keys, an adjustable spanner, pliers, a tape measure – everything I could need!. JANET MCDONALD A wine fridge! GABRIELLE SPENCER A matching set of plastic bowls and containers with screw-on lids. They were a wedding gift and some are still in use 34 years later! ALISON MORRIS My boyfriend got…

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‘Doing Strictly has been wonderful for me’ Strictly star Debbie McGee is creating new Christmas traditions after losing her husband, TV magician Paul Daniels Paul and I had always had a big Christmas. He spoiled me and bought me such lovely things. Last year was my first Christmas without him, so I did panto in York. I had Christmas day off and spent it with my family; we had a great time and it got me through the day. Paul and I often just spent New Year on our own. I was dreading it last year, as it was the start of another year and he wasn’t there. But spending it with the panto cast at York Minster wasn’t sad for me. This year, I’m planning to do panto again in York. I’ll decorate…

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“ Now more than ever, this world needs humanity and kindness ” ‘I forgive the man who killed my son’ On 22 May, young fans leaving the Ariana Grande concert at Manchester Arena were targeted by a suicide bomber. One of the 22 victims was Martyn Hett, 29. You may remember his face from the many tributes, but what you may not know is the extraordinary reaction from his mother because, although devastated, Figen Murray refuses to condemn the person responsible for the atrocity... M y son Martyn touched a lot of hearts. He was fun, kindhearted, and he always stood up for the underdog. As a child, he was a little imp, with boundless energy. He had a really quirky side, and loved practical jokes, social media and Coronation Street. Three days before…

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‘Life is not a given, it’s a gift’ For Laura James the health and happiness of her children feels like a miracle Like most parents with young children, Christmas Day, for us, is likely to be exhausting. My son Leo, who is six, will be full of excitement, waking us at dawn to open presents. And his sister, Violet, will be racing around in her baby walker, shrieking with laughter. I won’t take any of it for granted because it’s been a long, hard road to get us here. My husband, Greg, and I were delighted when we found out I was pregnant in 2010. We started organising the nursery and talking about baby names. But at 26 weeks, I woke up with sharp pains in my stomach. When they got worse I…