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thanks so much...

Who doesn’t have a piece of EMMA BRIDGEWATER crockery in their kitchen cupboard? The gorgeous anniversary mugs she designed for the Good Housekeeping Institute are certainly much sought-after. We wondered what a typical Christmas looks like for the queen of British ceramics and were delighted when she invited GH to her Oxfordshire home, and just as you would imagine, we found cosy rooms, dressers overflowing with eclectic crockery and a feeling of country comfort. We’re inspired! ‘Between Jonnie Peacock and I we have two left feet,’ joked GH writer ELLA DOVE, and before she knew it, she was waltzing with the dashing Strictly star for our feature Shall We Dance? Ella lost her right leg last year as a result of a running accident, and Paralympian Jonnie has worn a prosthetic…

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editor’s note

We’ve been making a few changes here at Good Housekeeping. Nothing too drastic – 95 years as the nation’s favourite magazine means we must be doing something right, after all. So don’t panic, it’s just a few tweaks to keep us fresh and shiny as we head into the new year. Sandi Toksvig’s Last Laugh becomes an appetising starter as she moves to the front of the magazine. And at the back, we’ll be dipping into the Good Housekeeping library. This month, there’s an insight into the nation’s spending habits of January 1929 – when, as the GHI reported, it was possible for a woman to dress well for no more than £30 a year! In our rich archive there are so many gems to choose from: fashion tips from the…

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worth sharing

THIS MONTH, WE WANTED TO HEAR ABOUT THE IMPORTANT THINGS IN LIFE Q. What’s the one quality we need to see more of in the world? A. Empathy. Tune in to what others are feeling and thinking. More understanding creates better and faster solutions to world problems. ALISON PERRY Kindness. If we treated everyone as we would like to be treated, it would be a better world. Remember that you don’t know what others are dealing with. KATHRYN THOMPSON Curiosity, because the world is a beautiful place that can make us happy. RUTH SHORT Compassion. Put yourself in others’ shoes. AMY YOUNG Humour. Seeing the funny side of things brightens our day and brings us closer together. JANE HUNT Common sense would be a good start! NINA MILLIKAN Tolerance. The whole world seems to be arguing. We need…

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reasons to be cheerful... cold weather and hairy legs!

January is named after the Roman god Janus. The Romans had many gods, each one with a clear brief of responsibility. Janus was in charge of doors, gates and passageways, which rather suggested no one wanted him in the house. Try as I might, I have not been able to find out who was in charge of windows, but I like the whole notion of a door god. He’s the guy who takes charge of openings, of new beginnings, and in theory January is the time when we can take a fresh look at where we’re heading. In theory it is a good time to be optimistic but I know some people find this time of year slightly grey and depressing, and the best they can do is pretend to be…

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life lessons

As Bette Davis would say, ageing is not for sissies. I’m working as much, if not more, as I did in my 50s. We can all expect to live a longer life – my mother is 94. What’s really important is the quality, not the quantity of it. I’m grateful to be as healthy as I am but it’s not easy. You have to put yourself in an interesting place to accept your body as it becomes less strong and your beauty as it changes. What’s on the inside really informs the way you look. I think Vanessa Redgrave has always been so beautiful and she’s engaged and is a very active person. I like faces of people that radiate so much light. When I look back at myself at 20,…

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there’s something about mary

“I loved Bake Off, but you have to go some time, don’t you?” When the nation’s best-loved cook decides to share her household tips, Good Housekeeping needs to know about it. And when that cook is GH favourite Mary Berry, could there be a more perfect cover star for our January issue? She arrives at the shoot, as energetic as ever, regaling the team with her exciting plans for the year ahead. In Mary’s Household Tips & Tricks, the national treasure steps from behind the kitchen counter and casts her experienced eye across the entire home. She shares with us her entertaining and hosting essentials, the secrets of her 51-year marriage and what she really thinks of a certain baking show… We’re dying to ask – how did you find the new…