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Lifestyle Vrouwen
Good Housekeeping UK

Good Housekeeping UK July 2017

Good Housekeeping Magazine gives you the best recipes, health advice, beauty and fashion expertise, consumer testing reports, great ideas for your home and real life inspirational stories. It is the one magazine you can always trust for expertise and tireless attention to detail delivered in a positive and accessible way which gives readers direct access to “the best of everything”.

United Kingdom
Hearst Magazines UK
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3 min.
sitting comfortably? then let’s begin...

A short story can be just the thing to take us out of ourselves for a few minutes of blessed relief Back in the Twenties when Good Housekeeping first hit the newsstands, short stories were an essential part of the mix. There were at least three per issue, and over the years we were proud to feature some of the most illustrious authors of their day – from Elizabeth Bowen to Doris Lessing, Edna O’Brien to Maeve Binchy. Then the popularity of the short story declined and, by the turn of the century, fiction was a rare ingredient in most women’s magazines. But short stories are once again in vogue. Blame our short attention span? I don’t think so. But certainly we are busier than we used to be. And a finely-crafted…

2 min.
worth sharing

THIS MONTH, WE ASKED YOU TO SHARE A FAVOURITE MOMENT Q. What is your most precious Summer memory? A. The smell of lavender takes me back to holidays in France. No responsibilities, no stress, endless sunshine and the best raspberry ice-cream ever! VERONICA HILL Paddling in a stream, catching trout, climbing trees and picking wild strawberries. ANN JONES Being on holiday in Northumberland and visiting the Farne Islands to see the puffins, guillemots and seals… Magic. SUSAN MCGILL Camping holidays with my three boys. Back then, we had very little money and were delighted to pack the orange tent on top of our old Ford Cortina and drive to a nearby campsite. SHIRLEY GASCOYNE Taking our granddaughters to the beach and bringing along buckets, nets and bits of bacon tied on to string for their first experience of crabbing. BARBARA BOWEN Hosting…

7 min.
working my passion, ‘ is it keeps me alive’

One thing is clear: Arlene Phillips rather likes being busy. She’s preparing to tour with her brand new musical show all about her own life story. She’s also planning the birthday celebrations for Starlight Express and relaunching a rock musical that she directed last year. When GH catches up with her, she becomes impassioned as she shares stories from the dizzyingly successful career in choreography that took her all over the world. Now 74, she got her first job doing a paper round at the age of 12 to help pay for dance classes. When she arrived in London, she found work as a dance teacher before setting up her own dance troupe, Hot Gossip. The success of the group led her to work with stars such as Duran Duran and…

1 min.
my life in high heels!

1970s Arlene moved to London in the Seventies, developed her own dance style and began to teach classes. 1974 She set up the dance troupe Hot Gossip with some of her students, funding the group herself and getting them on to The Kenny Everett Show, where they became an overnight sensation. 1979 Arlene had her daughter, Alana, while working on the film Can’t Stop The Music in LA. She was back on set a week after giving birth. 1980s The early Eighties saw an explosion of music videos with the launch of MTV. Arlene worked with everyone from Duran Duran to the Bee Gees and Diana Ross. She met her partner, Angus, on the set of a Freddie Mercury video. 90s-00s She worked on a string of successful musicals in the West End and on Broadway, including Grease, We…

8 min.
celebrating the joy of jane

‘Her books are literary penicillin’ It was Jane Austen who made me want to become a writer. Beneath her humorous veneer, Austen is a barbed commentator on the battle between the sexes. As a woman, she realised that poetic justice is the only justice in the world – and set about impaling misogynistic enemies on the end of her pen. I, too, only write because it’s cheaper than therapy, and writing humorously enables me to kneecap the pompous, pretentious and chauvinistic. Austen’s books are literary penicillin. Doctors should prescribe them. Replace the antidepressants with a bracing Northanger Abbey or a juicy Persuasion, and you’ll feel better in no time. I’d call it ‘Prose-ac’ – only it’s not tranquillising, it’s transforming. On the surface, Jane’s prose is so beguiling, her sentences so beautifully crafted,…

8 min.
sowing the seeds of happiness

I started to believe I’d live to see my BEAUTIFUL GARDEN come to FRUITION ‘With time and patience, everything can heal’ As she battled serious illness, seeing new life growing gave Anne Careless courage and hope From the moment I saw the converted flats in the Jacobean manor house, I knew I had to live there. The only problem was the garden: it looked like acres of chaos. Huge conifers grew wild and out of control, interlaced with creeping weeds. It would take a lot of work to re-establish its former glory. But I saw the beauty beyond the brambles. I’d barely done any gardening before. Standing among the trees, though, I felt calm. That garden offered the peace and privacy I needed; the perfect escape. I knew that, with the right care and…