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thanks so much...

When TV presenter VICTORIA DERBYSHIRE was diagnosed with breast cancer, she made the remarkable decision to share her treatment with the public. She wanted to be open, even about something as personal as losing her hair. In an exclusive interview she reveals how the kindness of strangers helped her through this dark period. Victoria spoke to regular GH contributor JOANNA MOORHEAD who has had her own cancer battle. At the age of 84 and publishing her 32nd novel, BARBARA TAYLOR BRADFORD is an unstoppable force, which is one of the reasons why we admire her so greatly. Unable to have children herself, she was delighted to support a friend’s daughter growing up, and now there is a new baby in Barbara’s life. Read about her joy in this new role, and…

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editor’s note

THINGS I’VE LEARNT THIS MONTH ✶ GH’s favourite cause, Walk the Walk, has so far raised more than £120m for breast cancer charities. Turn to p234 for more information about the 2018 London Moonwalk ✶ When I want to make a cake, I always seem to be out of caster sugar – every time! Now I know I can whiz up some granulated in the blender. It’s one of the Amazing Blender Hacks in our Facebook how-to video @goodhousekeepinguk ✶ Got a dirty pan that needs scouring? Use foil instead of steel wool and it will come up a treat! You’ll find this and other genius ideas in our weekly GHI newsletter. Sign up at goodhousekeeping. co.uk/newsletter NEW FRIENDS & A SPRINKLING OF GH MAGIC… What a month it has been – 30 days into…

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worth sharing

THIS MONTH, WE ASKED YOU TO SHARE YOUR TIMESAVING SECRETS Q.What single, genius discovery have you made that has saved you time to do better things? A. Sorting my wardrobe by colour. It’s so much quicker to find what I want, even when I’m half asleep! SALLY WAGSTAFF Getting a slow cooker. Best. Gadget. Ever. FELICITY LYNCH-BYRNE Discovering how to print wirelessly from my phone was amazing. No need to fire up the laptop to print out emails. Genius. DEBBIE CLARK Setting a timer when I browse social media or surf the web. I allow myself half an hour online each day and sometimes a little more at weekends. Suddenly, I have more free time than I thought! HELEN RIGELSFORD Putting each family member’s clothes into a labelled net bag – for those socks that always go missing in the laundry. JO MOWATT The…

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‘life is complicated... cooking doesn’t have to be’

A shoot with Nigella Lawson is a glamorous Good Housekeeping tradition. This is the original Domestic Goddess’ incredible eighth cover with us, and the benefits of her love of yoga are clear to see. While her last cookbook, Simply Nigella, favoured a pared-back cooking style, her latest, At My Table, is bursting with what will be instant Nigella classics – not to mention encouraging late-night visits to the fridge for leftovers. This is a book for those who see food as sheer pleasure. Nigella, 57, who is a mother of two – Cosima, 23, and Bruno, 21 – is in a relaxed mood. She tucks in to steak and mustard at the shoot, followed by biscuits, while she shares the latest chapter of her life, her culinary insights and current…

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at nigella’s table

Moroccan Vegetable Pot ‘This warmly spiced vegetable stew, sweet with parsnips and carrots and tangy with preserved lemon and dried apricots, has become a regular in my house. While I generally eat it as a main course with the couscous that follows, it is a great accompaniment to a roast chicken or roast lamb. Like all stews, this is wonderful eaten when it has had a day or two in the fridge; just bear in mind you’ll need to add more water when you reheat it.’ Hands-on time 15min, plus standing time Cooking time about 55min Serves 4-6 ♦ 1tbsp olive oil ♦ 1 leek (approx 150g/5oz trimmed weight), cut into approx 1cm (½in) slices ♦ 1tsp cumin seeds ♦ 1tsp ground ginger ♦ 1 long cinnamon stick, or 2 short ♦ 2 carrots (approx 300g/11oz), peeled and cut…

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‘the kindness of strangers has been beautiful’

Her eponymous show is the very best of daytime TV: since it first aired in April 2015, Victoria Derbyshire has taken the BBC into new realms with gritty, no-holds-barred, not-afraidto- ask-how it-feels journalism. And those qualities came to the fore when, just three months after the programme was launched, Victoria was diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of taking a leave of absence to deal with it, she decided to document her treatment – which included a mastectomy, and chemotherapy leading to hair loss – in a series of candid video diaries. In person Victoria, 49, is very much the down-to-earth star we know on screen: straight-talking, sensitive, caring and wise. We bond over both hailing from Bury in Lancashire, and first-hand knowledge of breast cancer, which I experienced a year or…