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thanks so much...

Sometimes we wonder how our beloved columnist, SANDI TOKSVIG manages to find the time to compose her words of wit and wisdom for GH every month. First she was made presenter of QI on the BBC, and this month she’ll pop up on The Great British Bake Off as the much-loved show pitches its tent with Channel 4. Of course we wanted to know all about it and Sandi gives us an exclusive peek at what it is like to be in cake heaven. In I Don’t Know How She Does It, we were given a heroine as busy as we are. Now writer ALLISON PEARSON has come up with her sequel, How Hard Can It Be. In our exclusive interview, she explains why it’s a clarion call for anyone dealing…

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new starts, white goods and me!

THINGS I’VE LEARNT THIS MONTH ✶ Women in their 50s (that’s me) are the worst savers, and we spend our disposable income on clothes… P54 Is Your Daughter Better With Money Than You Are? ✶ The new way to have a gin and tonic is in a cheesecake! And more than 5 million of you watched our how-to video on Facebook @goodhousekeepinguk ✶ Putting a tea towel in the tumble dryer makes it work faster. Just one of the many tips on goodhousekeeping.co.uk that will save you time and money! I bought my very first washing machine 25 years ago, when I moved into my tiny new home with the man who was to become my husband. Two things struck me at the time: How grown up am I to finally own a washing…

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worth sharing

write, email, Facebook or Tweet Q. If you left a lunchbox note for your younger self, what would it say? A. Do something today that your future self will thank you for. ANNA THOMPSON Be brave and embrace every new experience, because some things only happen once. JO KEOWN Believe in yourself. It gets better. LORI BEARD Love you lots. DIANA ADAMS Give yourself time and enjoy your childhood. Don’t worry about looks and diets – a lot can change in your teens. HELEN POWELL Life is too short and too precious to waste it with those that do not deserve to be a part of it. NAZIA IQBAL Love yourself and don’t change who you are to fit in. You are beautiful inside and out, and the opinions of others won’t matter years from now. ALLEYNE BALDWIN Only regret the things you didn’t do. HELEN MCGOWAN Stop…

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‘i’ve missed out on screen kisses perhaps l still have one to come!’

She reigns over the British acting world, having played Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria to critical acclaim. But there is nothing imperious about Dame Dench when you meet her in person. She has a twinkling glint in her eye, an infectious laugh and frequently breaks into fits of giggles. Now 82 and celebrating a career in acting that spans 60 years, she shows no inclination to slow down. Even failing eyesight – she suffers from macular degeneration – doesn’t stop her taking on more roles. In her latest release, Victoria & Abdul, she steps back into Queen Victoria’s royal shoes two decades after her famous role in Mrs Brown opposite Billy Connolly. The new film focuses on Victoria’s little-known friendship with a young Indian Muslim clerk who she met in her…

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all hail queen judi

1957HAMLET Judi started her career on the stage after a film producer told her, ‘Miss Dench, you have every single thing wrong with your face.’ She makes her debut as Ophelia in Hamlet at the Old Vic and goes on to join the RSC. 1981 A FINE ROMANCE Her successful TV career bags her the role, along with real-life husband Michael Williams, in this sitcom about an awkward couple. Judi and Michael also sang the theme tune. 1997MRS BROWN Appearing in her first leading film role, Judi gives a tender portrayal of Queen Victoria and her friendship with John Brown, played by Billy Connolly. 1968 CABARET She wins the part of Sally Bowles in the musical Cabaret and immediately signs up for singing lessons. 1995 GOLDENEYE Judi makes acting history as the first woman to play Bond’s no-nonsense boss,…

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the joys of creating baking bedlam!

My father was Denmark’s most famous TV presenter, and I grew up spending my time behind the scenes in studios and on location. I think being allowed to see how a crew put together a show is still my favourite part of the work I do. It’s a bit like being allowed to learn the secret to a huge magic trick – on screen, everything ought to look effortless, while off screen, dozens of people race to make it happen. I’ve known this all my life, yet I’m not sure even I was prepared for how busy the Bake Off tent is. I knew there would be cameras; I had no idea there would be so many. I knew there would be producers: again, it was the numbers that bowled…