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GoodHomes India

March 2019

BBC Good Homes is India’s leading home and décor magazine that reaches out the contemporary Indian women, who is always on the lookout for inspirational ideas and seeks to experience the best of the international trends and brands. The magazine brand covers a wide variety of areas from home décor, latest trends , to featuring the best in class homes from the country and beyond, etiquette and entertainment insights, presenting a mix of art from different artists , and even covers technology

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behind the scenes

Have you ever felt as if you are caught in a vortex? As if there’s constant activity, high speed, no chance to catch your breath! Like you are trapped in a roller coaster? Outside of your wildly spinning circle, everything else is just a blur! We feel a lot like that at the moment.It was both hope and belief that got us round to dreaming big and doing great things right from the beginning of this year. For one, our sister magazine Home & Design TRENDS, after months of planning and deliberation, recently closed the second edition of D/code, India’s first curated luxury living show. And what a design extravaganza it was! For those of you, who’ve missed it, we’ll give you a glimpse in our next issue.As for…

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we’ve got mail!

PART OF THE FAMILY GoodHomes magazine is a family favourite. My mother and I have subscribed to the magazine and love everything about it. I look forward to going through the style feature every month and love the new themes. I get to know about design movements and how one can style their home on those lines which is so inspiring and fun to read about! Thank you GoodHomes for being a great source of information on home decor and interior design. —Pragya Pal, New Delhi Thank you, Pragya. We are glad to know that you and your mother are such avid readers! Keep reading and get inspired. AN EVENING WITH LOVE First of all, the cover of the February issue was…

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Here’s why going simple is the new sophisticated — this luxurious celebration of a pared down look revels in its details. And because it’s such a non fussy look, you can go big with intricate gold work. (CHAPLINS FURNITURE) Introduce motifs of ripe crops into your decor for a desi tropical-like look. This seasonal print is perfect for the easy vibe that is characteristic of this time of the year. (DELIGHTFULL) 1 Floral feature tiles, JennoliArt.com.au. 2 Gold leaf napkin ring, Audenza.com. 3 Umage feather pendant light, DowsingAndReynolds.com. 4 Bedside tables, Brixham range; 5 Rusted classic head outdoor planters, both from Audenza.com. 6 Branching out gold side table, FrenchBedroomCompany.co.uk. *All prices on request. YOUR ELEGANT HARVEST SHADECARDDaybloom, W-105Faded Henna, 4488T-NGilded Lily, 2056CCinnamon Tea, 2084C …

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ocean voyage

1 Basic Towels, Tom-tailor.in. 2 Handles, CovetHouse.eu. 3 Medusa rug, RugSociety.eu. 4 Octopus stand and glass bowl, Audenza.com. 5 Seepferdchen Keramik Krug, Takatome.de. 6 Sienna Teal Velvet Shell Chair 7 Mermaid Bookend, Audenza.com. 8 Lobster plates, Idecorateshop.com . FIND THE PERFECT area rugs 1 Olivia rug; 2 Surma rug; both from CovetHouse.eu. 3 Agatha emerald, RugSociety.eu.…

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deep sea diving

What little we know of the world 30 feet below, has us captivated. Inspired by iridescent waters, this look champions the gradual ebbing of crystal blue and turquoise to an eventual, green obsidian abyss. Mesmerising, to say the least! (BRABBU DESIGN FORCES) Inspired by the deep contrasts found deep down under, this sparkling palette pays homage to a mysterious world. Sea creatures, represented in form and pattern, punctuate this surreal mood. …

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scaled drama

WHIMSICAL WALLCOVERINGS Unique and dreamlike aptly describe the Senza Tempo wallpaper series. Birthed from the fourth outing of British wallpaper giant Cole & Son, with Italian luxury brand Fornasetti, the range has 19 scenic designs. For more information, log on to www.cole-and-son.com…