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Grazia combines 'A-list' celebrity exclusives with thought-provoking, real-life features and agenda-setting fashion. Each week we bring you: - 'A-lister' celebrity news and gossip - The very latest in fashion news and trends - What's hot NOW - Amazing real-life stories - Reports from all the key fashion shows around the world. Love fashion and celebrities? Then you'll love Grazia!

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Just follow these 4 simple steps to get started: 1. SCAN THIS QR CODE Or go to unlock.graziadaily.co.uk (You’ll only have to do this the first time.) 2. SAVE THE TECH TO YOUR PHONE You’ll be prompted to add it to your home screen. 3. LOOK OUT FOR OUR ‘UNLOCK GRAZIA’ ICON It means the products on that page are instantly shoppable. 4. ZOOM IN ON ANY PRODUCT Snap a picture and you’ll be taken straight to the item online. It’s so easy! MAIN COVER PHOTO: ZOE McCONNELL. STYLING: MOLLY HAYLOR, ALEXANDRA MANN. STYLISTS’ ASSISTANTS: SAMMIEY HUGHES, REMY FARRELL HAIR: BJORN KRISCHKER AT FRANK AGENCY USING ORIBE. MAKE-UP: FLORRIE WHITE AT BRYANT ARTISTS. SHIRT, CHRISTOPHER KANE. EARRINGS, CHLOE. RING, MESSIKA. ADDITIONAL COVER PHOTOS: SHUTTERSTOCK. THIS PAGE: OLLIE ADEGBOYE, MARCO VITTUR…

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over to you…

Have your say... Email us at feedback@graziamagazine.co.uk Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @GraziaUK REWRITING WRONGS I read with interest The author shining a light on the care system (31 May) and her mission to make us re-evaluate those who have been in care. My parents have fostered for 22 years. My admiration for them is boundless – not many people understand what it’s like to welcome new children into your home, parent alongside a biological parent who is a virtual stranger and work with social services. People put foster children up for a fail from the start but, hopefully, Kirsty can change this. Children should never be defined by what happened to them. Jolene Star letter VITAL SERVICES It was great to read your Modern Activism column featuring Jo-Anne Welsh from the Oasis…

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Earlier this year, hit drama It’s A Sin sparked vital conversations about AIDS when it depicted the lives of young, gay men in London in the 1980s, just as the disease started to emerge in the UK. We watched as this exuberant group battled not just AIDS, but also homophobia and ignorance. On 5 June we mark 40 years since the first case of AIDS was reported, yet, four decades on, our perception of what it means to live with HIV/AIDS still needs to change drastically. Today, advances in treatment mean many people with the virus live full and happy lives, but the stigma lives on. It’s time to eradicate this prejudice once and for all.”…

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the inconvenient truth about therapy: it’s not accessible to all

ALLOW ME TO START this column by saying: I think therapy is a very good thing. Nah: actually, scratch that. I think good therapy is a very good thing. Bad therapy is awful; meh therapy is a waste of everyone’s time and money. But good therapy – good therapy is great. I should know. I’ve had it. Seven years of the good stuff, which – didn’t end, so much as go on Covid hiatus, around a year ago, on the proviso that I could start up again if I needed to. Will I? Dunno. I began therapy because I was in pain. My shrink – a straight-up genius – and I worked hard to make sure that wasn’t the case any more; slowly, I got… not fixed, exactly; is anyone, ever ?…

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chart of lust

1. Up DRAKE Brought his son Adonis to the Billboard Music Awards. Drake wore head-to-toe off-white, Adonis went lumberjack; hearts melted. 2. New in TAIKA WAITITI Appeared to be in some sort of complicated, subsequently wildly speculated-over, moment of intertwined mutual appreciation with Rita Ora and Tessa Thompson. So that’s fun. 3. Up THE ‘MASTER OF NONE’ SERIES THREE CAST Wherever you stand on the cancellation and subsequent reintroduction of Aziz Ansari to polite Netflix society, this is a superb show, which wouldn’t exist without him. 4. New in THE ‘WE ARE LADY PARTS’ CAST You know what you need in your life? An all-female Muslim punk band, whose signature hits include: Ain’t No One Gonna Honour Kill My Sister But Me. See Channel 4 for details. 5. Non-mover LIL NAS X Split his (skin tight, metal studded, rainbow sheened) pants live on SNL,…

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what’s keeping us going now!

FASHION AND BEAUTY ASSISTANT REMY FARRELL ON THE THINGS BRIGHTENING UP HER DAY IT’S IN THE BAG Raffia accessories are shorthand for summer and this perfect tote works just as well for a picnic in the park, weekend shopping or (eventually) a day at the beach. Bag, £17.50, Marks & Spencer POP OF COLOUR My wardrobe is far from minimalist, and for summer I’ll be embracing plenty of joyful colour. These Dries Van Noten swimsuits are just the ticket. £305 each, Dries Van Noten at mytheresa.com I CHOOSE CHOO I Want Choo is a delicious, sunny afternoon in a bottle. Sweet, floral and fruity, it has the hallmarks of a signature scent. £45 for 40ml, Jimmy Choo MIDAS TOUCH This take on the classic gold hoop is bold and elegant. £148, Joanna Laura Constantine at padlifestyle.com READY, RESET, GO Elizabeth…