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welcome to the issue

HAS YOUR SOCIAL media feed been full of pumpkin patches and spiced lattes? If so, you’re not alone. On page 44, we delve into why our love for autumn has gone overboard this year. (Clue: anything feels worth celebrating right now.) And if it’s put you in the mood to hunker down, there’s plenty of other inspiration in the issue. From your winter-wardrobe edit (page 48), to how to entertain in style this Bonfire Night (page 86). Plus, TV binge-worthy watches if you, like the Queen, are a bedtime revenge procrastinator (page 22). Glad it’s not just me…! @hattie_brett /…

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over to you...

Have your say… Email us at Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @GraziaUK feel they have to justify it. I choose not to. Even though I’m in a long-term relationship. And thankfully my partner does not feel rejected and think it is a personal affront against his masculinity. Bylinda THE POWER TO CHOOSE I read with great interest, your article, Telling women to remember to have a baby isn’t ‘empowering’ (1 Nov) and totally agreed with the writer. Looking round at the state of this country, and the world, it doesn’t seem particularly surprising that the birth-rate is declining. Parenting is costly and difficult. Then there’s the climate crisis. I’m in my thirties and a significant majority of my friends still don’t have children. Since the pandemic started, a few of my…

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star letter

PROTECT YOURSELF In the article When you’ve got all the big hits: why self-defence is defensible (1 Nov), Polly Vernon nails it. Every woman should learn self-defence. I did karate for a year at uni… but when I was attacked by two different men – the first time in Barcelona, the second, in Manchester (both times in daylight), the ability to hold my nerve and take swift, decisive action saved me. I knew how to use my body-weight, voice and throw a punch to surprise and/or destabilise my assailant. Yes, men should stop raping, but until they do, boxing or martial-arts classes are a great way to help ourselves feel safer, more confident, and keep fit, too. Sapna…

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camilla’s right – men need to fight for women’s safety

“Any conversation around male violence always seems to come back to the same recommendations, which see women having to change tack to stay safe. We recently saw the Girls Night In protest take place, where women boycotted nightclubs to make a point about drink spiking. Again, it fell to us to stay home. So when the Duchess of Cornwall said we need to get the men in our lives on side to tackle sexual violence, it felt powerful. ‘Rapists are not born, they are constructed,’ she said. And she’s right: it’s men who must fight this. Not all men are responsible for sexual violence, but all men can speak up and help dismantle a culture in which it thrives.”…

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all the things polly vernon finds common (a blatant rip-off)

THIS ISSUE, inspired by the mighty Nicky Haslam (old Etonian, socialite, interior designer), whose annually updated printed tea towel listing of all the things he currently finds common has become a highly anticipated event, no: an institution! No! A delicious advent calendar of snobbery – except it’s not actually snobbish at all, more: an immaculate skewering of pretension with some deliciously arbitrary random shizzle thrown in for good measure, which costs £28 a pop, and this year peaks with ‘baby showers’, ‘art’, and the unconscionable act of ‘knee-jiggling’… I should like to offer for your consideration my own, derivative, deeply heartfelt list of All The Things Polly Vernon Finds Common, which isn’t available as a tea towel. Yet. Herewith: Linner.* Caring when someone unfollows you on social media. ‘I don’t…

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chart of lust

1. New in LIZZO FT SARAH PAULSON Two of our absolute faves collaborate on a viral TikTok lip synch revisitation of a thing Paulson once screamed on an American Horror Story. Nearly enough to make us download TikTok. 2. New in SARAH PAULSON FT LINDA TRIPP She’s unrecognisable in Impeachment: American Crime Story, the dramatisation of the Bill Clinton/ Monica Lewinsky situation (iPlayer), though her brilliance is recognisable. 3. New in GERI HORNER, HER HUSBAND, AND MEGAN THEE STALLION In Texas, posing for a picture we cannot stop staring at cos it totally looks like at least one of them was photoshopped in, though apparently not. 4. Up HOMER SIMPSON Confused with the Greek poet on a recent Tipping Point. ‘Homer often refers to nectar as the drink of gods…’ said Ben Shephard. ‘I know he likes donuts,’ replied the contestant. 5.…