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welcome to the issue

THERE’S A CERTAIN poeticism about rapper Little Simz hitting superstar status in 2021. Her slow-burn success is proof that, post-pandemic, we’re falling for women with strong voices who stay true to what feels right to them. Plus, she knows the power of full-on fashion – as demonstrated in our shoot on page 72. Elsewhere in this, our biannual Luxe issue, we’ve been thinking about what counts as a luxury now. Some suggestions: scoring a stylish steal you know you’ll wear forever (page 26), or a night in front of the latest ‘Executive Trash’ TV (page 142). Whatever luxuries you find in the issue, I hope you enjoy it. @hattie_brett / feedback@…

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over to you...

Have your say… Email us at Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @GraziaUK THE KIDS QUESTION Thanks for the article Telling women to remember to have a baby isn’t ‘empowering’ (1 Nov). I’m often asked when I want to have babies, or ‘Are you considering your next step?’ I am married but I don’t want kids. I’d like to have conversations that start, ‘Have you read anything interesting recently?’ Why must I answer over and over the same question about kids? My husband is not asked about it. Arantxa Your article on the fertility seminars at Murray Edwards College was a jarring read. A woman is no more ‘reduced to a potential baby-making machine’ by a fertility seminar than she is reduced to a moneymaking machine by learning engineering. If ALL…

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star letter

WE NEED MALE ALLIES I wholeheartedly agreed with Camilla’s right – men need to fight for women’s safety (15 Nov). Creeps who harass or assault women aren’t looking to change their behaviour, but there are a lot of good men out there who can help ease the burden women feel. For example, recognising that wariness of you is not personal, keeping your distance, offering to escort female friends to places, intervening when women are being harassed. Be an example and mentor to younger boys, stop flirting if it is obvious the woman is not interested. These are just some ways men can help. The Duchess of Cornwall was spot on when she said, ‘Rapists are not born, they are constructed.’ R McMullen…

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going to a festival should never prove fatal

“The details emerging from the deadly crush at the Astroworld festival in Texas have been shocking and came with grim echoes of the Hillsborough disaster – from the survivors’ stories of being trapped in the crowd, to early attempts on social media to blame those attending for what unfolded. Let us remember this event should have been about music and joy, not losing loved ones. With no set age limit, some guests were children: John Hilgert, the youngest to die, was just 14, while a nine-year-old boy remains in a coma. With at least eight dead and hundreds injured, we must all stand with those left behind as they seek answers and justice.”…

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do us all a festive favour – step away from the novelty gift

THANK YOU FOR joining me for the official launch of CASG, the Campaign Against Shit Gifts. CASG is a brave, necessary movement, one inspired by the looming horror of made up consumer-frenzy-fest Black Friday, the less made up but no less consumery impulse of Christmas, the terrifying aftertaste of COP26, and the stinging offence of Other People’s Poor Taste. CASG aims to mitigate the negs impact of the above with one simple action – or rather, one simple inaction – namely: do not buy that shit gift! The gaudy bit of plastic that will, at best, raise a droll smile at the moment of unwrapping, one intended (the droll smiler – a close friend’s husband, a Secret Santa pick, a personal trainer – hopes) to distract from the sensation of bone-deep…

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chart of lust

1. Up MISSY ELLIOTT Got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, said she was ‘humbly grateful’; we think ‘what took you so long?’ is more appropriate. 2. Up KATY WIX Because Carol is our secret favourite in Stath Lets Flats (generally a work of brilliance, Channel 4); also on account of her beautiful ‘cake and death’ memoir, Delicacy. 3. Non-mover PETE DAVIDSON May or may not be dating Kim Kardashian, who knows? Point is, if he carries on at this rate, he will get to us sooner or later and, know this: We. Will. Wait. 4. Non-mover LIL NASX Never far from our lust. This time, he makes it on account of the feathered-trim sleeve on this canary yellow Gucci suit. 5. Up ANUSHKA ASTHANA Ol’ mucker and colleague of CoL’s, contributing editor on an early incarnation of what we like to…