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welcome to the issue

FOR SOMEONE who came to fame at 15, it’s perhaps even more remarkable that Billie Piper is one of the women who shines through as having changed the game this year. The recognition of her series I Hate Suzie and directorial debut Rare Beasts proved that women are crying out to see their messy lives reflected on screen. Billie reflects on a strange year for all of us – and why this Christmas is set to be more emotional than most (p48). And on that subject, there’s plenty to help you count down to the festivities. From Polly Vernon on tackling party season anxiety (p54) to a gift guide (p73) offering tons of ideas. I hope you find something special! @hattie_brett /…

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over to you...

Have your say… Email us at Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram @GraziaUK Polly strikes again! I found myself nodding and laughing as she perfectly encapsulated the consumer bun fight that Christmas has become. Sadly, I have to admit to falling into the trap of buying some random piece of rubbish so my mum has ‘something to open on the day’, even when she’s explicitly told me she doesn’t want anything. We have been brainwashed! As we all become more conscious of sustainability and waste, hopefully we can all buy – or not! – more mindfully. Natalie FRONTLINE HEROES I couldn’t agree more with your feature They saved our lives... now they need saving (29 Nov). The NHS is still up to its eyes in Covid and it’s bound to get…

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star letter

THE CHRISTMAS PANTOMIME Thanks God! Someone is finally saying out loud that we don’t need shitty presents (Do us all a favour – step away from the novelty gift, 29 Nov)! Every year I am secretly recycling, hiding or even destroying presents, some of which I don’t even know what they are for. There are plenty of meaningful gifts that you can choose. For example, I would much rather receive a membership card to the Science Museum than a foot cream with hideous socks. I am signing up to Polly’s CASG (Campaign Against Shit Gifts) club for sure. Jiraphan…

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grazia view

We must make it easier for women to stay in politics After weeks of MPs fighting to keep their lucrative second jobs, there’s one role facing more obstacles than ever: motherhood. Labour’s Stella Creasy has been told that new rules mean she can’t bring her three-month-old son into the Commons, meaning she can’t speak in the chamber when he’s with her. As MPs are not allowed locums for proper maternity cover, female MPs face a stark choice: abandon their constituents or give up their maternity leave. Let’s be clear: democracy would benefit from more women being present in Parliament. Improving access for women in politics is vital – being an MP and a mother shouldn’t be mutually exclusive.…

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is the end of ageism in sight? hmmm: maybe the beginning of the end…

IN THE RUN-UP TO the release of SATC reboot And Just Like That…, as trailers and teasing glimpses into the show erupt across the internet; so ageist responses fire up like the over-pimped carburettor on the car of a bloke desperate for attention. Stunned beyond belief that women who used to be in their thirties a) look different 20 years later, and b) nonetheless feel entitled to parade themselves on telly, the ageists (male and female, let’s not pretend this is uniquely a man problem) boldly speak out, mainly via memes comparing the show’s 50-something leads with the retirement-home-bound stars of ’80s sitcom The Golden Girls. ‘It almost feels as if people don’t want us to be perfectly OK with where we are,’ Sarah Jessica Parker said in an interview. Over on…

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chart of lust

1. Up KEANU In a recent interview, revealed he once rode his motorbike to Sandra Bullock’s house, presented her with champagne and truffles, then silently indicated she should paint his fingernails black (like hers). 2. New in MS MC DONALD, ENGLISH TEACHER Stole the show at Adele’s An Audience With by surprising the singer, who’d just named her the person who most inspired her as a kid. 3. Up JAMES BLUNT What? He looks fit in the poster for his new album and you know it’s true. Plus he’s still one of the funniest things on Twitter. Potentially the only funny thing on Twitter. 4. Non-mover CARDI B At the American Music Awards, wearing a gold mask, black veil, headband with epic earring attachments and gloves with epic gold nail attachments. 5. Non-mover PAUL RUDD We didn’t really need People Magazine to name him…