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May - June 2019

Grit Magazine has celebrated rural American lifestyles since 1882. Each bimonthly issue combines practical articles, product reviews, do-it-yourself building plans, beautiful photos, reader advice, humor and a healthy dose of fresh attitude to offer a complete guide to life beyond the city limits.

United States
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dirty beginnings

(QUEREN KING-OROZCO)We receive a lot of new books about dirt in the Grit office. They tell us how to improve soil with compost, how to dig out a pond, even how to build an earthen home. But the books I find most compelling have been written by people who believe dirt is good for your health.There’s a movement afoot to bring dirt back into our lives. After years of being told that sterile environments are critical to our well-being, now we hear that microbes should be embraced. Children should be encouraged to revel in dirt — playing in it, digging in it, even eating it. Some studies have found that children who grow up on farms have lower rates of respiratory diseases and autoimmune disorders. Want to reduce your risk…

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mail call

DELIVERY MILK COWMy wife and I live on the outskirts of downtown Bonita Springs, Florida, in a subdivision where the houses are on ¾-acre lots, spaced about 75 feet apart. One day, about 6 a.m., our dog jumped off the bed, ran to the kitchen, and started barking. I got up and went to the sliding glass doors to the backyard, and saw a cow standing out in the yard. We’ve had other animals in the yard, including wild hogs, bears, deer, raccoons, and opossums, but this was the first cow. I thought I’d just let the dog out and she’d chase it away. I opened the door and she walked up to the cow, sniffed it, and then licked its nose and laid down in front of it like…

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looking for

A NOTE OF ENCOURAGEMENTMy father is a 78-year-old veteran who doesn’t get out much. He mostly just goes to church. He’d love to receive letters from your readers.Paul Estep830 E. Zion Church RoadShelby, NC 28150-9214RAT RELIEFI’m having rat problems in my pig barn and have tried everything from live traps, to baited traps, to poison, but I can't seem to get them under control. I'm looking for ideas on how to get ahead of the problem. The only thing I haven't tried is cats.Matt Gilara2100 Gowdy RoadFryburg, PA 16326-1012SHEET MUSICI’m looking for older piano sheet music. Will pay postage and reasonable compensation.Daniel Adams4311 Hayes St.Wayne, MI 48184-2221QUILTING PEN PALI'm looking for quilt fabric pieces, yarn, kaleidoscopes, and pen pals! What do you need for your crafts? My interests include dogs,…

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catching up with our social circle

JOIN THE CONVERSATIONA simple luxury: knowing how to make butter makes everything better.(www.Grit.com/How-to-Make-Butter)William Laut: This is one of many things I want to explore after I’ve moved to my rural property, namely, finding dairy farms where I can purchase raw milk to culture into crème fraîche, as well as to make artisan cheese. I understand there are some risks associated with raw milk, but I want to explore the health benefits of its probiotics.Jerry Myers: Cannot beat fresh cream off the top of a 1-quart jar from the refrigerator!POPULAR ON GRIT.COM“DIY Plans: Build a Garden Harvest Basket”by Craig and Elizabeth Williams“After several years of hauling our beautiful homegrown produce from the garden to the kitchen in grubby old plastic buckets, my husband and I decided it was time to up…

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appealing antlers

Share your visual perspective with the GrIT community.Post your photos at www.Facebook.com/GritMagazine, or tag us on Instagram (@Grit1882). We chose several images you see here from those platforms, and you can find more within the blogging community on our websites. Share your best shots, and we just might select one of your photos for a future issue of the magazine. To admire even more readers’ photos, visit www.Grit.com.Heather McAlister Gokey found a new way to showcase old antlers.Bob Legault’s European mounted deer makes for a fierce display of antlers.Laura-Leigh Gillard repurposes antler sheds to make beautiful earrings.After a successful hunt, Tim Pry poses for a picture with a mighty buck.Deep snow reveals deer trails, making antler sheds a common find for Benjamin Pope.…

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wit & wisdom

How to “Baby” Your GardenImagine growing tomatoes slightly bigger than peas, or heads of lettuce smaller than baseballs! Baby vegetables are popular right now. Often the entire plant is dwarfed, making it ideal where growing space is limited. Since most mature more quickly than standard-sized veggies, they’re perfect for areas with short growing seasons.Cherry tomato ‘Sweet Baby Girl Hybrid’ bears long clusters of fruit, but is half the size of other cherry tomatoes. Perhaps the smallest tomato plant in the world is ‘Micro Tom,’ which is less than 8 inches tall, yet yields a seemingly endless supply of 1-ounce fruits. Grow some in a windowsill for year-round flavor and enjoyment.‘Bonus’ baby sweet corn is ready to be picked in as few as 35 days, producing 2- to 4-inch-long ears that…