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April 2019

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{ from the editor }

IN THE MIDST of putting out an issue, it’s sometimes easy to forget how exciting this industry is that we work in. The thrill of hearing great guitar playing, luxuriating in impeccable tone, or lusting after a particular guitar, amp or pedal is frequently numbed by the pressure of cranking out pages as we slog toward yet another crushing deadline.This issue was a happy exception. Yes, the usual, relentless editorial demands still dogged us. For that matter, as I sit here writing this on deadline, a virtual stack of pages awaits my approval. But the April issue is annually the time at which we depart our homes and head to Anaheim for the NAMM show. For those of us on the East Coast, the chance to visit California’s sunny and…

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opening notes

Raid Dana’s Gear Stash!Thanks to Electro-Harmonix for contributing their Cock Fight Plus Talking Wah and Fuzz to this month’s giveaway and making it possible for our participating readers to Raid My Stash.The Cock Fight Plus lets you choose between wah and talking wah for two distinct tones, as well as indulge in a wide range of fuzz options. Together, the effects can produce everything from classic funk to synth-like tones.For a chance to put this on your ’board, simply send an email with “Cock Fight” in the subject line to nbmgearcoordinator@gmail.com. One lucky winner will be chosen at random. The deadline for entries is April 20. Please keep in mind that all gear is “as-is.” This is simply a fun way for us to spoil our readers. Good luck! —DANA…

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SOUND OFF! GET EXCLUSIVE NEWS.COMMENT. CRITIQUE.SHARE TIPS AND TECHNIQUES.SUBSCRIBE TO OUR E-NEWSLETTER.FACEBOOK.COM/GUITARPLAYERMAGTWITTER.COM/GUITARPLAYERNOWGUITARPLAYER.COMCHRISTOPHER SCAPELLITIEditorchris.scapelliti@futurenet.comART THOMPSONSenior Editor arthur.thompson@futurenet.comJUDE GOLDLos Angeles Editor judegold@gmail.comJIMMY LESLIEFrets Editorjl@jimmyleslie.comDAVE HUNTERGear Section & Video Contributor dhunterwordsmusic@yahoo.comALICE PATTILLOProduction Editoralice.pattillo@futurenet.comROSIE WEBBERArt Editorrosie.webber@futurenet.com…

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strange days

IT’S A CHILLY afternoon in Boston and Juliana Hatfield is noticeably under the weather. But talking about guitars and her new album, Weird (American Laundromat), appears to be a welcome distraction. “I’m trying not to think about it,” she says between coughs. The sentiment fits Weird’s recurring theme of isolation. To paraphrase a line from “Do It to Music,” the album’s closing track, music is how she blocks out the world and its troubles.Hatfield is best known for her alt-rock hits “My Sister” and “Spin the Bottle,” both from the Juliana Hatfield Three’s 1993 album, Become What You Are, and for her stint in the Lemonheads the previous year, when she played bass on It’s a Shame About Ray. Those who jumped ship when the ’90s faded have missed a…

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tone titan

GUITAR RECORDS ARE often long on solos but short on serious songwriting. Ariel Posen’s self-released debut album, How Long, differs in that it’s chock full of melodic tunes, with great hooks, thrilling vocal harmonies, smart lyrics and short solos. So what makes it a guitar record? While the solos may be short, they never fail to serve the song, whether they’re detonating out of the speakers or laying solidly in the medium-tempo R&B grooves Posen favors.And then there’s that tone. The Canadian guitarist (who now resides in Dublin, Ireland) is one of a group of players, including Josh Smith, Joe Bonamassa, Matt Schofield, Eric Johnson, JD Simo and others, who form what you might call the Tone Titans — players known as much for their mastery of sound as for…

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motor city maverick

JOANNE SHAW TAYLOR is from the Black Country U.K. — or as she calls it, “the Detroit of England.” It’s also the home of Black Sabbath and members of Led Zeppelin, and it’s where Taylor saw blues bands perform every weekend with her dad. She began playing classical guitar at age eight but switched to electric at 13. Her inspiration came from blues-rock guitarists like Gary Moore and Paul Kossoff, but she gravitated toward Texas players, namely Stevie Ray Vaughan, Albert Collins and Billy Gibbons.“I had heard blues before: Robert Johnson and Zeppelin,” Taylor explains. “But as a 13-year-old girl in a village in England, I couldn’t relate to the older stuff. Stevie Ray Vaughan was the one who made me turn my head and go, ‘Okay, screw everything else…