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Guitarist December 2019

Guitarist is the longest established UK guitar magazine. You'll find authoritative gear reviews, artist interviews, technique lessons and advice. Plus, Guitarist's digital edition now includes all of the same audio and video content as the print edition; available to download from a special area of the Guitarist website!

United Kingdom
Future Publishing Ltd
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1 min.
it might get loud

While we were putting together this month’s feature on tone, a topic came up that’s been debated quite a few times in the Guitarist office. Namely, if heavy strings purportedly deliver a bigger, fuller sound than light ones, how is it that some of the players with the biggest tone in history got away with light strings? Billy Gibbons, BB King, Jimi… the list goes on. So what’s going on? Picking up this old chestnut with Daniel Steinhardt of TheGigRig and That Pedal Show (a man who knows a thing or two about tone), we speculated that volume might be key – and that in certain scenarios the very lightness of the strings might make them more interactive with the field of sound generated by a loud amp. “There was…

1 min.

EDITORIAL ART EDITOR Darren Phillips darren.phillips@futurenet.com MANAGING EDITOR Lucy Rice lucy.rice@futurenet.com EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Jamie Dickson jamie.dickson@futurenet.com DEPUTY EDITOR David Mead david.mead@futurenet.com CONTENT DIRECTOR, MUSIC Scott Rowley scott.rowley@futurenet.com REVIEWS EDITOR Dave Burrluck dave@daveburrluck.com SENIOR MUSIC EDITOR Jason Sidwell jason.sidwell@futurenet.com CONTRIBUTORS RICHARD BARRETT, ROD BRAKES, TREVOR CURWEN, ADAM GOLDSMITH, NICK GUPPY, MARTIN HOLMES, RICHARD HOOD, ROB LAING, NEVILLE MARTEN, ED MITCHELL, ROGER NEWELL, CLIFF NEWMAN, NIGEL PULSFORD, DAVINA RUNGASAMY, ADRIAN THORPE, HENRY YATES IN-HOUSE PHOTOGRAPHY PHIL BARKER, OLLY CURTIS, NEIL GODWIN ADVERTISING CHIEF REVENUE DIRECTOR Zack Sullivan zack.sullivan@futurenet.com UK COMMERCIAL SALES DIRECTOR Clare Dove clare.dove@futurenet.com ADVERTISING SALES DIRECTOR Lara Jaggon lara.jaggon@futurenet.com ACCOUNT SALES DIRECTOR Alison Watson alison.watson@futurenet.com ACCOUNT SALES DIRECTOR Guy Meredith guy.meredith@futurenet.com MARKETING MAGAZINE MARKETING DIRECTOR Sharon Todd sharon.todd@futurenet.com HEAD OF ACQUISITIONS Helen Harding helen.harding@futurenet.com ACQUISITIONS CAMPAIGN MANAGER Tom Cooper tom.cooper@futurenet.com ACQUISITIONS MARKETING EXECUTIVE Jessica weatherbed jessica.weatherbed@futurenet.com PRINT & PRODUCTION HEAD OF PRODUCTION UK & US Mark Constance mark.constance@futurenet.com PRODUCTION MANAGER Frances Twentyman frances.twentyman@futurenet.com PRODUCTION PROJECT MANAGER Clare Scott clare.scott@futurenet.com ADVERTISING PRODUCTION MANAGER Jo Crosby jo.crosby@futurenet.com DIGITAL…

7 min.
spirit of st louis

It was only after a couple of its guitars landed on our doorstep that we realised how little we know about Alvarez. It’s one of those brands that feels like it’s been around forever. We all know the name. We’ve all heard good things. Before we get stuck into the review guitars, some due diligence. Founded in 1965 by North American distributor St Louis Music, Alvarez was originally tasked with selling classical guitars. That explains the name. Then, as Chris Meikle, St Louis Music’s senior vice president of sales, marketing and product explains, that mandate changed sometime in the late 1960s… “The company’s then owner, Mr Gene Kornblum, met Japanese master luthier Kazuo Yairi,” says Meikle. “They began developing steel-string acoustic guitars. The first Alvarez-Yairi instruments shipped to the US in 1970.…

1 min.
alvarez masterworks mf60ceom

PRICE: £699 ORIGIN: China TYPE: Folk/OM-size electro-acoustic with cutaway TOP: Solid AA Sitka spruce with herringbone binding BACK/SIDES: Solid African mahogany MAX RIM DEPTH: 106mm MAX BODY WIDTH: 390mm NECK: 1-piece mahogany with 50/50 semi-gloss finish SCALE LENGTH: 630mm (24.8”) TUNERS: Nickel open gear NUT/WIDTH: Bone/44.45mm FINGERBOARD: Pau ferro or Indian Laurel with Paua abalone and mother-of-pearl inlays, 406mm (16”) radius FRETS: 22, vintage BRIDGE/SPACING: Bi-level pau ferro or Indian Laurel/54mm WEIGHT (kg/Ib): 1.85/4.1 PICKUP/PREAMP: LR Baggs VTC Element System RANGE OPTIONS: Masterworks MF600M all-acoustic solid Sitka spruce top and solid African mahogany back and sides (£569); left-handed Masterworks MPA66SHBL Parlour, all-solid African mahogany construction (£569) LEFT-HANDERS: No FINISH: Natural Gloss (as reviewed) PROS All-solid woods, a superb pickup system and a neck sent from the heavens above – for less than £700. What more do you want? Diamond-soled shoes? CONS We got nuthin’... but no lefties…

1 min.
alvarez artist elite afa95ceshb

PRICE: £659 ORIGIN: China TYPE: Folk/OM-size electro-acoustic with cutaway TOP: Solid AA western red cedar BACK/SIDES: AAA acacia (laminate) MAX RIM DEPTH: 106mm MAX BODY WIDTH: 385mm NECK: Mahogany with 50/50 semi-gloss finish SCALE LENGTH: 630mm (24.8”) TUNERS: Chrome die-cast NUT/WIDTH: Bone/44.45mm FINGERBOARD: Pau ferro or Indian Laurel with Paua abalone and mother-of-pearl inlays, 406mm (16”) radius FRETS: 21, vintage BRIDGE/SPACING: Bi-level pau ferro or Indian Laurel/54mm WEIGHT (kg/Ib): 2.3/5.2 PICKUP/PREAMP: LR Baggs Element with StagePro EQ RANGE OPTIONS: Other Artists Elite models include dreadnought and grand auditorium sizes (£549-£799) LEFT-HANDERS: No FINISH: Shadowburst (as reviewed) PROS The V-to-C neck profile is a triumph; the cedar/acacia combo makes for a great tonal all-rounder CONS The lack of case might set some bottom lips trembling; no left-handed version available…

9 min.
born to fly

While Omar Rodríquez-López is known for his Ibanez ORM signature, the new Music Man Mariposa vision appears to be a more complete and innovative design – and that’s just the shape. Whether or not it looks cool to you (we must say that we immediately fell for its charms), there’s no doubt this is one very sharply dressed guitar. “Omar has played Ernie Ball strings since the early days of At The Drive-In and has been a personal friend for many years,” explains Music Man sales manager, AJ Braman. “He started playing Music Man guitars exclusively officially in 2015 with the Albert Lee HH and the St Vincent guitars being his main axes. We’ve talked for years about building something together and creating a new design from scratch. The inspiration to…