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Gun Digest Presents Shooters Guide

Gun Digest Presents Shooters Guide

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Gun Digest the Magazine's Shooter's Guide 2016 brings you the latest news on the new gear and guns for the coming year.

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new gear resolutions

Just when you think things can’t get any better, they do. I remember when I got one of the first couple generations of iPhones and how stunned I was by the fact that a device you’d use to call your friends and family could also be used as a tool for navigating your way around the city. My mind, firmly locked in a world of flip phones and analog cell networks, was blown by the new technology. When I look back now, GPS navigation on my phone is an afterthought, an expectation rather than a novelty. How the times have changed! I’ve had a similar response this year with our annual Shooter’s Guide. Last year’s assortment of new gear was so great that I thought it could never get better… and…

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sig sauer whiskey 3 3-9x40mm

No predator rifle setup would be complete without the right scope. On a recent coyote hunting excursion in the Sandhills of Nebraska, I had the opportunity to use one of SIG’s new Whiskey 3 3-9x40mm riflescopes, which was perfectly suited for conquering the challenges of coyote country. The magnification range seemed about ideal for our terrain— while you may take serious long-range shots, it’s incredibly common to have dogs running in at you barely 30 yards out. This means you need an optic that offers fast target acquisition at a relatively low magnification level for close-range shots, as well as ample magnification when you need to stretch your shots. The Whiskey 3 is a second focal plane optic with multiple reticle options, including the HellFire illuminated reticle that I used on my…

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.25-06 remington

from Gun Digest’s “Cartridges of the World.”Order at www.gundigest.com. The .25-06, originally a wildcat cartridge, was picked up by Remington and added to its commercial line, late in 1969. The wildcat version dates back to 1920, when A.O. Niedner introduced it. Remington stuck to his original configuration of simply necking down the .30-06 case. The Model 700 series bolt-action rifles were the first to be offered in the caliber. At present time, Remington, Interarms, Ruger, Savage, Winchester, Weatherby, Sako, and almost every other manufacturer of bolt actions offer at least one version in .25-06. The .25-06 is a fine .25-caliber wildcat. Many welcomed its emergence as a standard load. As a varmint cartridge with the 87-grain bullet, some have claimed it is unsurpassed. However, comparing factory ballistics and a little chronographing reveals…

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now available at gundigest ® store.com

GUN BOOKS The Official Gun Digest Book of Guns & Prices 2017, 12th Edition By Jerry Lee Completely updated, The Official Gun Digest Book of Guns & Prices, 12th Edition gives you the power to identify and price thousands of firearms from around the world. Based on data from gun auctions, gun shows and retail gun sales, this 1,328-page reference offers the most up-to-date firearms values available today. Sized to carry along to a gun show or store, the 2017 edition of the resource is the perfect field guide to firearms. With more than 15,000 listings of rifles, shotguns and pistols, it is also a whiz-bang desk reference for those who surf online gun auctions. Be an informed and pennywise firearms buyer with The Official Gun Digest Book of Guns & Prices, 12th…

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letters to the editor

AR Malfunctions Read your online article about clearing AR malfunctions. Most malfunctions are caused by the operator not keeping his weapon clean! And also most breakages! The other is bad or dirty clips! The AR is not my weapon of choice because they are so easy to fail! I prefer an M1 carbine or Ruger ranch rifle! Very dependable and accurate! Garrison Paul, Tulsa, OK Thanks for your comments, Garrison. It’s true that not cleaning certainly increases your chances for malfunctions, and it’s also well known that magazines are one of the most important pieces to ensuring reliability in semi-auto firearms. The AR is no exception. If you plan on using an AR with any frequency, it’s critical to know how to quickly and effectively clear common malfunctions, and I think the author,…

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new handguns for 2017

There are a host of new handguns to choose from in 2017, and they include new offerings in everything from .22 LR to .44 Magnum. Here are more than 20 top picks, grouped by the cartridges they’re chambered for. Just pick the one you want, break your piggy bank open, and then order lots of ammunition. .22 LR The new Buck Mark Field Target Suppressor Ready .22 LR semiautomatic handgun features a heavy, round, 5.5-inch barrel, with a matte blue finish, and it is – as the name suggests – suppressor ready. An integral scope base is standard and so are Pro-Target sights. Grips are laminated Cocobolo, and the suggested retail is $599.99. Another new Browning Buck Mark handgun is the Lite Flute UFX. It also has a 5.5- inch barrel, with a…