Handmade Beauty & Home

Handmade Beauty & Home

Handmade Beauty and Home magazine is an inspiring collection of DIY makes using predominantly natural ingredients. Learn how to make simple creams, balms and candles or more adventurous cold-pressed soaps and shampoo bars. This bumper collection of beautiful projects from botanical experts is the perfect way to start the new year with a commitment to bring less plastic and more nature into your life. Whether you just want to make your own beauty and eco-cleaning products or are looking to branch out for gifting or selling, this is the perfect place to start.

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There’s something so rewarding about making your own beauty and home products from predominantly natural ingredients. Whether you choose to do it to as a move towards zero waste and reducing plastic use, or because you want to use products whose ingredients you can control, this collection is a great place to start. Split into sections such as face & body, bath & hair and soap making, you’ll find inspiring projects for both beginners and more experienced makers. During the last few months we’ve been spending more time at home, so it’s not surprising that there’s been a surge in creating products to make our houses more of a sanctuary. Turn to page 100 for some lovely cleaning products, candles and ideas for making your home feel, smell and look even…

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the beauty of handmade

Make soaps this pretty on page 58! You’re reading this magazine because you’re curious. How can I reduce the amount of plastic I buy? How can I access the benefits of natural ingredients? How can I learn this new skill of soap or candle making? How can I reduce my spending on high street beauty? There’s something incredibly satisfying about any DIY, and many of the recipes here will leave you with a sense of wonder that it was so easy! Like many crafts, you can make simple creams or scrubs with items you’d find at home, or you can invest in high quality base ingredients and equipment to take your makes to the next level. The addition of synthetic ingredients may seem counter-intuitive to a natural beauty plan, but certain additions…

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getting started

Turn to page 82 for soap recipes We’ve put together some helpful information and tips over the next few pages to get started with making products your own beauty or cleaning products at home. Equipment list All of the recipes in this magazine can be made using simple equipment that you’ll find in your kitchen (wash thoroughly afterwards). If making your own products becomes a favourite hobby, we recommend buying a set of equipment that you only use for this purpose, so it’s separate to anything that cook with and won’t make your dinner taste funny! A basic list of equipment ✤ Digital kitchen scales ✤ Double boiler – one saucepan that sits inside another saucepan with boiling water in it, or a heatproof bowl resting over a saucepan. ✤ A selection of metal, plastic or wood…

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helpful advice

Where do I start? Simply is best! Grab some basics from a local health or grocery store – coconut or almond oil, matcha tea powder, honey, avocado and some rose petals or lavender from the garden (we recommend you dry it first). A small pack of essential oils is handy too – choose one with the main favourites such as lavender, rosehip and chamomile, but be aware how potent they are and that they should never be used directly on the skin. People can be allergic to all sorts of products, ingredients or scents, however natural. If you’re concerned about anything, do a small patch test on the inside of your arm or consult a medical professional. Other ingredients that can cause issues include borax (often used in homemade cleaning products)…

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into the woods

Scandi shampoo For lusciously clean locks, we’re ditching the chemicals for a timeless birch infusion. Used for centuries as a hair treatment, this modern-day revival by KaliFlower Organics contains an zingy mix of birchinfused spring water with sweet citrus and cedarwood essential oils, creating a natural, daily shampoo that will leave your hair feeling soft and shiny. From £15, www.etsy.com And… relax Scented with cedar, which is known for its ability to aid relaxation and contemplation, these luxurious incense sticks from Sacred Elephant will fill your home with harmonious fragrance. They’re blended and rolled by hand using traditional methods, incorporating only the best natural essential oils that are always ethically sourced and never tested on animals. £3.95, www.thefuturekept.com Spread the scent Creating a fine aromatherapy-infused mist, the bamboo Esta Aroma Diffuser from Neal’s Yard can be used…

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homemade spa

There’s nothing better than the feeling of calm, relaxation and rejuvenation created by a luxurious spa session. The Ancient Greeks were one of the first civilisations to use water from natural springs for therapeutic purposes, a practice embellished by the Romans with their ornate thermal baths at the sites of mineral and thermal springs. In the Ottoman Empire (modern-day Turkey), the hammam ritual involved a vigorous exfoliating scrub combined with steam, while in Nordic countries the spa tradition was based on extremes of hot and cold to boost the circulation. Today, many of these traditions continue, but the treatments can be pricey. By recreating a spa experience at home with handmade products, you can tailor recipes to your own needs and enjoy that feeling of wellbeing, relaxation and luxury as…