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Harper’s Bazaar India-Iconic! Ideas & Inspirations Behind The World’s Biggest Brand

Harper’s Bazaar India-Iconic! Ideas & Inspirations Behind The World’s Biggest Brand

Ideas and Inspirations Behind The World's Biggest Brand
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The book traces the legacies of some of the biggest brands across fashion, jewelry, beauty, and hospitality, and looks at what it takes to be Iconic. This year, Harper’s Bazaar celebrates its 150th anniversary, making it the world’s oldest and most valued fashion magazine—this book, then, also pays homage to the brand’s own respected history.

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An icon is defined as a person or thing regarded as a representative symbol or as worthy of veneration. Iconic is defined as being widely recognised and well-established; acknowledged especially for distinctive excellence. When you think of these words, you associate them with success, fame, and originality. And hopefully, sustainability. Thoughtful longevity, perhaps. And these are the qualities for which the brands in this book have been recognised. They have been shortlisted because they are distinctive and unique, but also because they give back. These names are not just an indelible part of the lexicon of style—they also stand for substance. Each one of them has an original idea to offer. A single great thought on which their history, traditions, and legacy have been built. They are inspired by that idea. They romance…

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How does heritage play in times of Trump, Twitter, and Tinder? Is there place for heritage in luxury and fashion today? Not in a passing reverence kind of way, but in a wholly immersive and inclusive way? In the days of hashtag living, how do you teach a history to a brain that is used to no more than 140 characters? What do you say and how much is too much? Finally, how does the prized millennial consumer today take it all? If luxury brands have endured through history, it really is about them being au courant. True to their DNA, passionate about their craft, but punctuated with the right tickers to take them forward. The brands that have survived are on the beat (perhaps even a step ahead) in an…

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Inspired by ancient myths and legends and crafted with the finest attention to detail, the beauty and precision of Bulgari’s iconic Serpenti collection is breathtaking M uch like the fascinating creature whose beauty it pays homage to, the iconic Serpenti collection by Bulgari has been continuously metamorphosing into its new incarnations and modern iterations. The overt reference to the Bulgari tradition that lies at the heart of the Serpenti collection testifies to the brand’s respect for its own heritage and the inspiration it has always drawn from mythology and history. The origin of the early Bulgari snake-shaped bracelet-watches is closely linked to the use of Bulgari’s tubogas technique. The first examples date back to the late 1940s and were in the shape of a highly stylised serpent with coils realised either…

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THERE ARE FEW JEWELLERY HOUSES THAT HAVE THE DISTINCTION OF BEING AS IMPLICITLY favoured by royalty as Cartier. For nearly two centuries, Maison Cartier has been renowned for some of the most exquisite jewels and fabulous designs ever created, most of these for sovereigns the world over. The maison was established in 1847 at Rue Montorgueil in Paris by Louis-François Cartier, whose workmanship was characterised by a light, airy touch, something that found favour immediately and earned the patronage of Princess Mathilde, Napoleon III’s cousin, and soon after, that of Empress Eugénie. Cartier’s designs were all about outstanding beauty and exoticism. At the time, their most celebrated pieces included the mystery clock (with a transparent dial and hidden mechanism), fashionable wristwatches, and oriental Art Deco designs, including the colourful ‘Tutti Frutti’…

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As much as it is about the beauty of the rock, for the Forevermark brand, it is also about much more than just the shine and sparkle of a diamond. Offering the world’s most carefully-selected diamonds, each Forevermark diamond undergoes a journey of rigorous selection to meet the company’s exacting standards of polish, symmetry, and proportions. First piloted in Hong Kong in 2004, the brand was launched as a wholly-owned subsidiary by The De Beers Group of Companies in 2008, leveraging over 125 years of diamond expertise. This 2008 launch focused on Asia, establishing Forevermark’s first markets in Hong Kong, China, and Japan. In 2012 the brand was introduced in the USA and India through authorised Forevermark Jewellers; and today it is distributed across 2000 doors worldwide. THE FOREVERMARK INSCRIPTION Using very…

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louis vuitton

A nticipating the golden age of the ocean liner, air travel, and the advent of the automobile, Maison Louis Vuitton, founded in Paris in 1854, has always designed elegant and functional pieces to fulfill the requirements of each new generation of travellers. After all, its legendary trunks have been the focal point for the House, its savoir-faire and soul. To this, even as its repertoire includes leather goods, ready to wear, accessories, shoes, watches, and jewellery, travel remains at its heart and Louis Vuitton continues to be celebrated for its finesse born of precision and impeccable attention to detail. The Asnières atelier is the House’s true hub and puts its soul into the creation of every order. The brand has always excelled in the art of transforming the desires of its…