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Harry Styles Fanbook

Harry Styles Fanbook

Harry Styles Fanbook

Boyband heartthrob, fashion icon, Hollywood actor and acclaimed singer-songwriter – Harry Styles is one of the most famous men in the world. Rediscover his meteoric rise to fame and delve into the secrets of his skyrocketing solo success. From The X Factor to One Direction and Holmes Chapel to Hollywood, Harry Styles has made his name as a multi-talented singer-songwriter, actor, fashion icon and cover model. Harry's self-titled debut solo album was released in 2017 to critical acclaim, and his first world tour sold out in seconds. Now, nearly 10 years after his X Factor debut – and with a second solo album on the way – Harry's star continues to rise.

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introduction harry’s world

For some musicians, a band’s hiatus marks the end of their career, but for Harry Styles, going solo was a new beginning. With a best-selling debut album and sell-out global headline tour under his belt, Harry’s talents continue to grow. And while, of course, there will be in the years to come other superstars eager to steal the crown from Harry Styles’ immaculate bonce, for now, right now, today, this is Harry Styles’ moment in the sun. And it isn’t just a fleeting 15 minutes of fame, as many predicted in 2010. Harry has ascended to his position as the true prince of rock and pop – and he is here to stay. While many of his pop contemporaries have fallen by the wayside, unable to sustain their fame, going…

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the boy who would be king

Born on a Tuesday afternoon, Harry Edward Styles was welcomed into the world via Worcestershire. As a baby, his family moved to a beautiful village in Cheshire. “It’s quite boring, nothing much ever happens there. It’s quite picturesque,” Harry claimed in his audition segment for The X Factor, with a cheeky smile. Of course, and somewhat ironically, the village is now famous for being anything but boring as the Home of Harry Styles. His big sister, Gemma, adored him from day one. The feeling was mutual, and Harry would later claim that she was the “smart one”. In 2017, Gemma, a freelance writer on technology and millennial trends, wrote an article for Another Man magazine in which she remembered a family holiday to Cyprus with then seven-year-old Harry. “He was holding…

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harry’s friends

ED SHEERAN One Direction songwriter (‘Little Things’, ‘18’, ‘Moments’ and ‘Over Again’) and close friend to the band, Ed shares a few friendship tattoos with Harry, too – the Pingu tattoo being the most memorable. In 2015, Ed said that he no longer needed to write songs for One Direction, as they had become too good at song writing themselves. TAYLOR SWIFT Harry’s three-month “friendship” seemed too good to be true – the World’s Biggest Female Artist and the World’s Hottest Male Artist hooking up for love. Harry has remained tight-lipped on Tay-Tay, saying about their famous second date in New York’s Central Park: “When I see photos from that day I think relationships are hard, at any age. And adding in that you don’t really understand exactly how it works when you’re…

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the x factor

The course of true love never did run smooth, as William Shakespeare once wrote. Harry’s love of singing, and his dreams of becoming a solo artist, deviated from the expected path after his first audition in front of the judges: Simon Cowell, Louis Walsh, Cheryl Cole and Dannii Minogue. After his less than impressive performance in the Bootcamp section of the show, it was Nicole Scherzinger, a guest judge, who suggested to Simon Cowell that Harry team up with four other talented young men – each of them too good to let go, but not good enough to stand alone. They had all made glorious first impressions, but at quite young ages they didn’t quite have the confidence to be solo artists in their own right. I think, you know, we…

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one and done

But let’s take this chapter slowly. This is one of the most traumatic periods of young Harry’s career. A time defined by difficult decisions. A time when Harry had to answer the question: “What do I do if I’m not in 1D?” In July 2016, 1D disappeared from the world on an “extended hiatus for 18 months” with the promise from all remaining members that one day the band would resurface and come to reclaim their crown as the World’s Biggest Band. Almost two years later, with each member enjoying solo success, the time when 1D might return has most likely come and gone. It seems the good ship 1D will never sail again. “Please don’t forget us, we will always be here for you, you guys are the most incredible fans.”…

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the transformation of harry styles

It was in 2013, when Harry turned 19, that One Direction’s wild child started to break free from the boy-band mould. He ditched his Jack Wills T-shirts and khaki trousers, threw out his hoodies and tracksuits, and pledged a new allegiance to Gucci, Burberry and Saint Laurent. The singer became increasingly more tattooed (inspiration he took from his idol David Beckham and close friend Ed Sheeran), and he now has more than 50 of them. With his scraggy long hair causing a stir everywhere it went, it was clear that Harry wanted to be seen as more of an individual, and to stand out from his colleagues – perhaps even becoming something of a fashion icon. With a huge array of natty printed satin shirts, leather boots, silk scarves, tuxedo…