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Heal Your Gut

Heal Your Gut

Heal Your Gut
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Let's face it: Our hectic lifestyles are not kind to our guts. Processed convenience foods and endless busy days can really do a number on our digestive systems. But there's good news! You can make simple changes to your daily routine to include more gut-loving foods in your diet--and you'll feel better, sleep more soundly, feel less stress and look amazing! Just follow the expert advice and enjoy the delicious recipes in this special bookazine.

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Heinrich Bauer Publishing, L. P.
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5 min.
the power of the gut

Did you know your gut has a mind of its own? This might sound like it’s a fussy toddler, but it’s true. Your digestive system is one of the most powerful influencers of your health, and it impacts your body in a multitude of ways. The direct connection your gut has with your brain makes it essentially a secondary control system, influencing the overall health and functioning of your body. It’s why many people refer to the gut as the “second brain.” Have you ever needed to rush to the bathroom before you do a presentation? This is your gut-brain axis in action. The conversations between these two organs helps to decide what, when, how much and how fast to eat and drink to ensure optimal digestion, and they also work together…

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pantry staples

DAIRY Greek-style yogurt & kefir yogurt kefir milk coconut yogurt cheese such as aged cheddar, feta, goat & blue cheese PANTRY prebiotic honey apple cider vinegar nuts, especially cashews & almonds gelatin (leaf & powdered) seeds such as sunflower seeds & pepitas (pumpkin seed kernels) FERMENTED kimchi kombucha sauerkraut miso tempeh sourdough bread FRUIT apples bananas blueberries strawberries coconut PROTEIN oily fish such as salmon, ocean trout, tuna & sardines (fresh & canned) free-range chicken grass-fed beef & lamb legumes FIBER barley green banana flour teff buckwheat (raw & roasted) oats brown rice pasta ROOTS & TUBERS potatoes Jerusalem artichokes ginger turmeric leeks garlic beets VEGGIES leafy greens cabbage corn peas broad (fava) beans edamame broccoli artichokes avocados asparagus…

8 min.

smoothie bowl with healthy cacao pops active time 35 minutes start to finish 35 minutes + freezing serves 6 2 medium bananas, cut into ½-in-thick slices2 medium ripe avocados, chopped¼ cup pure maple syrup1 large ripe pear, unpeeled, cored, chopped1 cup baby spinach leaves1 pound kefir yogurt or plain Greek yogurt¼ cup lime juice⅓ cup canned coconut milk½ cup ice cubes4 ounces fresh raspberries⅓ cup flaked coconut HEALTHY CACAO “POPS” 1 cup puffed millet1 tablespoon cacao powder1½ tablespoons pure maple syrup¼ teaspoon sea salt flakes⅓ cup skinless hazelnuts, chopped coarsely 1. Place bananas and avocadoes in a large resealable bag. Freeze for 20 minutes, but no more than 40 minutes, while preparing remaining ingredients. 2. Meanwhile, make Healthy Cacao “Pops.” 3. Blend frozen bananas and avocadoes, maple syrup, pear, spinach, yogurt, lime juice, coconut milk and ice…

2 min.
muesli 4 ways

muesli active time 5 minutes start to finish 5 minutes makes 6 cups Combine ½ cup each coarsely chopped dried figs and dates with ¼ cup chia seeds. Place 2½ cups rolled oats, ½ cup each coarsely chopped roasted almonds, unsalted roasted cashews, flaxseeds, toasted sunflower seeds and pistachios, 1 teaspoon ground cinnamon and ½ teaspoon each ground cardamom and ground ginger in a large bowl. Toss through chia-coated dried fruit. Store in an airtight container for up to 2 weeks. tip Tossing the chopped dried fruit in the chia seeds allows the seeds to “stick” on the cut edges of the fruit so they don’t all fall to the bottom of the jar or container. granola active time 10 minutes start to finish 20 minutes makes 6 cups Preheat oven to 350°F. Line two oven trays with parchment…

4 min.
prebiotics & probiotics

PREBIOTICS PREBIOTICS ARE A PARTICULAR TYPE OF FIBER THAT RESISTS DIGESTION. THEY PASS THROUGH THE STOMACH AND SMALL INTESTINE INTO THE LARGE INTESTINE WHERE THEY ARE FERMENTED BY YOUR GUT BACTERIA. They are essentially food for your gut flora! This fermentation process produces beneficial short-chain fatty acids and increases bowel function, which may help prevent a range of conditions, including constipation, diabetes, obesity, colon cancer and osteoporosis. By consuming prebiotic foods, you are helping the healthy bacteria in your digestive system to thrive and you are supporting your overall health and well-being. PROBIOTICS PROBIOTICS ARE LIVE STRAINS OF BACTERIA. BY CONSUMING PROBIOTICS, YOU’RE HELPING TO BOOST THE AMOUNT OF NATURALLY GOOD BACTERIA FOUND IN YOUR GUT. Good beneficial strains of bacteria support proper digestion and absorption of nutrients from the foods you eat, contribute to…

6 min.
how the gut affects your body

MOUTH Several gut conditions can result in symptoms in or around your mouth, while some oral conditions might even lead to a gastrointestinal disease. IMMUNE SYSTEM Most of your immune defense is in your gut. Bacteria play a key role in influencing immune reactions in your body. MENTAL HEALTH Your gut bacteria can influence your mood; an imbalance in gut bacteria has been linked to depression and anxiety. BODY FAT Multiple studies show that imbalances and lack of diversity of gut bacteria can lead to more fat storage and poor insulin sensitivity. BONES It might sound hard to believe, but bacteria in your gut help to regulate bone-building processes and influence your bone mass. DIGESTION Your gut is the hub of digestion and absorption, allowing you to extract nutrients and energy from the food you eat. BRAIN Your gut can impact mental processes…