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Healthy Food Guide UK April 2019

Healthy Food Guide is like having your own personal dietitian in your bag. Every issue brings together a mix of delicious and nutritious recipes, expert nutrition advice and informative health features in one glossy compact magazine.

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Have you got yourself a reusable cup for takeaway coffee or tea yet? Everyone in the HFG team has their own keep-cup, but that’s just the start. We’re on a mission to make many more simple changes to safeguard our own health and the planet’s. Well, 50 changes, in fact. We asked dietitian Juliette Kellow to find easy ways to improve our environmental footprint. For me, a born-again flexitarian, it’s about reducing red meat, which can help cut greenhouse gases. Being more plant based and eating far more pulses and grains and healthy nuts have had benefits for my health, too. And they’re measurable – my overall cholesterol reading, for example, is one whole point lower. Find 49 other healthy fixes on p16. We’ve also got some beneficial savings when it…

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editor’s buys

NO ORDINARY MUG I love a coffee at my desk, so I usually stop off en route to the office to get a take-out. Using my own stylish mug saves me around £100 a year. Caroline Gardner Hearts Bamboo 400ml Cup, £12.50, John Lewis GREECE IS THE WORD I’ve been trying premium oils and this well-priced Greek herby, peppery bottle is one to savour – it gets a Med-diet gold star from me. Odysea Chania Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oil, £5/500ml, Sainsbury’s LEAN IN! Flexitarians, listen up… Treat yourself to a premium meat box this Easter for a range of lean cuts, including lamb steak – some of the best meat I’ve tasted. Farmison & Co The Lean Meat Box For Flexitarians, £76/8 cuts for 2, farmison.com…

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meet our experts

‘ After writing this month’s feature on the planet diet (p16), I’m focusing on reducing the amount of water and energy I use when cooking. I’ve been guilty of using oversized pans, not putting on lids and boiling a full kettle for one coffee – but not any more! I’m also planning a weekly menu and writing my shopping list based on this, as all too often salad leaves and bread have been thrown away before we’ve had a chance to eat them. ’ JULIETTE KELLOW is a registered dietitian who’s worked in the NHS, the food industry and within the media ‘ I haven’t always been the best at being environmentally friendly. Recently, though, I’ve been making an extra effort not to buy fruit and veg wrapped in plastic. This means…

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why you can trust us

We look at the science behind the headlines to clear up mixed messages about current health issues. Our experts examine the body of evidence, never just one isolated study, before presenting information as fact. You’ll find the references to our news and features on p96. We promote a balanced way of eating Our dietitians and nutritionists are fully qualified and can help you break free from yo-yo dieting. Our recipes come in satisfying portion sizes, use everyday ingredients and are well balanced. Our experts never recommend cutting out key food groups unless you have an intolerance or allergy. We fight the fads We keep up to date with new products (and share our top picks every month) but will never recommend an ingredient or food just because it’s ‘trending’. Guide to recipe symbols…

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HEALTHY TURNAROUND I picked up HFG at the supermarket along with a big bar of chocolate on a drizzly day in February when I felt as gloomy as the weather. Then I snuggled up in the corner booth of the supermarket café with a cup of tea. I didn’t move until I’d finished reading the magazine, by which point I was feeling much better. The words of Dame Kelly Holmes hit home: ‘I think about my start point and my end goal, and what I need to do to get there.’ So I went back and mined the magazine for further inspiration, including the 7-minute wonder workout (which I’ve been doing every day since), new recipes to try and Your good gut guide, to help me make better food choices. I…