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Healthy Food Guide UK June 2019

Healthy Food Guide is like having your own personal dietitian in your bag. Every issue brings together a mix of delicious and nutritious recipes, expert nutrition advice and informative health features in one glossy compact magazine.

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Are 800-calorie-a-day diets safe and do they work? Many people with type 2 diabetes are putting their condition into remission this way, but are these diets the way to go if you want to lose a stone or two? We look at the evidence in our feature Cutting calories – how low can you go? (p33). It mainly depends on your BMI, as these diets are more suited to obese adults. If you do go this way, we always recommend you talk to your GP or a dietitian first. Do you have a man in your life who’s in denial about his health? Then plonk him down with a cuppa and our feature These simple checks can add 10 years to your life (p18). Compelling reading and potentially a life-saver. If…

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editor’s buys

KNOW YOUR D LEVEL Having seen my vitamin D plummet, then reach optimum levels, I now check it once a year with this easy home service linked to Sandwell and West Birmingham NHS. Results come with a supplement plan. Vitamin D Testing Service, £32.95, betteryou.com PLANT-BASED WONDER If we all ate one less meat meal a week in the UK, we’d cut greenhouse emissions by 8.4% a year (equivalent to taking 16 million cars off the road). This ‘mince’ tastes good and keeps saturates in check. The Meatless Farm Co Mince, £3/400g,meatlessfarm.co.uk A NEW FAVOURITE BARRE My local barrecore teacher, Tara, is helping resculpt and strengthen my legs, arms and abs. I’m hooked. It’s intense, but good for the heart, bones and muscles. Check if you have a local instructor. Barre by Tara, hernehill.org.uk/events/ barre-tara, or barrecore.co.uk…

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meet our experts

‘Warm milk. I was made to drink it at infant school. Free school milk was a great idea for helping to boost nutrient intakes in children, especially of bone-building calcium. But back in the 70s, my school put the crates by the radiators in winter to take the chill off, so the milk was lukewarm and almost curdling. The memory makes me shudder.’ JULIETTE KELLOW is a registered dietitian who’s worked in the NHS, the food industry and within the media ‘Fat on meat... Mum used to cook beef casseroles and the fat made me feel so sick. I’ve barely eaten red meat as an adult, despite the leaner cuts now available, just in case.’ JENNIFER LOW is a dietitian who works as a consultant for the NHS and in the private sector.…

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why you can trust us

We look at the science behind the headlines to clear up mixed messages about current health issues. Our experts examine the body of evidence, never just one isolated study, before presenting information as fact. You’ll find the references to our news and features on p96. We promote a balanced way of eating Our dietitians and nutritionists are fully qualified and can help you break free from yo-yo dieting. Our recipes come in satisfying portion sizes, use everyday ingredients and are well balanced. Our experts never recommend cutting out key food groups unless you have an intolerance or allergy. We fight the fads We keep up to date with new products (and share our top picks every month) but will never recommend an ingredient or food just because it’s ‘trending’. Guide to recipe symbols…

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your say…

CROP FARMING COMES AT A COST, TOO In your article 50 ways to join the planet diet (April issue), you commented that crop farming is better for the environment than livestock farming – ‘end of story’. My concern is that all main crops deplete the soil and in order to maintain soil condition and productivity, they need lots of organic matter and/or to be left fallow. Even using chemical fertiliser (not a great option), you can’t get away from the fact that organic matter needs to be replaced. That means huge amounts of organic matter would need to be composted, reducing the amount of crop grown for food. Currently, farmyard manure is used and with the reduction in meat and dairy consumption there would be less manure to use on a greater…

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we can all take these easy steps…

CHOOSE HIGHER-FIBRE FRUIT All fruit is good but the top five for fibre per portion are… • 30g dried figs (3g fibre) • 80g passionfruit (2.6g fibre) • 80g blackberries (2.5g fibre) • 30g dried prunes (2.3g fibre) • 80g fresh mango (2.1g fibre) GO FOR VEG WITH MORE FIBRE You may find the top five fibre providers surprising. This is how much you get in each 80g portion of… • parsnips (3.7g) • brussels sprouts (3g) • sweetcorn (2.9g) • avocado (2.7g) • carrots (2.4g) • SWITCH TO HIGH-QUALITY CARBS Swap white bread for wholegrain and ordinary pasta for wholewheat, says Davina. ‘I’ve done it at home – it’s so easy. We used to have white bread as a weekend treat. Now my kids ask for brown,’ she says. • GET INTO PULSES AND BEANS ‘I wasn’t eating any at all before,…