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Healthy Food Guide UK November 2019

Healthy Food Guide is like having your own personal dietitian in your bag. Every issue brings together a mix of delicious and nutritious recipes, expert nutrition advice and informative health features in one glossy compact magazine.

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Like so many people, I often struggle with sleep. It could be my age, but sometimes it’s work or occasionally my partner, who can be on call during the night. You can probably pinpoint the reason behind your own sleepless nights, but finding solutions is the tricky bit. We asked Dr Neil Stanley, a long-term expert in this area, to dispel myths and give us some practical solutions for better sleep (see our special section). I’ve already tried one of his recommendations and registered with the online sleep improvement programme sleepstation.org.uk. It’s based on cognitive behavioural therapy, clinically proven to help, and free on the NHS website. Just don’t stay up late filling in the initial 15-minute questionnaire like I did, then muse over your results instead of relaxing into…

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editor’s buys

STAY WARM Having the right, stylish gear helps with running outdoors. This chic hooded top keeps you cosy, but is well ventilated and has strips that glow in the dark. Kalenji Run Warm Hooded Women’s Jacket, £24.99, decathlon.co.uk LIGHTER LAGER After a soberish October, I’m still looking to trim my units. This crisp, citrusy lower-alcohol lager is no compromise, but it’s only 2.1% ABV. The Original Small Beer, £12.96/6 x 330ml bottles, majestic.co.uk VEGAN HIT This can has converted me to jackfruit protein – it’s ‘meaty’, convenient, low cost and versatile. A fixture in my cupboard. Biona Organic Jackfruit Young Tender Pieces, £2.49/400g, hollandandbarrett.com…

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meet our experts

‘Being pregnant. Although my son is now 10, I still remember how my diet changed when I was carrying him. I didn’t suffer with morning sickness, but I did need to eat more regularly so that I didn’t feel light-headed and weak. In the first part of my pregnancy I was constantly ravenous and for the last few months I had to stick to small portions. While I didn’t have any real cravings, I frequently fancied a lettuce sandwich with salad cream – something I’d never eaten before I was pregnant and haven’t eaten since!’ JULIETTE KELLOW is a registered dietitian who has worked in the NHS, the food industry and the media ‘I’d have to say that the only thing that really affects my diet is travelling and not having access…

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why you can trust us

WE LOOK AT THE SCIENCE behind the headlines to clear up mixed messages about current health issues. Our experts examine the body of evidence, never just one isolated study, before presenting information as fact. You’ll find the references for our news and features on p96. WE PROMOTE A BALANCED WAY OF EATING Our dietitians and nutritionists are fully qualified and can help you break free from yo-yo dieting. Our recipes come in satisfying portion sizes, use everyday ingredients and are well balanced. Our experts never recommend cutting out key food groups unless you have an intolerance or allergy. WE FIGHT THE FADS We keep up to date with new products (and share our top picks every month) but will never recommend an ingredient or food just because it’s ‘trending’. Guide to recipe symbols…

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CARB CONUNDRUM I’m 78 years old and just over 18 months ago I found out I have type 2 diabetes. I use your magazine to help me with my diet and try to keep to around 1,500 calories a day, but lately I’ve stopped losing weight. After reading the report of Dr David Unwin’s book on the low-carb diet (September issue), I am going to give it a go, as I have two shot knees and I can’t do much in the way of exercise. I like my carbs and when I checked the advantages of sweet potato and ordinary potato found that white potatoes have about 20 calories less per 100g than sweet potato and a lot less sugar. So why the hype on sweet potato? Can your experts supply…