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Healthy Food Guide UK January 2020

Healthy Food Guide is like having your own personal dietitian in your bag. Every issue brings together a mix of delicious and nutritious recipes, expert nutrition advice and informative health features in one glossy compact magazine.

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DIETS – always top of the agenda at the start of the year. You won’t find the expert team at HFG promoting quick-fix fad diets, though. We’re here to help you achieve your weight and health goals all year round. To get you started, we asked dietitian Juliette Kellow to compile a comprehensive food and drink portion guide. Think of it as your healthy eating template for the year, treats included! They’re probably 14 of the most useful pages you’ll need to stay on track. Believe us, once you get your serving sizes in order, your waistline, health and energy will all fall into place, too. Our other, equally important, diet message is about adopting a healthy eating plan to improve specific health conditions. In our Special Section (p51), nutrition editor…

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BOOZE-FREE INSPO Leading wine writer Fiona Beckett banishes the boring from alcohol free. Her new book’s mocktails, punches, teas and coffees, plus new brands to try, is spot-on for Dry January. How to Drink Without Drinking (Kyle Books, £15.99, out on 2 January). STANDING OVATION My new year’s resolution to sit less has been realised with this compact standing desk that goes up and down seamlessly during my work day. It keeps my mind fresh and my energy levels up. Varidesk ProPlus30, £275, uk.varidesk.com GUT FRIENDLY I’m not a big fan of fermented foods, but I’ve been won over by this spicy kimchi. It’s hot stuff and a little on the side goes a long way. Eaten Alive Classic Spicy Kimchi, £6/375g, eatenalive.co.uk…

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meet our experts

‘ I live in central London, so I make sure my children and I get out as often as possible to the amazing parks we have. It’s especially important in January with its short days. Battersea Park has a fantastic playground while St James’s Park is full of beautiful birds, including pelicans. The children can run around, climb trees and we play football (I’m always in goal for some reason). Being in nature both lifts your mood and calms you down. ’ AMANDA URSELL is HFG’s nutrition editor. She has a degree in nutrition and a postgraduate diploma in dietetics ‘ I use January as an opportunity to undo all the excesses of December, so I do Dry January and get into the gym as much as I can. This year, I’ve…

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why you can trust us

This is how we help you move to a healthier way of life... WE LOOK AT THE SCIENCE behind the headlines to clear up mixed messages about current health issues. Our experts examine the body of evidence, never just one isolated study, before presenting information as fact. You’ll find the references for our news and features on p96. WE PROMOTE A BALANCED WAY OF EATING Our dietitians and nutritionists are fully qualified and can help you break free from yo-yo dieting. Our recipes come in satisfying portion sizes, use everyday ingredients and are well balanced. Our experts never recommend cutting out key food groups unless you have an intolerance or allergy. WE FIGHT THE FADS We keep up to date with new products (and share our top picks every month) but will never…

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A VERY HAPPY COINCIDENCE While I was shopping, another customer accidentally put a copy of November’s HFG in my trolley. I was going to put it back when I got to the till, but decided to buy it anyway. And I’m so glad I did. What an interesting magazine – it could have been written just for me! I read every article with interest as I have family and friends who are affected by almost everything discussed in the issue. A few weeks ago my blood pressure rose to an alarming 180/50 and I was encouraged to try the DASH diet to improve it. While I was a little sceptical, I was eventually amazed that after just one week my BP was down to 128/73. And, even though my calorie count for…