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HOME MAGAZINE LEBANON No.1 January-June 2015

HOME is an online and print magazine that illuminates the positive parts of Lebanon. This global community is an inclusive space for Lebanese of the world and lovers of Lebanon to explore the bridges that bind them together. Dive into our pages to discover: ❖ Beauty & Fashion ❖ Homeland & Heritage ❖ Design & Gastronomy ❖ Family, Sports & Health ❖ Giving Back & Inspiration ❖ Business, Vocation & Entrepreneurship ❖ The Voice of the Diaspora

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home for magazine

*Naji Cherfan Foundation “One who has nothing but money is poor.” Orison Swett“Chivalry is shown best in difficult times” Sister Marana.We believe that with love we are always closer to God. HOME FOR Magazine – with its debut issue HOME FOR Christmas, is a well - traveled magazine that reaches out in print to more than 200 destinations around the world and with its online version, the reach extends to the rest of the globe. HOME FOR Magazine is about Lebanon, the Lebanese all over the world and what links them together-from style, to culture, to people, their heritage, and the “giving back side of life.” “HOME FOR Christmas” is a comprehensive approach to Christmas, paying homage to the abundant givers who contribute to Lebanon through their success, philanthropy, corporate activism, advocacy and…

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miss lebanon up-close

Saly Greige is Miss Lebanon 2014. From the region of Koura, North Lebanon, Saly studied civil engineering at the University of Balamand. Saly aspires to put her engineering skills at the service of her country, where she has plans for land development and advancement in terms of urbanism. Women’s Rights are also on Miss Lebanon’s mind, as it is a cause that she holds dear to her heart. Was becoming Miss Lebanon a childhood dream for you or is it a recent challenge you wanted to take? I have always been encouraged by my family and friends since my younger age to take the Miss Lebanon challenge, but I just decided to participate to this competition after accomplishing my university studies. How do you feel you can serve best the image of our country,…

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creative space

Beirut and Fashion are becoming an inseparable duet. From internationally renowned Lebanese designers, to an evergrowing sphere of local fashion bloggers ravaging the net, fashion is now an intrinsic part of the creativity in the country. But the story we are highlighting today is way beyond the glamour and glitz of the fashion industry. In 2011, after graduation from Parson’s university in New York, Sarah Hermez was perplexed. She loves to create, she is passionate about fashion… but her heart wants to fight for justice in a society that lacks it on so many levels. So she got an idea… but unlike so many of us who have a zillion ideas per day and do little more than reflect on them on the couch, Sarah fought and brought her idea to life. With her former…

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le photo shoot

Lebanese Fashion, Lebanese Places and Lebanese People will be the inspiration of our HOME FOR MAGAZINE exclusive photo-shoot in every issue. For this issue, we are happy to have a very beautiful woman with a genuine soul that loves Lebanon beyond anything, despite living in Casablanca. Meet Lina Cahill, who is Miss Lebanon-Morocco, and who was also voted Miss Lebanese Emigrant 2014 earlier this year. Cover dress by Abed Mahfouz New collection january SS 2015 We would like to thank LIZA Restaurant Beirut for welcoming us.…

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get lean and sexy with these training tips

RITA KAMAR Personal Trainer | Group classes instructor | Zumba Fitness instructor YOU WILL NOT GAIN MUSCLE LIKE A MAN. INSTEAD, YOU WILL BECOME TONED FIT AND SEXY. How many times have you said or heard women say: "I don’t want to get big or bulky?" Many women worry that weight training will somehow make them look masculine, so they spend hours doing cardio in order to maintain their feminine figure. We are here to tell you that you won’t! The truth is, women just don't have the hormonal support to gain muscle mass like men. This is not to say that you will not gain any muscle, but you will not gain muscle like a man. Instead, you will become toned, fit and sexy! IF your goal is to gain muscle or improve your shape and…

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fashion interview hassan idriss

Can someone please harness the prolific energies of local Designer Hassan Idriss? One minute we’re drooling over his superb dresses and gowns, the next exclaiming at his prodigious wax sculptures, and next we are left mesmerized by his oh-so-interesting array of books laying on his library shelf. Keeping up with Hassan’s life is gruelling (we’re just jealous; obviously we love it) In an exclusive interview, he tells Home for Christmas about his passion for the trade, his love for fireworks and explains why fashion design “is a dog” (yes, you’ve read that right, a dog). Keep on perusing because Hass – as I like to affectionately call him – is on a roll, soon to make a great impact. What gets you out of bed in the morning? What keeps you up…