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HOME MAGAZINE LEBANON No.2 July-December 2015

HOME is an online and print magazine that illuminates the positive parts of Lebanon. This global community is an inclusive space for Lebanese of the world and lovers of Lebanon to explore the bridges that bind them together. Dive into our pages to discover: ❖ Beauty & Fashion ❖ Homeland & Heritage ❖ Design & Gastronomy ❖ Family, Sports & Health ❖ Giving Back & Inspiration ❖ Business, Vocation & Entrepreneurship ❖ The Voice of the Diaspora

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from the editor

“The beauty of our country is that Lebanon is big enough to fill the world and small enough to remain at a human scale where any one of us can make a difference, an impact.” The future belongs to the people who believe in the beauty of their dreams, who work hard and steady to attain them. A Lebanese is known for this practice, always eyeing the top of every field. In this issue we have many Lebanese dreamers with engaging personalities who have achieved: May el-Khalil, on our cover with an exclusive photoshoot, the courageous, contagious energy and inspiring lady behind the Beirut Marathon. Ivonne Baki, the former president of the Andean Parliament, who perfects the techniques of peacebuilding. Alissar Caracalla, the accomplished character who turned her passion, with discipline and…

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la rose de sim

One of Lebanon’s traits is the way the old harmoniously meshes with the new. The old architecture and ancient ruins still standing by newly erected skyscrapers, and traditional customs playing alongside those more westernized. The newer generations bringing innovation to the old ways. These harsh contrasts are one of the country’s most charming and unique aspects, and another one of the reasons to love it even more. Nestled in the heart of Monnot, Ashrafieh is the boutique La Rose de Sim, a perfect example of the beautiful marriage between the past and the future. Rajaa Habache, 33, founder and head designer, creates bags and jewelry that represent the spirit of old Lebanon, encouraging people to love and appreciate their heritage. “It’s not only a fashion brand. I’m trying to deliver a certain message…

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may el-khalil

May El-Khalil is one of the most inspirational Lebanese public figures of our time and the founder and president of the Beirut Marathon Association. Not only is she a beautiful example of perseverance, but she is also living proof that dreams do come true. Keep reading to learn about her philosophies on life, her passion for Lebanon and her dreams and hopes for the future. You were a part of the Diaspora. Did you ever plan on coming back? Lebanon was always an option, but coming back to Lebanon happened without truly thorough planning. Most of the Lebanese Diaspora who live in Africa usually come back. The reason to come back was the children, they were feeling disconnected so we thought it would be best to introduce them to their roots, to…

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a healthier you

I would like to start by pointing out that I am not a nutritionist or a trainer, nor do I have a degree in anything health or fitness related. Nevertheless, I have always been interested in the workings of the body, especially when it comes to fitness. I do a lot of research about it in my free time and so far all the methods I am about to explain have worked very well for me. I sometimes wondered why some people put on weight faster than others and why some lost weight much more easily. There is one very simple answer to that – they are eating more than they are burning (relative to their metabolism, of course). So how can you help your body use more energy and burn more…

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silence a yoga experience

Five years ago, was the first time I was in the presence of Jaggi Vasudev Sadhguru, a spiritual master, yogi, mystic, humanitarian, visionary and founder of the Isha Yoga Foundation, at one of his speaking engagements in Lebanon. After this first encounter, my energies were touched to their core – I started meditating and sought to enlighten myself through the ancient science of yoga. I registered, handed over my phone, my watch and other valuables for safe storage, picked up my number, 135, which would be my identity for the next week. That same year, I attended my first yoga program, Inner Engineering, at the Isha Yoga Center in Lebanon, and over the next two years I completed all the other ones (three- to seven-day programs). I spent the following years doing…

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love your heart

Heart disease remains the leading cause of death worldwide, followed by cancer, chronic lung disease and stroke. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the rate of death in 2012 from heart disease was 170 in every 100,000 people. Thanks to advancement in technology, education and innovative pharmaceuticals, in the USA there has been about a 70-percent decline in death rates from heart-related causes from 1950 till 2012. Sadly, with respect to cancer related deaths, only a 10-percent decline in the death rate has been noted within the same period. The term “heart disease,” is often used interchangeably with the term “cardiovascular disease.” Cardiovascular disease generally refers to conditions that involve coronary artery disease that can lead to heart attacks, chest pain (angina), or strokes. Other heart conditions such as…